Friendship Is...

Before I started blogging I didn't have many friends - I realise now that there was a huge hole in my life. I have met the most amazing friends and pen pals who have ultimately re-stored my faith in friendship. The greatest thing is that the one thing we all have in common is our blogs – the very thing that brought us together in the first place.

It’s sometimes hard for a non-blogger to understand the whole background of blogging and why we get such satisfaction in sharing our lives online. Blogging has certainly made me realise a lot of my dreams, hopes and ambitions and re-discover hobbies and certainly make new ones.

I have one best friend who is in every way my rock, but I do not feel sad about not having lots of friends, because I already have so many friends online and know my pen pals have made a positive difference to my life. Friendship can surprise you in the most unexpected ways, I think I'm close to finding the true meaning of friendship.

Here are some of the truly thoughtful and wonderful gifts I received from my pen pals and blogging friends this Christmas time:

Vix has the most amazing taste and history in second-hand and collectables, this woman has the most wonderful attitude to life, and has the most fabulous fashion sense. When I opened this mysterious parcel, I found two very small and fragile men inside. I couldn’t have been more touched by this gift - two figures who used to adorn her Grandma's Christmas cake when she was a little girl. I have never been given something so meaningful and special before. These certainly will be much loved and certainly treasured.

Sophie got it so spot on with this beautiful Edwardian Lady stationery compendium – quite simply my dream writing paper. I am so besotted with the delicate florals and stunning Edwardian Lady.

My love for Beatrix Potter will last a life time long and this film is by far one of my favourites, I adore Miss Potter – a real life inspiration and such a tender tale of imagination, magic and love. Huge thank you to Jem for getting me this, a film that always has the power to enchant me.

Nicola used to blog, but sadly stopped – but you know I’m so glad I found her because she has become such a wonderful friend to me over the past few years. She surprised me with some truly fabulous gifts this Christmas, including this stunning glass bowl- it’s already found a home on my dressing table.

I fell out of love with Cath Kidston earlier on in the year – but that doesn’t stop my taste firmly belonging with their prints. Nicola sent me this stunning wash bag filled with delights - truly spoilt.

Char also surprised me with a CK gift – my first Cath mug, I can’t wait to display this beauty in my craft room.

It’s become quite apparent my blogging friends certainly know how to spoil me! Darling Kat sent me a package of themed gifts (but more on that at a later date), one of those was a stunning Cath Kidston compact mirror, now all these CK gifts must mean it’s time to rekindle that burning love. Check out my cute 'A' key ring too.

Dani’s gift was the first to arrive in early December, so was certainly the most anticipated. I’m such an Alice in Wonderland girl (is there any wonder) so this necklace sure does bring out my inner Alice.

Unusual gifts always enchant me, and these delicate and stunning decorations from Jazmine are certainly to be treasured.

Gem must know my love for bears! I’ve another cutie to add to my collection, and the Naughty Alice samples were a lovely surprise too.

I was lucky enough to win a prize in Alex’s giveaway in December – I quite literally ate the prize (no joke, it was a food prize) but she also very kindly popped in a Christmas gift too, a cheeky Hello Kitty Liberty make-up bag.

I also won a stunning giveaway prize from Kat’s Christmas giveaway in December too, a beautiful Laura Ashley frame - arriving just in time for Christmas.

Last, but most certainly not least - the letter box rattled on Christmas Eve and I rushed down to find the most beautiful card from Susan – she’d sneakily snuck in a darling birdy decoration to add to my collection.

All I have left to say is:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and generosity, I am truly blessed to have friends like you.


  1. wow, such thoughtful gifts! It's so clear that everyone knows your tastes so well. What a lovely post x

  2. What lovely presents. Blogging is the best :) xx

  3. aaaw glad you liked the bear, does it have a name? glad I didn't pick up something Cath Kidston now, someone already had that covered ;) xxx

  4. You're spoilt because we love you, Alice! Thank you so much for the beautiful note I received this morning, too.
    Gorgeous gifts for a gorgeous girl. xxx

  5. Sounds a bit tragic for me to say but I don't really have friends either! I think moving to a new town and working with a lot of old people was what sort of pushed me into focussing on my blog, and like you I'm so incredibly happy with the friends I've made from it!

    Looks like you got some lovely presents too, Char is a lovely little lady isn't she?!


  6. They are all lovely gifts! I am glad blogging makes you so happy, I've been a lot of friends online in the past 10 years and a few of them have even become my friends in real life =)

    Corinne x

  7. Tse gifts are lvoely! I am so pleased blogging has brought you so much joy, I definitely feel the same!

  8. Lovely bits

  9. Aww so glad you were spoilt this Christmas Alice - you deserve it and I'm really glad you won my giveaway too x


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