Let's Go Shopping.

I really do love Christmas time the most and my lovely friend Nicola was kind enough to send me the cutest little treat in the post recently. I am so spoilt!

This adorable Miko Cat Let’s Go Shopping! Coin Purse has been on my wish list for quite a while, it’s pretty much my taste and style summed up in one. The adorable detailing is just the cutest. It’s actually from the childrens' range at Boots, but I don't think that matters when the aesthetic makes for the perfect gift for us crafty/folky types.

Often on my second-hand travels I don’t tend to lug around my proper purse. I never take my debit card to car boot sales, simply because it’s not the sort of place where you are going to find a cash machine. And I always try my best to have plenty of loose change when shopping in charity shops and the like, as it’s a lot more convenient and polite to have smaller amounts when paying.

So this dinky knitted clasp purse is the perfect addition to my lifestyle and will most likely become a firm favourite of mine in no time.
I was also absolutely thrilled to receive my swap parcel in the post from the lovely Susan from Tea Diary. This is the first time I’ve taken part in a swap and I am so excited to see what I have been gifted. I sure do love a surprise!

I am so lucky to have met so many wonderful people through blogging, and it is times like this I realise how much I appreciate this opportunity.


  1. oh my! the miko cat coin purse is just too cute! i too like to bring my coin purse when i go to charity shopping and it comes in handy when i go by bus too! i hope u like the gifts, had a fun time making and hunting something though most of the times the goods in my local charity shops are quite disappointing :)

    x susan

  2. Aren't you good? Susan's wrapped everything so nicely I wouldn't be able to wait til Christmas!

  3. Susan's wrapping is perfect and the big owl tag is adorable!

    I received my swap parcel from Lakota today and I am so very very VERY happy with it all! As you can tell I didn't wait until Christmas, it was in my hands for a few seconds before I started ripping into it!

    I have the Miko Cat bubble bath from Boots on my Christmas list. You know the one where she's wearing the cutest red festive dress? I hope I get her! I don't really care about the bubble bath inside, I just know she'll look adorable displayed on my bedroom shelf!

    That purse is lovely - you better take her out Christmas shopping! xxx

  4. Such a cute purse. I, too, have a separate purse for jumble sale purposes, a purse bought at a jumble sale, in fact! Not half as cute as yours though. Wow, Susan did you proud! xx

  5. Those parcels are wrapped beautifully, I'd be desperate to see the contents. I love that sweet kitty purse so much. I have a coin purse for jumbles and car boots too. x

  6. What amazing wrapping! Love that purse too - such a cute little thing!

  7. The purse is so lovely, & I can't wait to see what's inside the beautifully wrapped parcels.


  8. I love the coin purse! How cute. Cant wait to see what you received in your parcels :o) Scarlett x

  9. lovely choices!


  10. That owl is so cute!

    Merry Christmas Alice. I hope you have a wonderful time

    Emily x


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