Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Sweet Treats

There’s no denying I love receiving parcels in the post and I always appreciate the thought that has gone into them.
I wanted to take this opportunity to say a warm thank you to all of the people who have sent me a little something lately. It really has made me realise how lucky I am to have met so many wonderful and kind hearted people.

I was lucky enough to win Lakota’s fab giveaway a few months back, does this girl know how to charm!

I love the little brooch and the instant connection to Lego brought out the child in me, and of course the nail varnish and personalised ring were such welcome treats too. I’ve already added the quirky cross stitch to my craft room wall.

My longest penpal to date Danielle, popped in a facemask alongside my latest instalment, and I instantly was transported back to my teenage years. I had this whole phase of going through facemasks on a somewhat weekly basis, so this brought back some very fond memories indeed.

I won Emma’s giveaway a little while ago and received these sweet treats in the post, I must admit I’ve always been a Love Hearts kinda girl, so this quirky collaboration sure was meant to be.

Last but most certainly not least, a true Cath Kidston girl at heart, Jazmine sent me the most gorgeous package recently. The contents were truly spellbinding, I just love this cute little mirror and tissues to match! This girl has the biggest heart and her lovely Mum also sent me a little handmade treat, which of course I absolutely adore.

Thank you


  1. So glad everything went to an appreciative winner! Mmmm, lovehearts... x

    (PS. Your MM selling was amazing - isn't it bonkers?)

  2. Aww such nice things I love the cross stich and Victoria is one of my favorite nails polishes! :] xxxx

  3. Aww what lovely little presents!

  4. What lovely post to recieve!x

  5. You lucky thing receiving such goodies.

    Victoria xxx

  6. Haha! Kitsch Bitch.. love it! I too used those exact facemasks as a teenager! My and my friends would use them at our sleepovers which happened mostly every weekend!

    Such lovely packages to receive and you've been very lucky in winning many giveaways! You definitely deserve all these lovely treats! xxx

  7. Aw what lovely presents :)I love the Cath Kidston things they are so pretty Xxx

  8. Wow, you've received so many wonderful treats! So glad you like the keyring. Have a lovely week!

    Barrina xx

  9. you've received such lovely pieces recently! i'm so glad you liked your little presents from my mum and i - as soon as i saw the cath kidston airmail inspired envelope i just knew i had to send you something. xx

  10. Aw, this is so lovely! I can't wait to send you your little parcel next week :)

    K xo

  11. ohh you are so lucky what lovely treats! I will be posting you something this week :) xxx

  12. What lovely things! I was so excited for you when Lakota announced you'd won her giveaway while you were swanning around Paris, that brooch is a stunner. x

  13. That little embroidery hoop is too cute and I love the cards! What amazing treasures!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Caked Vintage Blog

  14. awww lovely gifts! lucky you! i love what lakota sent you and the CK gifts, the sweet treats are just exactly that, SO SWEET! all of the gifts are so lovely and yes we all love when we recieve a parcel in the post, a nice change from all those junk mails and bills :)

    xx susan

  15. those presents all look so cute!! <3

  16. Wow so many cute little gifts! You lucky girl)


  17. hi.. im giving away this wooden earings from shopruche..
    join it if you like it.. thanks~

  18. What awesome post you have ^_^

    I love reading your blog, especially when it makes me check out other cool blogs too... thanks!


  19. I love that Kitsch Bitch sampler....ooh lucky you!!


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