Tuesday, 28 February 2012

My Somewhat Most Desired

I don’t know about you but I have this terribly annoying habit of storing information in my mind of things I simply must own one day. Even though it may have been years since I came close to buying or dreaming of them, it doesn’t stop me wanting them all the more.

Truth is this is my way of making a wish list, hoping that one day I stumble upon them by chance. Like the lovely Ella’s Thrift Lists, I see this as my definitive list of my most sought after items. eBay on occasion has come to the rescue, but to be honest I could probably scour the Internet for days and find my most desired, if money was no object of course. But the pure thrill of hunting, waiting (in some cases years) makes for the biggest gain when one day they may just come into my life unexpected.

This list has become quite refined over the years, as you can imagine, these lot have certainly earned their place on the elusive list…

Roberts Radio
I have wanted to invest in a good quality Roberts Radio for a while now, and know one day I will do just that, and of course deciding on what colour may be a challenge in itself.

Mary Quant Crayons
This one came about in my late teens when I really got into fashion through my studies, the retro appeal and hippy nature of them hugely appealed to me, the chance to capture a piece of that 60s magic sure was ever desirable. The fact they come in their own electric yellow tin, completely seals it for me.

Babycham Deer
I have always had a bit of a fancy for one of these, I’ve come close to buying one in the past, but sadly they have always been damaged or broken. The kitsch factor alone has my heart racing and my love of all things cute makes this one all the more desirable.

Dr Marten Floral Boots
This quite simply is the case of the one that got away, because when I was younger I stumbled upon a pair of these in a charity shop, but I was literally moments too late, as a lady had already got them in her hand when I entered the shop. From that day on I have lived with that dreadful memory and can only learn from my mistake.

Chanel No. 5
I’ve flirted with fragrance since I was bought my first perfume aged thirteen (Anna Sui of course) and am forever on the quest to find my signature scent, but if there was ever a scent I long to wear it has to be Chanel no 5. But I’m kind of glad I haven’t ever stumbled upon this one before, for it would suit a much older me.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Daydreams and Diaries

I’ve always been incredibly fascinated by Jacqueline Wilson’s literature career, I have been reading her books since I was eight years old, so you could say I am quite the fan. To have the chance to be able to see some of her original notebooks and personal possessions on display sure was a welcome distraction.

The exhibition which is hosted by Seven Stories in Newcastle was an eclectic mix of fiction and art compiled together in a truly spellbinding way. I was absolutely thrilled to see glimpses of Jacqueline’s life on display, tender photographs of her family and loved ones (including her cat Jacob) and significant letters from publishers and her early journalism career and work for Jackie magazine documented.

The way this exhibition has been curated is simply dreamlike, with a good mix of personal touches and plenty of realism and in turn escapism. The replica bedroom from Jacqueline’s own childhood was a good dose of nostalgia, for a moment you could almost imagine a little girl, who would grow up to be one of the most well-loved children’s authors. The only disappointing factor for me was that photographs were not permitted inside the exhibition, but this is understandable.

I’ve always been curious to see how a book comes to life, so to be able to see the original notebooks written by Jacqueline, stuffed full of endless notes, ideas and pages of writing was exceptionally inspiring. I was more so thrilled to see the Olivetti Lettera 35 typewriter she first sat down and wrote the story of Tracy Beaker on. It’s hard to imagine if she knew when writing that book, that it would turn into such a memorable tale. It’s clear she was a determined writer from a young age, with her early stories and teenage diaries a big presence in her bedroom.

This exhibition covers the life and career of such an incredible storyteller, I was proud to see her DBE award on display, awarded for her services to literature. From an older perspective this was a real treat to see, the fact this author has gained such recognition, really is the greatest achievement. A tiny glimpse of her ring collection brought an instant connection to the author for me. For she is rarely seen without her large and beautifully ornate rings.

Nick Sharratt’s original artwork and drawings were also on display, any Jacqueline Wilson fan will know that no book is complete without matching artwork from the illustrator. It’s nice to be able to appreciate the partnership and friendship between both Jacqueline and Nick.

I felt a real sense of excitement about this exhibition, although I am no longer a child myself, it’s nice to be able to appreciate an author who was a big part of my childhood and one I always look to as a role model. If there was any doubt in my mind about having a dream, then this has confirmed that my love of writing will simply never go away.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Hey Cutey!

I am always drawn towards pretty jewels and anything that takes my eye usually ends up in the depths of my jewellery collection, be it vintage, costume, gold or silver, I’m pretty unpredictable when it comes to what I like.

When Cutey contacted me and asked if I would like to review two of their bracelets, I was thrilled to be able to add to my ever expanding jewellery collection, and delve into the charm world. These bracelets are very cute indeed, I absolutely adore the quirky charms, the miniature tortoise is by far the cutest of them all.

These rival the higher-end alternatives out there at the moment and are perfect for people like me who prefer to mix and match. The quality is really good, the bracelet itself is very wearable, I don’t feel afraid to wear it out for fear of damaging it. It gives me the opportunity to wear it throughout the day casually, but also makes for a wonderful accessory come nighttime too.

On behalf of Cutey, they would like to giveaway a bracelet to one of you, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post and I will select a winner at random in one weeks time. Good Luck!


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Wish Upon A Star

I have been a little bit quiet lately for a few reasons, mainly being that I’ve been without an Internet connection and this consequently meaning I’ve felt a little lost. It always seems when one thing goes horribly wrong, everything else follows. Falling down the stairs yesterday morning was the final straw to a bad couple of weeks. Luckily no bones were broken, but I sure was shaken.

I just hope this is the end to my bad fortune, and I hope I can look past the negativity. My confidence has always been a big problem for me and dealing with that is one of my greatest challenges. I dearly hope one day I find that confidence and fulfilment in my life, which I am so deeply searching for.

I love writing this blog, as much as I love the wonderful people I have met through it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being here and standing by me.

Sunday, 5 February 2012


If somebody asked me what I collected as a child, I would probably be most inclined to say Tazos, everything and anything Barbie related and my undying love for Polly Pocket was near borderline obsessive. My 90s childhood was full of glorified plastic tat, and of course brought me, much joy and happiness.

So when stumbling upon a box of my old stuff I was somewhat quite mortified to discover an army of Trolls. Now I do remember the odd Troll here and there, but nowhere near as many as this lot. I think they must have secretly been multiplying whilst they’ve been packed away all this time.

What I just can’t get my head around is the fact that at some point in my childhood I must have played with these (a memory I seem to have now erased), not only have they got wacky and unruly hair in all shades of neon bright, but they are rather freaky looking too, what with their bare bottoms and ogling eyes.

Are we sure Trolls were meant for children?

One thing is for sure, my love of free gifts has been quite apparent from a young age, I ate my way through many boxes of cereal in hope of collecting the full set of pen toppers.

I’m aware a Troll is supposed to be a mythical creature, but they just don’t quite have the sweet nature appeal of Sylvanian families and other well-loved childhood characters. And Trolls wearing clothes, well that’s a whole other concerning matter. Dressing up Barbie and Ken is one thing, but dressing up a troll is kind of strange…no?

The fact that the word Troll is often used as an insult, kind of adds to the dislike for me, even my love of all things kitsch can’t quite stretch this far.

But they obviously must have served some sort of bizarre purpose in my childhood.

Friday, 3 February 2012

The Art of Letter Writing

One of my greatest loves is writing, so it may come as no surprise that I take lots of pleasure in correspondence. I am always fascinated by the time, effort and creativity that goes into a writing a letter. Even though we may be miles apart in distance, keeping in touch and sharing snippets of our life’s is what makes it worthwhile.

I love being able to pour my thoughts (and often heart) out into letters to my wonderful pen friends. It’s often the shared interests, and similar lifestyles, that have brought us together, but the thing I love most about writing is getting to know somebody. With each letter comes a new fact, a new story, and that is something that we wouldn’t otherwise get to know.

I am hopelessly devoted to collecting mountains of stationery, meaning I have a variety of paper and envelopes to hand. Stationery was always my big thing, growing up I never threw a tantrum in Clarks for pretty shoes. It was more typical of me to demand a new notepad in Woolies.

In the M&S sale just after Christmas I picked up the cutest Emily Button note set which of course has proven popular in my stationery stash. It may be meant for little girls a lot younger than me, but I sure couldn’t resist its adorable nature.

I’m also ever faithful to Cath, this writing box was something I picked up in Brighton last summer, and never fails to make for beautiful correspondence. I store all of my envelopes in a five-pence picnic basket, which I got from a car boot sale last year.

I keep all forms of received correspondence as a wonderful keepsake, stashed away in my twenty-pence butterfly tin, in hope that one day I will be able to open it up and be able to capture this moment in time all over again.

Sharing your thoughts in letter form is such a heart-warming thing to do, being able to actually sit down and get all your lost translations down on paper and know that at the other end somebody will take a moment from their day to read what you have to say, is what is so rewarding.

Waiting for that next letter to drop through the letter box is always exciting, and when it does arrive it will almost always be unexpected. It manages to bring back that sense of anticipation that email took away and makes the wait for the next instalment always worthwhile.

In turn being able to send a gesture of words to somebody who may need cheering up, reassuring or just a few lines of girly chit-chat is equally as uplifting.

I really do treasure the art of letter writing.
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