Sunday, 6 November 2011

Long live Ikea.

I have spoken about my love for Ikea before. Love it or loathe it, it is a brand that knows it’s USP like no other and will continue to thrive even in the toughest economic times. What makes it all the more special for me is the fact we only ever visit a handful of times throughout the year, so the feeling of new never wears off, and come a new season the store is always guaranteed to be bursting with new stock.

So if anything our latest trip was very much overdue.
I can’t help but deny the fact I am obsessed with interiors. I love pattern, print and colour the most, I’m always on the lookout for something a little bit quirky.

Furniture aside, I leave the flat pack stuff to the Mr. It is always about the market place for me...

On arrival, the store has quite literally been hijacked, by the cutest teddies. At 99p these little chaps help raise money towards UNICEF and Save the Children. I would be surprised if anyone didn’t leave without one.

These magazine racks are just what I needed to sort out my collection and manage to make a piece of cardboard look attractive, at £2.29 for a pack of four.

This cute dining bowl suits my bedroom more than my kitchen, and makes for a great trinket holder at £1.59.

As far as Christmas goes, this dinky straw goat was far too adorable to leave behind, and I just know he’s going to make a welcome addition this Christmas time. I did admire the larger version, but sensibly decided upon the smaller one for £2.49.

And last but certainly not least this octopus hanging dryer, now surely that’s going a little too far? But hey I’ve always loved a bit of tack. He was £4.49.

Above all Ikea always manages to inspire and excite me, which fits the budget and always surprises me, with such innovative and contemporary design.


  1. I haven't been to Ikea for ages but I do adore their interior accessories especially for how cheap they are. Loving the octopus!

  2. I've not been for a while but one of my favourite parts are the cheap hotdogs!

  3. Great buys :) I love the teddy so sweet, I want one! The bowl is so pretty as well. I love going to Ikea for the meatballs so yummy :) X x

  4. oh, i love it all! i've not been in about two years, so i definitely need to get my bum there soon! love the magazine holders & that little trinket dish, so pretty!


  5. i adore what you picked up, especially the little bowl and magazine boxes! the teddy is just so cute, too!

    i don't have an ikea that local to me, so i have only been once or twice before which is a little bit of a shame, they always seem to have such great bargains! xx

  6. I have that teddy and the octopus dryer. (: I do love Ikea but I've not been in ages. x

  7. I have the octopus dryer, I love him!

  8. I love Ikea too! went last week and got the same teddy for my dog! I also had the pink glass bowl in my hand aswell!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  9. I haven't visited Ikea for years despite it being less than a couple of miles from our house.
    I love that octopus dryer, he'd be great for hanging up wet clobber when we're camping. x

  10. I need that little teddy in my life, too cute!

  11. Love the magazine boxes, my old ones got bashed up in the move and I need some new ones. That octopus would be fab for drying my face cloths and socks :)

  12. Ikea always has some great ideas -- love walking through to see all of their room ideas!

    Fashion Translated

  13. I'm not so keen on Ikea's furniture but they do have some awesome home accessories! I really like their rugs although they are quite pricey! There is a ornate black mirror that I have been eyeing for quite a while but it is an item that they don't deliver and I don't live near one! So sad :(

    I love the bowl. It's so quaint and feminine and looks even more lovely filled with your pretty trinkets!

    I'm going to check out their Christmas stuff right now! That straw goat is so adorably festive! xxx

  14. i love ikea but haven't been in ages actually! the octopus hanging dryer would be perfect for storing tights :D x


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