Spoilt Rotten

I’m a girl with a love all things pretty and my loved ones sure do know how to treat me when it comes to gifts.
My boyfriend sought out Cath and Kirstie – my two favourite ladies.

A watch pendant has me written all over it. You know I’ve always romanced with the idea of having a pocket watch casually dangling around my neck. Being able to check the time at any given time sure is a novelty. The fact it’s Cath Kidston only cements my love for a brand I will forever admire.

To satisfy my crafty needs, inspiration a plenty via Kirstie Allsopp Craft and The Liberty Book of Home Sewing -yes please!

Kirstie Allsopp at M&S is always going to be sure a winner; after all I could quite happily own the entire collection given the chance.
My Mum always manages to pull out all the stops, and this year was no different. I just adore this Welsh Tapestry purse, it really is quite sweet. The fact she will have tracked this down on one of her second-hand travels makes it all the more thoughtful.

My Harajuku wish came true in the form of Jingle G! She really is a cutie and is of course a welcome addition to my Harajuku scent collection.


  1. These are such beautiful gifts - so well chosen and thoughtful! The Kirstie pieces especially caught my eye! :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. LOVE that Cath watch necklace, LOVE!

  3. Your nearest and dearest know you so well, Alice!
    That Welsh tapestry purse is exquisite, I've never found one in that colour way before. Please share one of your Kirstie crafts with us as soon as you've achieved one!

  4. oooooh they are all gorgeous!
    Love that purse, I've got a clutch bag made from Welsh wool, not as nce as those colours though.
    Your family and friends know you well :)

  5. These gifts are SO you, Alice! :) You know how much i love Cath Kidston, and that watch is just to die for!

    Loving seeing your frequent posts doll :) Missing you!

    K xo

  6. Hi, I am your newest follower. I love your blog. I think you have a way with words and I am looking forward to following you. :) Marilyn

  7. aww ur boyfriend sure knows what you loveee! lucky girl! love the CK pocket watch and the kirstie allsop book and goodies are just adorable! YAY for getting the cute harajuku jingle G and the tapestry purse from your mum! xx susan

  8. Beautiful gifts. I adore the clock pendant, its beautiful xx

  9. Aww, aren't you lucky! Love the books & the tapestry purse is beautiful!


  10. Oh wow, I love the watch pendant!

  11. You have been spoiled, i was given both those books too. I have been eyeing up the CK watch but my hints werent acted upon in my home so might have to buy it myself lol. Scarlett x

  12. This all screams your name! Your family and friends sure do know your taste, I bet you were grinning from ear to ear on Christmas day!

    Love the Cath Kidson watch pendant! So charming! xxx


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