Monday, 24 October 2011

And they lived happily ever after…

If there is one thing I love more than anything, and will capture both my heart and imagination, it will always be children’s fiction. The characters I first met in my own childhood have a way of uplifting me and deep down remind me of who I am.

I could sit reading these stories for years to come. It seems the older I get, the fonder I become. The lure of such beautiful and quirky illustrations comes hand in hand with the whimsical tales of fun and adventure to last a lifetime long. And go on to enchant future generations alike.

These are a few I picked up recently on my second-hand travels, to add to the already plentiful bookcase. But that’s the beauty with books, you simply can never have too many.

Sunday, 23 October 2011


Truth be told blogging is a huge escape from real life for me. It always has been, I’ve been free to discuss many a love and inspiration with people who genuinely appreciate and relate to what I have to say. It’s certainly not often I mix the two.

Something that right now in time, I need to address. If only for myself is a sensitive issue that has troubled me my whole life...

I grew up very shy and quiet, I cried on my first day at school, so much so I made myself sick and ended up being gradually taken into class. I refused to speak to any adult, other than my Mummy and Daddy.
My only allies were other children. I found it a lot easier talking to other kids in the playground, than I did speaking out loud in class or directly to a teacher.

I loathed being made to speak directly to adults. I repeatedly refused to speak to dentists, doctors, teachers and hairdressers etc.

My shyness was recognized, but my teachers found a way around it, and got the best out of me through other ways. I shone in project work and English.
I even found myself slowly coming out of myself by the time I had reached the end of junior school. I took part in both the Christmas play, taking key role as narrator, and also stood at the front of the church and read aloud in front of a packed full service, without a second thought.

My eleven year-old self was finally coming out of her shell.

The irony that is often one step forward, three steps backwards, my time at secondary school was very disrupted and unsettled. For a long time I felt trapped and alone.

Becoming a teenager should have symbolised maturity, instead it is when I became far more withdrawn than I had ever been. I spent my time blanking family members, refusing to speak aloud in class, and generally being the social reject.

College was a very different environment. A lot of the problems I faced at school soon were something of the past. The shyness got the better of me again. I spoke as little as possible, only when and asked to do so. I didn’t ask my tutors questions, I didn’t go the extra mile, I took the back seat.

When I left college life did change. I didn’t progress onto University, something that wasn’t the right choice for me.
I became an adult legally and I faced a lot of tough challenges along the way, but also found the freedom adulthood brings. I met my boyfriend; I left home and became independent. I faced unemployment for a long period of time, I was forced to speak in interview situations, but found myself completely challenged and tormented, when it just wasn’t enough to get me the job.

I know it’s hard to describe the exact root of the problem, or the actual problem itself. But I do have a voice. I do speak.
I speak to my family, I speak to my boyfriend, and I speak to my closest friends like any other normal human being.

The times I find it most difficult to speak is to strangers, distant relatives, my boyfriend’s relatives and work colleagues.

Regardless of all this, I always try my best, if only saying a little ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

Earlier this week I heard something which had been said about me, regarding my shyness. It’s true what they say. The truth does hurt.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

An apple a day...

Having been recently inspired by Vix’s fruitful adventures in apple scrumping. I decided to show you all something that has quite possibly been my favourite find of the summer months. Working all summer long has meant my time spent at car boot sales this year has been reduced quite so, which saddens me a little because I know I have missed out on doing what I love most.

But what is it they say about quality not quantity, if there is one find that instantly charmed me and will forever remain a favourite one pound purchase it rightfully has to be this one...

A plastic apple ice box.

Completely insanely tacky in all ways possible, just the way I like.
I knew the likelihood of me using it as an ice box was quite unlikely, therefore as soon as I got home I found an alternative way to store some of my haberdashery favourites.

Steve Jobs
With a day so sad about the news of Apple founder Steve Jobs, it really does make you realise the impact somebody can have on the world.
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