Retro Chic

It’s no lie Wilko (or Wilkinsons) is one of my favourite budget shops when it comes to stocking up on toiletries, domestic supplies and home furnishings. It’s one of those shops I will forever find myself going into when passing. It’s cheap and cheerful, and there’s certainly no shame in shopping there.

I’m a stationery addict, there’s no denying that. There is always room in my life for an endless supply of notepaper and pen. Therefore I’m like a magpie when it comes to spotting a new range. Whilst wandering up and down the aisles, I was drawn towards this stand…

Instantly I felt a little taken aback, almost as if I could have been somewhere else. On closer inspection I was keen to check out the product range itself. Now yes I admit these are pleasing for the eye, I certainly have my own eye on that chunky floral journal, but what troubles me is that I feel a little cheated.

Admittedly the pricing is more than reasonable and more so affordable, but what concerns me the most is the quality. The photo album I picked up (and actually considered purchasing) was very poorly made, but at little more than a pound is that all you can expect?

The true essence of retro comes with the fact it’s from a generation gone by, and usually has proven the test of time with regards quality.
I really love the kitsch vibe and floral theme, but part of me feels almost as if retro has become trendy and mainstream, which makes any long-time lover a little bit sad.

What do you think?


  1. Those drawers are really cute, and I agree with you about Wilko's they are a really good affordable store.

  2. I always forget about Wilkos. Retro is such a misused term. It used to refer to the 1960s & 1970s but these days it covers anything bright and funky. I suppose we can't complain at that price but wouldn't it be better to charge an extra couple of quid and make something of better quality? x

  3. I haven't been to a Wilkinsons in a while, I must find my nearest.

  4. I'm such a Wilko lover, I was fairly gutted after moving last November when I found out there isn't a Wilko in this little town! Bah!

    The only thing I'll say about some (only some) of their own brand things is that the quality can suffer with things like the stationery as you've pointed out - it can feel quite cheap. The whole retro revival (and vintage explosion!) has definitely made it all seem quite mainstream of late I've got to agree!

    Jem xXx

  5. I totally agree about Wilkos. When I first moved in with my boyfriend, the majority of our homeware was bought in Wilkos because it was cute and affordable. As Jem says, some things can feel quite cheap, but on the whole, they do have some great stuff!


  6. The word 'retro' has totally become mainstream and used to describe pretty much anything with a vintage flowery theme, ive been seeing it everywhere! I havent been to wilko for a while but they do come up trumps for bargains. Scarlett x

  7. As much as I think the storage boxes are gorgeous, I definitely agree with you.. I'd rather spend time looking for something similar which is actually vintage & know it will last the test of time.


  8. Those storage boxes are awfully cute, even if they aren't the best of quality they would still come in very handy!

    I like to have a browse around in Wilkos every now and again. Their toiletries are brilliant, such amazing offers!

    I'm going shopping tomorrow.. well today as it's now past midnight, I'll take a look in there and inspect the stationary! xxx

  9. I know what you mean. I like my things to be good quality and I am prepared to pay more but if I'm only going to use something a few times then budget is best. I love Wilkinsons for candles and cushions, so cheap x

  10. oooh yes they're certainly cute and pleasing to the eyes and not to mention the prices are so attractive, i guess if ur not planning of using the notebooks and just for decorations, they're IN but if u want to use them, yes quality needs to be abit better :)

    x susan

  11. I agree, cheap and cheerful can be Ok, but I don't like flimsy - some things walk a fine line.


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