Friday, 28 January 2011

Don't stop inspiring me

I think I’ve have had a bad case of the 'blogging blues' lately. I just can’t seem to get inspired, and when I’m not inspired I just shut off and have a little bit of a strop with myself and end up feeling guilty.

But hey they say every cloud has a silver lining and I’m going to London tonight. I got tickets for Legally Blonde for Christmas and making it into a bit of a weekend thing. Hopefully this little trip may just spur me on a little bit and bring that smile back.

Thank-you for sticking around xxx

Monday, 24 January 2011

A girl can never have too many bags.

Well yes I have become quite partial to agreeing with that saying.
I’m in the midst of having a mad January clearout what with the beginning of a New Year, and have finally got ruthless with a few things.

First Stop: my closet.

Well truth be told I thought I’d had this clearout 6months ago, in my head all this was done, and there would probably be only one or two bags left to part with. Well funnily enough I must have been on a completely different planet, because I have cleared out more than half of what was stacked up in my wardrobe.

So unfortunately this lot are off to the Charity Shop. Yes there are loved ones in that pile, my eclectic blue Miffy bag, my seen better days Primark beauties and my not so loved black boom box bag.
I will probably regret getting rid of one or two of them in a few weeks time, but I think sometimes it’s good to let go, because if I didn’t now, I simply never would.

Sometimes this girl… can have too many bags.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Hoarder of all Hoarders

I’ve been a little quiet this past week, but I did have quite a day spent at my Mums house, digging out old treasures of course.

Let me tell you, when I used to have clearouts in my teens, she would secretly go through all the bags and take things out. This really annoyed me at the time, as I grew frustrated by the fact that I couldn’t get rid of anything without her seeing.

Well this day may just have been the day we both needed. She dug out a box full of my old stuff (stuff I thought was long gone).
And I have to confess: It was actually nice to be re-united with a few of those treasures I had long forgotten about.

First this jewellery box. This was my first ‘proper’ jewellery box, I got when I was around 13, typically girly and I have fond memories of using this to store my many possessions.

I think I may have outgrown the funky print now, but I do adore those heart shaped handles and may well give this a make-over. I’m thinking shabby chic, what do you think?

Another jewellery box, of a smaller size, again I remember this one too, o so well! I always thought this to be quite decadent and just loved the lace trim.

This Fairy was from a shop called Past Times, I bought this one with my pocket money to replace one that had previously broken. Well I don’t know why but I never really grew as attached to this one as much. It’s a Ballerina fairy and to be quite frankly honest, I never did cut it at ballet.

I think this ornament I can appreciate in a different way, now I am older.

And finally this mystery item...

I instantly was smitten with this wicker tailors dummy. I found this stuffed in a bag full of discarded bits and pieces. Turns out she bought this for me but completely forgot about it, alas me never receiving it! Better late than never right?

I guess what I fundamentally have realised today is that I have most definitely have inherited the hoarding gene. I do very much so love my Mum x

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Book Clearance: Part Deux

I know you are probably thinking not more books, but we decided to visit one last time, as the shop was finally shutting it’s doors today.

We went for a £5 bag and managed to (somehow) fill it with 15 more books!
Yes madness. I am aware I really didn’t need any more books, but I couldn’t resist such an offer.

We picked out between us a book about the Royal Family, a Chocolate Recipe book, a book about the Sun, a Movie companion and a Ways to Recycle book.

And then of course I went of on a tangent and managed to pick a rather random, but fabulous selection…

I was thrilled to see this: The Romance of Hats book, filled with glorious photographs and images. It has such a lovely nostalgic feel to it.
Equally this Traditional Shops book makes for an interesting glimpse into some beautiful and classic shops.

I have wanted a Japanese manga book for such a long time. I am fascinated by the covers and the way the book is read back to front.

These two ended up in the bag mainly because I liked the covers, I know I shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but it was a clearance after all!

A Whales and Dolphins fact book, this one is inspired by a book I have just finished reading, so that was a nice coincidence.
And a Fairy Charms book full of mysterious words and drawings.

My bookshelf may be overflowing but I just couldn’t resist such a clearance, and to think all this lot cost £5, working out roughly at around just over 30p each!

Friday, 14 January 2011

A clearance and a cameo

It’s quite easy to fall right into the path of a clearance. Well that is just what I did this week. Twice.

I had heard this book shop in my local shopping centre was shutting down; in fact I was already planning on visiting to see whether there would be some sort of clearance about the place.

Well it turns out they’ve given up trying to sell everything individually, instead it is simply fill a bag for: £10

The first time I was with my boyfriend and we somehow managed to fill the bag with 21 books between us! Yes 21. So much so that the bag split by the time we got out of the shop! I was literally laughing so much it was just one of those moments, and we had walked up to the shops that day, so we didn’t even have the car to help us (and the books) get home.

I then went back again a few days later and filled a bag for £5! A smaller one admittedly, but I still managed to cram 11 books into it!
So here are some of my favourites from the bag(s)...

I got these two lovely scrapbooking books, it’s no secret scrapbooking is one of my favourite pastimes, and these books may just give me a little spur of inspiration in the craft department.

I also stumbled across this wrapping paper, Peter Rabbit of course! I was so pleased with this, I am already planning to create a collage.
Also coincidently this Miss Potter book of the film. I have seen this film so many times and really do love Renee Zellweger as Beatrix.

I am always fascinated to learn more about cats, and saw this as an opportunity, so picked these two factual cats books out. And then I saw Jim- The Nine Lives Of A Dysfunctional Cat, and the cover completely had me.

Dear Me A Letter To My Sixteen-Year-Old Self, one I’ve wanted for absolutely ages.

Two more that have been on my to read list, Girl With A Pearl Earring recommended by my wonderful friend and Toast, having watched the drama on TV a couple of weeks a go, I am intrigued to read the book it was based on.

And inevitably some children’s books, I love children’s fiction so very much so and completely fell for these. I already have one of Julia Golding's books so these nicely add to the series. And I did always have a bit of a thing for dolphins when I was younger, so this was tugging at my heart strings. (I may not be 12 anymore, but still very much appreciate a shiny glittery book cover)

I know I own far too many books, but I just couldn’t resist such a clearance and know I won’t need to buy a new book for quite a while now.

All in all if you were to sit down and do the maths the books work out roughly around 50p each, which for a brand new book is quite the bargain in my eyes.
Happy reading springs to mind!

p.s I don’t consider myself to be much of a lucky person; in fact I can’t even seem to win rock, paper, scissors. But I somehow managed to win Jennie from Sailboats giveaway!

I don’t ever buy jewellery for myself so this was such a lovely little package to receive today. I do love a cameo and my I am so enchanted by the intricate design. Thank you so very much Miss Jennie! xxx

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Saving for a rainy day...

I don’t think I ever quite grasped the concept of saving for a rainy day. I was far too impatient to save my pocket money as a child, where as my brother somehow managed to.

I picked this little money box up from a Charity Shop for 50p. It charmed me instantly, I love carousels and merry go rounds, they are just so magical and pretty.

I have very fond memories of going to the seaside as a child and going on them, I would always try and find one of the horses called Alice, but if there wasn’t an Alice, I would then find the most special and beautiful name I could relate to in someway.

I took this photograph last summer in Brighton, and I really wish to go back there again this summer. So maybe my ‘rainy day’ could be Brighton, and all the money I save in this money box can go towards just that♥

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Carried Away

It’s not often a fictional character in a book inspires my latest fashion project, yet I shouldn’t have expected anything less from a certain Ms Bradshaw...

Carrie Bradshaw: Writer, fashionista, old romantic, fictional character, (my all time hero) pretty much has always had the ability to enchant and inspire me.

It was when reading The Carrie Diaries, a book based on the teenage Carrie before she moved to New York City and in other words before SEX...and the city.
I found this book captivating, probably because I have studied this character so many times via my television set, and could recall her closet off by heart if you wanted me to. So this was something any hardcore SATC fan should rightfully read, as it answers all those questions you always wondered, her family life for one.

It also had the ability to bring up many of those awkward teenage issues, so this book not only fills a void in those SATC fans it also happens to be filled of some very valuable advice.

Now back to my fashion project…

In true Carrie form, and sticking to the story in the book, I used pink nail polish to paint my name across the front of the bag. I won’t give too much away, I think if you have read the book you might understand my need to replica this item, as it is quite a significant piece of the story.

Fiction or not, you my dearest Carrie will always be one of my greatest fashion (and life) inspirations


Thursday, 6 January 2011

Bad Taste?

Oh goodness, I went a little mad in the Charity Shop the other day...

I have been after a teapot for a while now (my mother always complains about us never having one when she comes round for tea and I was thinking they are rather splendid as decoration)

Well I somehow came home with this :

And my boyfriend’s exact words were: “It’s hideous”
So I have swiftly hidden it away in the cupboard mourning my blatant bad taste in crockery.

I don’t know what came over me. Well I do know what came over me, I wanted something unusual and quirky, and this happened to be sat on the shelf.

Part of me still thinks it’s kind of me. I have always been fascinated by things that are slightly odd to be honest. It’s by Sadler and comes in various designs I have since found online.

Honestly what do you think? Hideous or lovely?

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A girl and her birdcage...

I have wanted a birdcage for what seems like forever. (Not for a bird, for decoration purposes of course!)
And to be quite honest, it’s completely a want and not a need. But aren’t most things in life.

Oh goodness.

Look what I found. After what is possibly quite a long time, I have my very own birdcage...
It’s from Marks and Spencer and it’s meant for jewellery, and comes with delicate hooks inside. From time to time I may well find something beautiful to display inside it.

It was £25 before Christmas, but of course I waited until after and got it for £12 in the sale!

Sunday, 2 January 2011


I’m not much of an outfit person I am far too shy, but this is me being brave and showing my face around here for once.
This is my New Years Eve outfit, which turned out to be quite a fabulous night.

This dress first caught my eye on Alex's blog, I was thrilled to see a dress that not only ticked all the boxes, but was a reasonable price too. Alex wore the brilliant turquoise version, well I hunted and hunted and could not find this dress.
(Well I tell a small lie I found one lifeless cream one in a size 8 and one black one in a Size 16, when I needed a size somewhere in between)

I finally tracked down a whole rail of these dresses in an aubergine colour, which at first I was little hesitant about, however when trying it on I decided to take the plunge and go for it. (for once)

This dress was £13 from Primark and I can’t stop admiring the subtle but oh so lovely embroidery and the sleeves are simply a girls best friend.

And also I think Primark have been very clever in the design. It does remind me a little bit of a French Connection dress I once was very infatuated with a few years ago, unfortunately the £130 price tag put me off.

Happy New Year everybody
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