Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Christmas has rapidly snuck upon us, I sure am going to relish the time I have to enjoy the festivities. I really do wish I had had more time to put together more thoughtful and decorative cards, parcels and posts, but time has been precious, especially over the past few weeks. Blogging has been a little bit haphazard for the above reason, but please know I’m still here. And will always find my way back.

This year it has been so lovely receiving so many cards from such lovely bloggers and friends. I really do appreciate the gesture of a card and sure do love filling my fireplace with them. I’m a total letter/card junkie so it’s been great receiving so much post lately!

It’s been quite hectic at home, we are without a tree this year, which makes me a little sad- but space wise it’s a nightmare (You know all those books I keep buying, the bookshelf that homes them unfortunately took the place of our tree). Instead I very naughtily invested in the larger version of my Ikea goat, he sure is a charmer!

Presentwise, I am just about sorted, admittedly the large majority of it was done online, I avoid the shops at this time of year the most. I am hopeless at crowds and loathe last minute shopping. As lazy as online shopping gets, I do think it’s easier to pinpoint exactly what you are looking for.

I was so overjoyed to receive my Second-hand Secret Santa parcel! I had anxiously been awaiting its arrival, and cannot wait to see what I have been kindly gifted. Ellie has always been such a fond blogger, and she always manages to engage with her readers so well, lots of love and admiration for this lady.

My Royal Doulton plate my mum bought me last Christmas has come out, and I am totally smitten. It makes for the perfect nostalgic thrill. The Noel sign cost one pound in this year’s January sales, I’d actually forgotten I’d bought it, so it was quite a pleasant surprise.

Happy Holidays All. Love and happiness this Christmas time.


  1. Love the plate. I'm with you on the internet shopping, so much easier. Have a great Christmas.

  2. Wishing you the most wonderful Christmas x

  3. Oh Alice! I'm so glad you received your parcel! I can't wait to see what's inside :D x

  4. oooh i'm smitten with your royal doulton's plate too, so pretty! the ikea goat is adorable too and i'm like you too, so many things i wanted to do, so little time and trying to squeeze my already small xmas tree was abit tough, i love collecting pretty christmas cards, some that i love so much would be out every christmas :) how lovely to recieve a gift from second hand secret santa! Enjoy your christmas and wishing you a Merry Christmas! x susan

  5. Aaaw I can see my card :) I have my secondhand secret santa, can't wait to see what is inside, so tempted to peek x

  6. Have a wonderful Christmas Alice, hope FC brings you lots of goodies! xx

  7. Have a wonderful Christmas lovely!!

    Jem xXx

  8. Have a brilliant Xmas, Alice! A straw goat is a fabulous alternative to a Xmas tree, at least he won't shed any needles or upset the cat! xxx

  9. I have that Noel sign :o) Have a fabulous christmas hun. Scarlett x

  10. Merry Christmas, I hope you've had a lovely day

    Victoria xxx

  11. I want to thank you for the gifts you sent me! i've opened them yesterday and i love them soo much!! i'll post it on my blog as soon as i took pics of them! thank you again and I really do hope you like what i sent *seriously*, hate it when my local charity shops didn't have things worth buying! Happy Holidays!

    xx susan


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