Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Boots Gift Guide 2012

It’s that time of year again where I go mad for the Boots Christmas gift guide and bookmark all my favourite picks of the season…
I have had this obsession for some time now; I’m pretty much a Boots Christmas gift addict. See Here, Here, Here, Here and Here.
I must admit this year, I’m not obsessing over as many brands as usual, I’ve grown away from the coveted Soap and Glory sets and luxurious perfume gift sets, as lovely as they are, for me it’s all about one brand...Joules.
Without sounding like a Joules junkie, I’ve got to admit that I’m pretty smitten with their whole Christmas range at Boots, and when I say whole range, I mean the ladies, mens (yes mens), home and children’s. Deary me!
My favourite picks are the Wonderful Weekend Bag and Sensational Breakfast Set, and I know I am a grown up and all, but I can’t help but fall for the Winnie Washbag. Like literally I went to Boots the other day just to see this in the actual shop and it’s everything I could ever wish for, and they even have a Robot version for boys! This is firmly on my Christmas wish list.
Hello Kitty Liberty have returned with another collection, but only a few pieces seem to have captured me, which is a shame. I must admit I’m feeling a little sad that this is the first year without a Celia Birtwell range – which has always been one of my very favourites.
My mind might change come the Boxing Day sale (read: will), I sure do know how to pick a bargain up on sale day, but for now my heart sincerely belongs to Joules.


  1. The forthcoming Christmas season always seemed to start the moment Boots and the like get their Xmas books out. I never really understood the huge craziness of people queuing for the Soap and Glory set and when working at Boots myself, the stories of how rude and pushy people were being was just ridiculous! The breakfast set you pictured looks really cute though!

  2. Ahh, I always look forwards to the Boots gift guide! It is the best! When I used to work there I would wait for bumper staff discount days to get my presents! The Joules things are amazing this year, I love the kids range too! x

  3. Haha Alice I've written to you about my excitment over the boots gift guide! You will see when the letter arrives xx

  4. You know I'm not really one for Xmas but if I'm not away after Xmas I do love a rummage in the Boots' sale. x

  5. You really know Christmas is on it's way when the Boots Gift Guide comes out!!

    Victoria xx

  6. I didn't know they did a gift guide lol
    NRC ♥

  7. My Boots Gift Guide currently has pride of place on my bedside table... I love Christmas catalogues! xx

  8. I'm loving Joules so much too right now! <3

    Jennie xo |

  9. I don't allow myself to even think about crimble until the Boots Gift Guide is released! Then I feel perfectly justified planning my tree, decorations and then the inevitable panic when I worry just how I'm going to get everything done!

    I have to say there is not much in there that I want this year. I probably won't be hotfooting it to Manchester on the last Friday before Christmas trying to source the Soap & Glory set - like I did last year! I've seen a few bits that if I spot them in the sale I'll pick up - I'm a tight arse!

    1. I always get up at 6am boxing day and get things in the sale. I got Vera Wang perfume gift set for half price last year and loads of Jamie Oliver things for the kitchen. Got my eye on a few soap & glory thinga this year xx

  10. I know, I know and the 3 for 2 deal is awesome. I love the Joules stuff too but have got my eye on the new Betty & Walter range I blogged about recently.

    Sad about Celia Birtwell too as I missed out on that last year.

  11. Eeee I really want to pick up the boots christmas gift guide now, I always love their gifts!

  12. I picked this up the other day and I am so excited for christmas. I can't wait to act like a child and highlight all the bits I want Father Christmas to buy lol.

  13. Ohh I will be making sure I pick up one of these next time I'm in a store - Boots are so good for ideas for presents for people when you don't know what to get them!

  14. I love Boots gifts! Please check out my blogsale for a few MAC and Essie bargains including LE items!!

  15. I havent been into town these couple of weeks, thanks for writing this post, i have to remind myself to stop by at boots to pick up one of these when i go to town which im planning to go this week! lots of things that i saw in your photos that im drooling at right now hehe

    x susan

  16. Some of these gifts look gorgeous :) I love Celia Birtwell prints so pretty xx

  17. A couple of years ago my dad bought me a Joules vanity set for Christmas and I was instantly hooked - I adored the products inside and their grapefruit scents, and the washbag remains an absolute lifesaver and accompanies me on all of my holidays! During the summer I actually came across a Joules shop in the Lake District and I felt almost starstruck hehe :)


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