Jumble Joy

I stumbled upon a jumble sale advertised recently which is quite rare, I’ve only ever found one other in my area and that was nearly two years ago. You know I’m not going to miss out on a chance of attending a jumble sale!

Of course I bookmarked the day in my diary, and was keen to arrive on time – as jumbles are often known for being a little bit chaotic.

I headed straight towards the bric a brac but it was a bit of a let-down, the only thing I spied was a black chandelier, it would have looked fabulous, but I knew practically we had no room/logical purpose for it. I had a quick scan of the books and then headed straight into the mayhem of clothing. I’ve always felt a little apprehensive rummaging through clothing, but I was determined to have a good look this time.

There wasn’t actually much competition – most of the other shoppers were mainly grabbing the bigger sizes and plain stuff. I searched for vintage, but there was nothing to be found. It was mainly Primark cast offs and general high street basics.

I did find a few suitable tops – at just 20p each I thought where worthwhile. I really like the crochet sleeves on this TU one. I also managed to pick up a lightweight linen top for summer.

I was attracted to this scarf – after clearing out my collection a few years ago, I was once again drawn towards buying one. It was impulse that told me to purchase it.

Just as I was heading out, I spotted a table full of bed linens and fabrics; I’ve been longing for some new fabric for a while now and was keen to find a vintage print amongst them.

I was attracted to this rich blue floral one, previously a curtain – not sure what this one’s going to be used for yet, but it’s sturdy and would make a great seat cover.

This one I thought was a duvet cover, but once I got home later discovered to be a sheet. But having bought it with the intention of using it as material anyway it worked out in my favour. I’m planning to make some cushions for the summer house at the allotment with this! Both fabrics again – a very modest 20p each.

I spent little more than £1.00 (including 20p admission); it’s really put me in the mood for a fun filled summer of bargain hunting.


  1. Yay for jumbles! You did well, I'd be tempted to cut the sleeves off that pretty cerise top and use them on a dress! x

  2. I haven't been to a jumble sale in years, I can never flipping find one! Lol. Rare as hen's teeth in this neck of the woods it would seem :-)

    But these Alice, these are some awesome finds - especially love the scarf!

    Jem xXx

  3. Gorgeous buys, all the fabric in particular is gorgeous. There may be a car boot on all year round, but Bolton is definitely lacking in the jumble sale department, they never have any on! xo

  4. I haven't been to a jumble sale in years! Love that fabric/sheet/bedding thing, the pattern is gorgeous. xx

  5. Love those fabrics. I love buying bits secondhand and using them for patchwork. Good finds! xx

  6. I love jumble sales x

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  7. Tht blue fabric is gorgeous - I'm always so amazed at what you manage to find at jumble sales!

  8. pretty picks!!! i love them all :)
    Rosie xo
    A Pocketful of Rosie

  9. I love the fabrics, the cushions with the second fabric will be adorable. I would probably try make something like an apron out of it to wear when doing my baking, very retro :)

    Janine xx
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  10. Oh I do love a good jumble. Great finds especially the fabrics!!

  11. I love the sleeves on that TU top! I love jumbling and carbooting in the summer, it always feels much more exciting and happy-making! I can almost imagine the warm hazy summer sky and the chattering of sellers and the scent of a far off burger van! Bliss! :D ~ ♥ ~

  12. Lovely fabrics and I guess I should say well done on resisting the charms of the chandelier if you knew you didn't have space for it. This is what I'm trying to do but I think I would have been sadly tempted even though my current bedroom has spotlights!

  13. jumble sales are hard to come by, always looking in shop windows for signs about fetes. You got some bargains here, love the scarf x

  14. That scarf is great! The color is so lush and will look lovely tied up in your hair!
    When I was living in England I was lucky to come across a single jumble sale--it was crowded as heck and I nearly lost my head! I didn't realize it would be like that (don't think we have jumble sales in the States?), so I wasn't quite prepared to fight everyone, but I did manage to get a few things for super cheap!

  15. The sheet is gorgeous! You picked up some great things here. I can't remember the last time I saw a jumble sale advertised, I'd love to go to one again.

  16. Ooh you managed to find some really lovely things! I never seem to have much luck!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  17. You can't beat a jumble sale! 20p for a top?! Amazing. I love that blue printed fabric too. (Your blog's lovely) x


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