The Joy of Swapping ♥

This Christmas I took part in two very exciting swaps!

Lakota’s Faith Hope and Charity Swap and Ellie’s Pretty Much Penniless Second-hand Secret Santa.

A big and warm thank you to these two special blogging friends for organising the swaps and ensuring everything ran smoothly.
And here is what I kindly received:

My swap package from Susan at Tea Diary.

I was delighted to find this charming Alice in Wonderland charm bracelet! Alice by name, I am always touched to receive anything wonderland themed.

She also managed to track down these lovely shabby chic salt and pepper shakers, which match my shabby sweets jar I picked up a few months back.

I was also absolutely thrilled to receive these adorable handmade and wooden decorations. I just know I will go on to treasure these for years to come.

Thank you Susan ♥

My Second-hand Secret Santa was a wonderful surprise. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, as knowing my parcel was anonymous had me guessing what I would receive.

Given my love and devotion to children’s fiction, my parcel contained two children’s classics in Mog the forgetful cat and the dragon that squeaked. I was also thrilled to see the taped version of Mog the forgetful cat attached, I don’t actually own a cassette player, but sure will be looking out for one at next year’s car boot sales.
I always think handmade gifts make for the best presents, as the time and love that has gone into making them always outshines those mass produced.

This framed A embroidery sure did enchant me and it’s sure enough found a home in my craft room. And the handmade salt dough heart decoration was a welcome treat too.

Thank you Jes ♥


  1. Beautiful pressies, i adore the bracelet! Scarlett x

  2. What fabulous gifts you lucky thing!

    Victoria xxx

  3. Beautiful gifts! The Alice in Wonderland charm bracelet is absolutely gorgeous!!! xx

  4. love the little framed A! so sweet :) x

  5. Such wonderful swap goodies! The Alice in Wonderland bracelet is amazing, all the charms are so cute!

    Adore the Mog book! I bet the tape version would be good to fall asleep to! xxx

  6. Wow, I love the handmade gifts. Something very special about them.
    I'm going to have a swap party soon, swapping is great fun x

  7. glad you like them, i adore the the childrens' books, looks so interesting with lovely illustration on the cover! i love the embroidered A in a frame with that cute heart decoration from your second hand secret santa! i had so much fun in the swap and cant wait to participate again! xx susan

  8. How I remember the Mog stories so dearly!

  9. Gorgeous things and yes, hand-made gifts are the best!
    Happy New Year, Alice! xxx

  10. Hi Alice, it's your Second Hand Secret Santa here.

    So glad you like your presents! Make sure to stay in touch and have a cracking 2012! Love Jes x

  11. Great swap gifts, I love the decs and Mog is a favourite in this house. You need to find yourself an old walkman. I loved the one I had years ago, it was baby blue and pink.

  12. I love the handmade gifts the alice in wonderland bracelet is amazing all the charms are so cute.
    Murano Glass


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