Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Heart of Glass

I got a little carried away at this weekend’s car boot sale. It may be down to the fact I was selling as well as buying, which is always guaranteed to end in disaster. But that said I made near on £100 towards our holiday in June, so it sure was worthwhile.

I would know this box a mile away, so was thrilled to snag a pair of Irregular Choices for £3! The shoes in question are now sadly on eBay and have cheekily multiplied in value, they were a little on the small side for me, but I guess you can't win them all. I do however get to keep the box, is it just me who hoards pretty shoe boxes?

I got a little attached to this Garfield wallpaper, whilst I’m not quite sure how I’m going to put it to use, I sure do love the comic strip print.

When H&M first came to a store near me, I was so besotted by the brand and I remember the early days when their clothes were a little more indie and not in their masses. This t-shirt is most certainly an oldie, with the tag very much faded, but still intact.

My love for Paddington Bear has got a little out of hand, and when a stallholder caught me eyeing up a miniature version, she said I could have both of her bears for 50p, how could I say no?

This small coin purse charmed me, and I thought it would come in useful.

The neighbouring stall had a mad price crash mid-morning, and of course I couldn’t help but wander across. My Mum has collected the red Flora heart plates for years, and I’ve always admired their gimmicky appeal, they always seem to be knocking about in charity shops and car boots. But I’ve never seen one priced at just 20p before. So saw it as my opportunity to invest.


  1. £100? That's brilliant! I love your heart dish, that cute coin purse and that groovy H&M tee shirt. I'd have bought all those! You've got me all fired up for the Thursday car boot now! x

  2. you made £100? that's great, well done! I've never had such luck buying or selling. Will try selling again one day.

  3. you made so much money! well done, lovely! i adore the little coin purse you picked up, it's so pretty. xx

  4. Wow you made some great cash for your holidays! Well done you. I've never been to a car boot sale - they always sound so exciting though.

  5. I love the small coin purse its so pretty :) Ah thats a great way to make some money for your holidays so its all good :) xxx

  6. Talk about a big chunk of change! That's awesome news :D

    xo, Samantha

  7. ooooh sounds like a fab day, made loads and picked up some bargains. I got a Topshop dress for £3 in a chairty shop, it didn't fit and I sold it for £15 on ebay and bought three dresses from the same charity shop with the money :) x

  8. Some great bargains! I share your love for irregular choice shoes! It's a shame they didn't fit, but fantastic that you get to make a profit! x

  9. I used to love the old style t-shirts H&M made - such a shame that they have kind of veered away from that now!

  10. Oh you found fabulous items! I also cant believe you got a pair of IC shoes for £3!! Well done on all your sales too, im doing a booty this weekend, alas it will just be me manning the stall so wont be able to go shop *sob* Scarlett x

  11. I love car boot sales, I just don't get to go as much as I would like to. Your finds are great though - Irregular Choice shoes for £3 you lucky thing!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  12. Ahhh Alice, I've missed your posts while I have been away from Blogger for a little while; what a gorgeous selection of little treasures you brought home with you! I completely agree that H&M used to have a fantastic selection of more off-beat pieces - there was baseball top (white body navy sleeves) I bought from there aged 16ish that had a gorgeous unicorn print on the front and I wore it to death!

    Jem xXx

  13. Ooh, that's a shame that those Irregular Choice shoes didn't fit!

  14. £100 towards the holiday is amazing - and I bet you make a great profit on the IC shoes. Cute t-shirt - I used to like H&M but all the fabric they use these days is so ridiculously thin the clothes don't last 5 minutes (sounding like my mum now!)

  15. I love that little heart bowl!

    If you were selling things you were making space and money, therefore buying more is totally acceptable!

  16. What a shame I just sold 2 of the heart shaped flora plates and could've sent them to you! I'll have to keep my eyes open for more now!

    Victoria x


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