Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Pretty in Pink

I may be a girly girl when it comes to collectables and homeware, but my wardrobe has never been dominated by feminine colours. Black is my saviour, and navy and green rank the highest in popularity.

So when I spotted this top in a charity shop, I was instantly drawn towards it, but I just couldn’t figure out why, when pink is way out of my usual comfort zone.
Maybe it’s the intricate print that intrigued me, it’s not quite Liberty (it’s actually H&M) but it sure has a fine resemblance to such glorious design. And let’s face it I am a lover of lightweight polyester, easy to wear, easy to wash and doesn’t even require an iron.

On my arrival home, I was in two minds whether I had done the right thing in purchasing this top, I really didn’t want to revert back to my childhood days of being made to dress in pink, when all I wanted to do was reach for my denim dungarees. But as soon as I tried it on, I just knew it was the perfect addition to my wardrobe.

Priced at £3.65 it’s quite the bargain.


  1. That is a gorgeous top, I love sheer patterns like that!

  2. lovely! would look great with skinny jeans or a pencil skirt. Nice to try something different x

  3. I love this top its so pretty! :) would look gorgeous with skinny jeans and ankle boots or ballet pumps. Total bargain X x

  4. Very pretty, I'd have had you down as a pink lover, just goes to show you can never tell. Wish you well to wear it, as my mother in law would say!

  5. that was a bargain and I can see it being pretty versatile too x

  6. I'd have put you down as a pink girl with your love of pretty things and shabby chic. It's a gorgeous top and a bargain price, too. x

  7. what a bargain! the print is stunning. Love the blog layout too by the way xx

  8. It's not over the top pink, you'll be fine.

  9. Hi-5 to black color, i know what you mean about black being your saviour, same goes with me! but i love the top you bought in CS, it's gorgeous! and what a bargain too! x susan

  10. So pretty!! Love the color!

    ox from NYC!


  11. Love this!! Great blog!

    Please follow me :)


  12. Very Lovely! Liberty is amazing! We sell fabric liberty notebooks at work and I am forever eyeing them up! Also liking your blog makeover, I would update my own if I was better with computers! xxx


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