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Here’s my best of the sales, I’ve somewhat over indulged this past week or so, but it more than makes up for the fact that I hardly ever shop at full price, and more so always second-hand. So when the sales start, I admittedly turn into a bit of Shopaholic!

Scented Candle & Pencil Case £3 each at M&S

My beloved Kirstie Allsopp was sadly destined for the sale, although not the whole range, only snippets. I picked up this pencil case and scented candle for a fraction of the original price.

I headed straight for Celia Birtwell’s timeless range at Boots, I picked up a treats jar, something that wasn’t featured in the catalogue, so was more than thrilled to stumble upon by chance. I also couldn’t quite resist coming home with a photo album and keyring. Jasper also got lucky, with a Celia Birtwell cat bowl.

Treat Jar £5, Photo album £4, Keyring £3 & Cat Bowl £3 at Boots

I also bought the Liberty Hello Kitty eyeshadow compact. Combining my love of Hello Kitty and Liberty together, this makes for a great collaboration.

Hello Kitty Liberty eyeshadow compact £4 at Boots

I made a bee-line for this particular range in Wilko’s sale, unfortunately I was just too late for the bird box I had admired before Christmas, but I did pick up this little lot…

Set of 3 storage tins £1.50 at Wilko

We may already have a kitchen full of tins, but that didn’t deter me from buying these cutesy tins. I've already stashed one of them full of ribbon and fabric scraps.

Set of 2 Cake tins £3 at Wilko

The doorstop sure is a beauty; I can’t help but admire the embroidery and wish I lived in a house just like this.

Doorstop £3 at Wilko

I had no intentions of purchasing perfume, but when I spotted these Smurf perfumes selling so cheaply, how could I possibly resist! My boyfriend was slightly concerned about me smelling like Papa Smurf, but hey I don’t reckon that’s such a bad thing after all.

Smurf Perfumes £2 each at Wilko

Total Savings: £44.50


  1. Lovely post Alice! So nice to some different bits picked up from the sales :) I'm hoping to do a little sale shopping tomorrow and praying the Hello Kitty eyeshadow palette is there! I'm making a bee line :)

    K co

  2. Ohhh the tins are lovely. I love cake tins so much, i can't resist them x

  3. I love all the things you got lovely :] I bought my mum a doorstop for xmas similar to that. I love the liberty compact and the kirstie stuff i went to mns but they had sold out :[ xx

  4. Oh my god..

    The Celia Birtwell cat bowl is divine - my favourite pattern is black and white stripes, I'm slightly tempted to get that for my cat...

    The Wilko tins are adorable! I really love the middle one of the set of 3.. I am really really wanting to go to wilko this weekend now!! Naughty Alice making me want to shop!

    I shouldn't really. I promised Pyf that I will be on a no spend for 2 months after the early birthday present he's just ordered me.

    I'll just have to make do with staring at your tins. xxx

  5. I had no idea that Wilko sold such nice stuff! I will have to have a peek!
    Hehe those smurf perfumes made me chuckle! Didn't realise stuff like that existed! What do they smell like?

  6. Woot! Smart shopping I say! all those cute things made my heart beat faster! i love the celia B's treat jar and those adorable tins and doorstop from wilko are just too cute! i do love the pencil case from Kirstie too! and dont get me started on the smurfs parfumes....i wonder what they smell like! hehe love all those goodies you bought, Alice! xx susan

  7. The cake tins are really cute. The smurf perfumes will be fun as well! x

  8. Oh how lovely is that door stop! Love the packaging for the smurf perfume - can't imagine how any of them would smell though.

  9. Wow! Love that Celia Birtwell stuff and the Hello Kitty compact, the tins and the doorstop. I'm glad I've only just read this post of I may have been bankrupt if I'd gone into town afterwards. x

  10. the storage containers are adorable and I love the doorstop!!

  11. omgomgomg smurf perfume?! I want one! we have no wilko here :(

  12. I've been very good and kept away from the sales but you've certainly bagged yourself some bargains!

    Victoria xx

  13. The storage & cake tins are absolutely lovely! I bought the magazine holder in this style after seeing it on your blog :)


  14. oooh how lovely! I adore the cat things, I would love a tin like that for my dogs treats x

  15. just got your card today, thank you so much, so cuteee, I thank you also for the swap gifts you sent, love them! yes hope we'll stay friends!!! xx susan

  16. Oh my those are so cute! especially the smurfs perfumes, lovely packaging! i probably would buy them myself!

  17. You found some adorable stuff :) I love that pencil case, and the doorstop is really nice too!

    This year I've only bought 1 thing from the sales, weird!

    Have a lovely weekend //Niina

  18. Liberty and Hello Kitty? Smurf perfume? There is some crazy merchandise out there! However, it's somehow right when you enthuse about it, congrats on your savvy sales shopping xx

  19. I love your sale finds. I saw some Celia Birtwell and Hello Kitty stuff in Boots and was really tempted but my local Boots only had a few bits. I love the eyeshadow compact and treat jar!

  20. Love the kitchen tins. I am also obsessed with collecting small tins/boxes! xx


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