Saturday, 9 April 2011

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Just a quick post to let you know I’ve been a little quiet recently on here, and I feel guilty for not being able to visit blogs as regularly as I would like, but I’m going to be catching up soon. Please don’t think I’ve abandoned you all.

Long story short, I’ve started some full-time work, which means I’ve been very busy this past week. It’s come at no better time for me, as I was becoming more and more fed up and lost in recent weeks, so I know this is a positive step forward.

It’s funny I still don’t know what I want to do in the future (I long to realise this), but have come to realise a little something is better than nothing.

Thank you for sticking by me and constantly inspiring me.

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Friday, 1 April 2011

Button Moon

Since last weekends jumble sale, I’ve been very good and not bought a single thing. That was until today. Admittedly I held back on a few things, I’m trying hard to cut back on the books (as it has become quite apparent I already have far too many).

So I only bought 3 books, all priced at a very reasonable 10p each in my favourite charity shop.The Secret Garden is a classic that should be in everybody's book collection.

This Country Code book from 1973 I couldn’t quite resist, the illustrations are fabulous.

This coat hanger was hanging by the door and simply charmed me at the cost of 20p, if only for display purposes.

Then as I was at the counter paying I heard an old lady behind the counter say “This tin of buttons, don’t sell them individually, make sure it’s sold as a whole lot.”
Well my eyes instantly were drawn towards the said tin in the ladies hand, and instantly I was taken. Maybe more so for the tin than the buttons. You know how I love a vintage tin.

So I quickly asked if I could have a look, and was predictably smitten with the find. The two ladies then had a rather strange disagreement on price, the lady who had originally served me was willing to sell it to me for a £1, but straight away the other lady said “No that’s too cheap!”

I was beginning to think they were never going to settle on a price. So I was finally told £2, which given it was only a pound more than originally suggested, I knew I would be regretting not buying it if I was to leave it behind.

Since returning home, I am really pleased with the collection of buttons. It’s a little odd selection and I must admit that’s what the beauty about it is. It’s not something I’ve ever collected before, but any well established crafter should have a secret button stash.

My little charity spree had gone well, after only spending: £2.50 on all of the above, it was then the magazine demon in me that got the better of me, and I splurged out on May's issue of Easy Living (£3.60). Solely because I wanted this trinket tray:

I know, I know a piece of absolute tat! But I absolutely adore Celia Birtwell and I just couldn’t let this pass me by. It also comes in a black version too. I have such little interest in glossy’s nowadays, but almost have a magnetic pull towards free gifts like this! What am I like seriously!
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