Friday, 30 March 2012

The Cost of a First Class Stamp

There has been a lot of debate over the price increase of both first and second class stamps in the UK this week. This is something that we cannot avoid and will sadly make posting letters, cards and all other forms of correspondence that bit more expensive.

As a letter writer, I send lots of letters on a regular basis to my penpals and often stock up on stamps once a month. I always buy my stamps in books of either 6 or 12 at the till and usually alongside other purchases. So I don’t really think of the cost when doing so, as it’s a relatively cheap expenditure.

Although the price is increasing, it doesn’t mean we will stop using the service, we have little alternative. I do often find myself disheartened by the fact first class doesn’t always meet a first class service.

For me the sad part is, stamps once cost a fraction of the price they do now, the fact the price has increased quite so, like a lot of things means living is so much more expensive than it ever has been.

First class rises from 46p to 60p and second class rises from 36p to 50p.


  1. I think it's quite sad about the stamp rise, it's pretty ridiculous now; it's a shame as I like to send and receive letters, and like you said, there is no alternative.

  2. This makes me sad. It's so bad how much they charge when you consider some of the service. I remember when getting post mean you'd get it in the morning - and by the time I left for America it meant getting it at nearly 3 in the afternoon. Don't get me started on how much they charge if you use their Parcel Force service - that is a rip off!

  3. It's such a steep price rise, as if the cost of living wasn't dear enough. x

  4. If the service matched the price increases I wouldn't mind quite so much x

  5. I was discussing just this with my muma yesterday, but i'll still happily pay that to communicate so excitingly with you beauty! <3

    ps. Email on the way asap!

    K xo

  6. It's ridiculous now - I'm thinking it's going to be the final nail in the coffin for Christmas and birthday cards, which is such a shame, I always try to send them and an ecard or FB hello is not the same thing at all.


  7. I wish the prices would stay the same! Also not looking forward to the price increase on tasty baked goods from gregs! Love your scrapbook page you should share more of your beautiful creations <3 xxx

  8. It's such a shame people don't write letter, so the price of stamps goes up, so people write even less letters - it's a vicious circle! Alas I am not gfood at letter writing, or even postcard sending these days so I only have myself to blame!

  9. I could yack on and on about this subject until the sky turns dark and black but I may end up writing an essay and boring you to death.
    I'm annoyed by it, I've had shocking service from Royal Mail and previous price hikes have shown no improvement in sevice so I doubt we'll get it now. I will write fewer letters as a direct result.


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