Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Brighton Rocks

Last year I fell in love with Brighton.

Subsequently it meant I was itching to go back, so we took the same bank holiday weekend trip down this year. This time staying an extra night, which of course meant seeing and discovering a little bit more...

From arriving on the pier, my heart was racing; the sea breeze and sight of striped deck chairs simply was enough to enchant me.

Seeing Brighton at night time was a first, the pier was as endearing as daytime, if maybe a little bit more magical and special in the darkness.

The thing about Brighton it screams one of a kind. It has its own thing going on and you know what I happen to adore that. Let’s face it even the graffiti is pretty fabulous...

The pebble beach and blue railings are a distinct sign of Brighton beach. Scooters proudly lined up ahead of The Volks bar, and quite frankly the scene was booming.

We had spied JB’s Diner last year, but hadn’t had time to fit it in, so this year we knew it was a definite place to visit...

We headed for breakfast; and more so for the thrill of being able to sit in an ‘American diner’ the food was of course outrageously large and extravagant in true American style.

I soon found myself lusting after a Smurf in the grabber machines in the amusements, but my luck wasn’t in this time and I sadly left empty handed. I made up for my misfortune by admiring the stunning carousel horses, one of my very favourite things...

I may have said it before... but Brighton how I do love you so.


Monday, 29 August 2011

Because you’re never too old for…

So for the past month or so I have been crazily collecting these Magical Moments cards when doing my weekly shopping at Morrissons. The need and want for these cards is granted a little childish, but the fun that comes with trying to collect each and every card takes me right back to being a child and filling sticker albums a plenty.

My plea… I’m 7 cards away from having the full 99, if anybody happens to have any of the following cards: [UPDATED I now need just TWO cards]

A1 and E6

It sure would make my day.
I have a stash of swaps, so if anybody knows of anyone who has been collecting these too, I would be more than happy to send these your way.

p.s I’ve been a little quiet these past few days, I hope to catch up with you all soon.♥


Sunday, 21 August 2011

I don’t want to wait for our lives to be over

To say Dawson’s Creek was my favourite television show is a massive understatement. It was my life. I lived and breathed it.

It’s funny how I look back now and suddenly all the storylines and characters come rushing back to me. This somewhat absorbing obsession was a huge part of growing up. I had an awful lot of love and acceptance for Joey, Dawson, Pacey and Jen, I laughed when they fooled around making amateur films together, I cried when they went onto break each others hearts.

I am one for getting absorbed into make belief, and Dawson’s Creek was my favourite kind of storytelling. I still stand by and say it made perfect viewing.

You only have to look at where Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams are now. I always loved Katie Holmes, and still think she is such an incredible woman. Michelle Williams has gone onto be cast as many a leading lady, she is an interesting actress in her own right.

This program defined a generation. Anyone else on the Dawson's Creek boat back to Capeside?


Thursday, 18 August 2011

A clearance of the best kind

TKMaxx has always been a favourite haunt of mine; I’m no stranger to a good old rummage.
Though you know you’ve hit the jackpot when you spy a section marked ‘final clearance.’

An area with contents that can only be described as abandoned. In true TKMaxx style the majority of stuff is either damaged or distasteful.

The normal clearance tag is always red; however the final clearance tag is an unmistakable YELLOW ...

Boy did I rummage. I turned over every leaf and surprised even myself with my finds.

The question is what can you get for ten British pounds?

A bag, 2 skirts, a pair of pumps, a Paris print storage case and a lovely scented candle in a keepsake glass jar.

My new bag being my most favourite find, at £3.00 I just know this will be my Autumn/Winter saviour.

Oh how I do love a bargain.


Sunday, 14 August 2011

G of the Sea...

Today at Boots I stumbled upon G of the Sea on special offer at £13.33. Now I am a girl infatuated by the Harajuku scents, I may have spoken of my love for them before. This edition came out earlier this year and I received it on my birthday as a gift from my parents.

The mermaid bottle instantly charmed me and the scent soon became a firm favourite of mine. Bursting with freshness, I was delighted with this adorable little mermaid, I didn’t care that she took up most of the room in my handbag, she was more than worth the sacrifice. I had hoped maybe she wouldn’t run out so soon, but ultimately the inevitable happened.

So of course stumbling upon the scent on offer meant I was able to purchase a second 30ml bottle of G of the Sea. Let’s face it I could quite happily have a shelf full of mermaids by the time I’m done.


Sunday, 7 August 2011

Recent Acquisitions

These past few weeks I have found some real gems in my favourite second-hand haunts. Unfortunately not a car boot in site, I’ve strictly been on the charity shop trail. I've also stumbled upon a few antique fairs whilst out and about, though they tend to be more of a window-shopping experience for me, as prices are a little higher than at the generic car boot.

Stratton Compact £4
I do strongly believe every girl should own a Stratton compact amongst her many possessions. I found this beauty at one of the antiques fairs I visited. I would have loved to stumble upon one for say 50p or so, but I thought £4 was a more than reasonable price for what I wanted. I had secretly been on the lookout for my very own for quite a while now.

I knew it would only be a matter of time until one found its way to me, after all there are many different designs around of the powder compact. It also means the one I borrowed from my Mum can rightfully be returned.

Words Book 29p
This tiny book was hidden behind a pile of toys. The old spine caught my eye, and I knew almost instantly it was bound to be old. From 1982, on its arrival home, the Mr soon recognised the title, and remembers having the book as a child.

The Very Big Secret by Enid Blyton 20p
As much as my love for children’s fiction, Enid Blyton is one author I have had little interaction with over the years. A well-loved figure in literature, I felt quite compelled to snap this story up. The tatty cover only adds to its appeal.

Bambi Plate £1
This little plate really captured me for a moment. I’m a girl who simply can’t say no to Disney. The man was selling ten of these, though I thought it polite to buy just the one and take it home to treasure.

Beatrix Potter Plastic Tote 29p
I’m sure my heart skipped a beat when I spied this in the children’s section of the charity shop on Friday afternoon, the characters who have brought so much joy to me all on one bag! Jemima, Jeremy and Tom being my very favourites. At 29p I felt almost cheeky paying so little, like it was ridiculously under-priced for the priceless value it has to me.

I’m hoping to fit a few more car boots in before the end of the summer, though I’m back into a routine of visiting my favourite charity shops on a weekly basis. I guess my second-hand shopping varies on weather, time and expenditure.
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