The Cheat's Guide To Sale Shopping:

This year I completely cheated the sales – yes I did my sale shopping on Christmas Eve via my laptop. It felt all too wrong and very sneaky, but boy did it feel good. No endless queuing come Boxing Day morning, no disappointment when something ultimately sold out, and no over-spending! Hooray.

I set myself a very strict budget of £20 and limited myself to just the two items I had most desired in the lead up to Christmas and I am most certain that I chose wisely…

I allowed myself just the one purchase from Boots this year – I’m such a Boots sale junkie and truth be told usually want to buy everything from the sale, and if I had gone to the shop on Boxing Day morning I may have just been tempted to do so. So when I found out the sale had gone live, I knew exactly what I wanted....

My one and only purchase was the delightful Winnie Washbag, my love for Joules only deepens and this had been on my wish list ever since I’d bookmarked it in October! We already know how much I adore anything remotely cute or quirky, and this fits the bill perfectly. A floral horse washbag is of course what every girl needs in her life! £8.00 down from £16.00

My second purchase came in the form of this delightful Stamp Set from the lovely Miss Allsopp, ever since I received my first stamp set from Kirstie Allsopp's debut range at M&S as a Valentines gift a few years ago, I was totally inexplicably smitten...

This second set re-visits features from the first – the beautiful vintage print tin and darling wooden stampers. I knew this would be a set to treasure alongside my older set and of course bring me a lot of joy – this girl sure does love her craft. £8.50 down from £15.00

I must admit my top tip for avoiding temptation and splurging too much on nonsense purchases has to be shred those gift guides – who needs to look for more ideas when you’ve just been spoilt rotten over Christmas. Additionally limit your online browsing – those enticing 50% off sale emails need to be deleted straight away.

If someone is unsure of what to buy you for Christmas and asks for ideas, maybe suggest some money towards the sales. A family relative of mine knows my undying love for sale shopping, so always gives me money towards just that. This way she knows I’ve got exactly what I wanted, and I’ve in many cases been able to buy multiple things for the price of what one would have originally cost. Win/Win.

It’s also worth noting that because I ordered online I was cautious about delivery costs, I opted for free in store collection from Marks & Spencer which was handy and arrived just in time for New Year. Boots also offered an in store collection option, but it was only free on orders over £20, so this meant I did pay a postage cost but still came in just under budget, and meant I got it delivered to my door a few days later.

I felt like I was cheating doing my sale shopping on Christmas Eve – like opening presents before the big day, but it meant I got my sale shopping all done in one easy instance. Of course the thrill of shopping for the unknown will never go away and I’m sure sales used to be infamously known as the January Sales – but it turns out now they are actually before Christmas! Oh the irony.


  1. Good thing you got the wash bag when you did lovely, I went to boots on the 27th and they had no joules sets left at all :( x

  2. I was also sneaky and did mine on Christmas Eve. I did a huge M&S order as i love their childrens vests and sleeptsuits, they wash so nicely. I also ordered some bits from John Lewis.
    I am very jealous of the washbag, she is lovely!

  3. Lovely sales buys, I have only picked up a few bits, I guess that is the upside of saving for a wedding and not having much disposable money!!

  4. I never really do sales shopping but really needed some new boots this year, found a great bargain and ended up with two pairs! I love the winnie set! xxx

  5. Aw, I love the Joules set! Good sales shopping xx

  6. crackin' sales buys, very you too. Its good to be measured about these things and not impulse buy things you wont need x

  7. Love the stamp stamp, i have m&s vouchers that need spending!!
    Boots usually reduce their stock by 70% around now.

  8. Ah those stamps are adorable!

  9. I would love to see your Atler case sometime...I love your horse and those stamps are lovely too!
    Take care Heidi


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