Sunday, 1 April 2012

Teenage Dream

I've always been fond of my teenage bedroom, so when stumbling upon some old photographs I couldn’t help but feel a little nostalgic towards the room I once loved quite so...

I was quite a girly teenager, I certainly loved fashion and shopping. This may explain why I ended up with so many shoes and handbags. This picture holds so many memories, because I remember each and every single pair of those shoes!

When friends would sleepover, they always expressed their love for my room, and were forever complimenting factors of it, now looking back it seems so weird to have had a room that I could decorate in any way I wish.

My walls were vibrant pink plastered with posters, photographs and anything I could find. My television was bright yellow from the 90s and was a video combo. I adorned it with stickers and glitter. When my Mum told me she had thrown it out a few years ago, I was actually a little bit sad.

I had fairy lights around my bed head and my frame was one of those horrible metal types that were actually very uncomfortable. My love of perfume and collecting started at a young age, I was a huge collector of perfume bottles. Anna Sui started the whole thing off for me, and I have never looked back since. I still cherish these very bottles as much today.

It’s a weird one, you don’t really realise how precious your bedroom is growing up, until you have moved out and have a home you can call your own. The funny thing is, this is a room I will never get back, but one I will always remember so fondly for the rest of my life.

What was your teenage bedroom like?


  1. I'm exactly the same when I catch a glimpse of what my bedroom has looked like over the years! I must try and find some photos!

    Victoria xxx

  2. What a fab looking bedroom! Mine was an absolute pigsty, I shudder when I think of how untidy it was. One of our cats had kittens in an open drawer! xxx

  3. Aww I loved this post and our rooms looked sort of similar. I once had a huse party and myself and all my friends jumpedon my bed and broke it! My mum was so angry she said I would have to replace it hence i slept on a matress for 2 years! xxxxxx

  4. My teenage room was a pink affair, with a purple/glitter covered radiator!

  5. My early teens my room was yellow and silver [very odd combo I know] but i'd covered all the walls in posters of Newcastle United players and bands I loved which was first all the Backstreet Boys then by the time I was finishing my GCSEs it was loads of indie bands. Then one summer in my first year of university I had it repainted in grey with a statement wall of bold flower pattern which is still how it is. Had a built in wardrobe which I flung everything in and had the same carpet since we moved into the house which is red and has never gone with any of the colours on my wall!

  6. ahh, my teenage room was almost the same! Soo pink with posters EVERYWHERE! I miss it so! x

  7. Dolly Girl from Anna Sui was a very favourite perfume of mine, remember being so excited to get it for Christmas. Funny how our teenage rooms just bring back so many memories - I miss mine!

    Jem xXx

  8. yours looked amazing! Mine was so boring, I was never allowed to do anything I wanted. Bah.

  9. Mine had posters everywhere too, plus loads of my drawings on a noticeboard and I'd painted murals (without asking) on my enormous built in wardrobe doors!

  10. i lived in a lot of different houses but all my rooms were very girly and i think i had the same tv as you....which i remember decorating with nail varnish :P x

  11. Mine was dark purple with loads of cuttings ripped out of Kerrang and NME. Loads of Muse and Placebo posters haha xx

  12. I had a few bedrooms in different houses over my teenage years but one thing was always the same - differing shades of purple walls!

    During my younger teenage years my bedroom was lilac and I had a lot of stuffed toys and plenty of books and games and as I got older my walls changed to dark purple and all those stuffed toys disappeared and were replaced with cd's, dvd's and posters. One thing never changed though - the top of my chest of draws was always covered in body lotions, sprays and a shoe box stuffed with very messy makeup!

    Nowadays I prefer my bedroom to look less cluttered and far more organised and blue tac has been replaced by picture hooks and I have far more books! xxx


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