Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Victoria Rose

I’ve always held Cath Kidston dear to my heart, it is a brand I will never fall out of love with, instead grow fonder by the day. Over the years I have accessorised my home with quirky tins, stashed my stationery drawer full of pretty papers and bathed in glorious soaps, but there has been one item I have always dreamed of owning... a signature style box bag.

It’s funny really me and navy never really got on up until now. I seem to have had a huge surge towards the colour blue and nothing can quite compare to the glorious Victoria Rose print- one of my firm favourites.

Our trip to St Ives for the first time meant a dedicated trip to Cath Kidston. Arriving on Jubilee weekend meant a buzz about the place, I was so glad to see the store decorated and full of Royal charm!

Thursday, 21 June 2012


Lately more than ever, I have been wondering just what is womanhood? I know we all grow up with age, but making that significant step from girl to woman is one I don’t feel I’ve truly fulfilled just yet. There’s the part of me that still makes stupid mistakes and the part that still wants more.

What is it that makes us women?

Maybe when she gets the job of her dreams, and finds herself finally in the place she wants to be.

Maybe on her wedding day, when her father gives her away and she marries the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. When she truly belongs to somebody else.

Or when she has her first born child, and becomes responsible for somebody else. The most important role she will take – being Mum.

-Could it be none of the above, and just a feeling. Maybe?

Like most things I think it comes at different times and different stages for everybody. For me sometimes the hardest part of growing up is realising it’s not all fun, and is by no means easy. In fact it's pretty hard.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Seaside Treasure

I love nothing more than browsing around seaside shops, everything is so different to home and feels fresh. Whilst we stopped in lots of different places, it meant stumbling upon some really quaint little shops along the way. And of course my charity shop radar was ever present.

I searched high and low for a selection of quirky postcards to send. When I stumbled upon these retro designs I was thrilled, I couldn’t help but buy two for myself.

This Pocahontas snow globe was my first charity shop find of the week, and it was pure chance that I spotted it sat in the children’s section. I’ve always loved Pocahontas and of course being a snow globe means there's a little magic about it.

I made a much anticipated trip to Cath Kidston, one of my finds was this miniature pin tin shaped just like a house. This is by far the cutest, tiniest tin I own!

My love for Beatrix Potter only deepens, and when I spotted this biography my heart skipped a beat. I have always admired Beatrix’s work and cannot wait to delve a little more into her world.

My first trip to Seasalt meant I was totally spoilt for choice when it came to choosing which jute bag to buy. This strawberries and cream design won me over in the end and since arriving home has already proven a firm favorite.

The day before we came home I spotted this tin on the bottom of a crowded charity shop shelf, I knew instantly it was going to be mine. I turned it over and discovered it was the lovely Emma Bridgewater.

The pure novelty of holiday shopping means when you bring it all back home and unpack, you almost forget what you have bought and it’s just like Christmas.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Lady Marmalade

I’m home from my trip to Cornwall, and we’ve had a wonderful little adventure along the way. A break from reality is sometimes all you really need to remind yourself of who you really are.

Now onto the most memorable and significant piece to our holiday… Lady Marmalade, a 1972 Type 2 Volkswagen campervan.

Now let me tell you nothing quite compared to the feeling of first jumping into the T2 and setting off out onto the open road. It’s been a dream for years now, we’ve always admired their retro appeal and the fact everything is so compact and you can literally move from place to place at a moment’s notice.

From the outside she was stunning, and like many campers got lots of admiring glances and attention. The inside was very compact, I don’t think we quite realised just how little space we would have to call home for the next week, and we made the unfortunate mistake of lugging two suitcases into the back of the van with us. Major fail.

Now it may have been naïve of us to think we would have plenty of room, if we were to do it again we would definitely travel as light as possible. The van came with some basic kit included, kitchen bits and essentials such as plates, mugs, camping chairs etc., but all of this stuff took up most of the storage room, meaning we had very little room for our own stuff.

If we were to have our own camper, there would be a place for everything and I know this would mean a lot more space and the less living out of a suitcase feeling, but it has made us really think about the way we would design our own interior and how we could best utilise the space.

I luckily opted to be passenger for the duration of the trip; it was the Mr’s challenge to drive this thing! With a left hand drive and no power assisted steering it sure did make for some getting used to, but he managed just fine.

I found myself in fits of giggles every time we would pass either another camper or even a retro Beetle on the road, as the drivers would always wave and flash at us. This I found completely alien, but by the week was out, I was quite used to it and found it to be quite normal! I kind of miss it already.

All in all a completely enjoyable experience and one I would thoroughly recommend doing.

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