If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I have never been a fast moving whiz kid when it comes to technology. My heart belongs in nostalgia and therefore technology comes second to that.
It’s hard to deny the fact that we are forever bombarded with the latest gadgetry and our homes and lives are more than fulfilled with iPhones, Blackberries, iPads, etc.

Meet my laptop. It’s ancient. I bought this laptop 5years ago; it was an average/below average spec for the time and had all the functions I desired. The main purpose was so I could browse the Internet at my pleasure without the restraints of a home computer.

Unbelievably this same laptop has lasted me all this time. I know it doesn’t look the part, it’s chunky for one, and there have been a few problems here and there. But if you ever wondered where all my blog posts get written, then it is right here.
Don’t get me wrong it would have been nice to have a laptop upgrade some years ago, but I have made do with what I had, and if anything I guess that’s taught me a valuable lesson.

You don’t always need the best. And you certainly don’t always need what you think you need. Of course it's personal preference when it comes to technology and how far you want to go/what budget you have. But fundamentally this laptop has enabled me to write, blog, listen, watch, chat, and above all interact and connect with the online world.

This humble piece of technology doesn’t owe me a single penny in return. The usage more than outweighs the price I originally paid, and it just shows if you look after something you can more than get your moneys worth out of it.

For a few months now, it’s been noticeably slowing down vastly and my patience has been challenged. But I was reluctant to purchase a new laptop straight away; I think I was waiting for a complete power failure.
But the time has sadly come to say goodbye and part our ways. I strangely feel sentimental, after all this was the first laptop I could call my own.


  1. See i'd love to be still using a laptop that i'd first got and i do hang on to things for as long as I can, but my run with laptops have never gone good. I normally opt for the mid range priced ones and i'm on my third one in errr five years. I think it's probably best I work them hard!

  2. I have a desktop rather than a laptop and it is 7 years old in a couple of weeks - but it is still working fine. So, as you say, why fix what ain't broke.
    I know I'm running on borrowed time now, but like your's it has done me proud.

  3. I have a desktop and laptop that are over 7 years old too, but the got so many viruses over the years so I had to switch over to a new one. But if they weren't broken I would still use them. That's my #1 motto I don't change thins unless they need to be changed. But if they're working just fine what's the point of wasting money and exchanging them, unless you can exchange it for free of course. But when does that ever happen ahaha?

  4. I fist owned a PC in 1993 - I was a mature student with 3 children under 7 and about to begin uni. My brother's techie friend built me a PC - there was no windows OS and I used WordPerfect where WISYWIG(What you see is what you get) was certainly not a feature. After graduating four years later I bought my first Windows PC. I had that for at least 6 years before upgrading to a faster model. This model lasted until two years ago when my eldest daughter was upgrading her PC. It was a far higher spec than mine so she gave it to me and that is what I am still using now. So two new PC's and 2 second hand PC's in almost 19 years is not bad going!

  5. such a lovely post alice ! i enjoy this cute little posts here and there (: after being persuaded by my mr and uni, i finally caved and bought a mac - never looking back!

    K xo

  6. I still have the phone I brought in 2007, I kept it when I replaced my mobile, as it had so much music on it and I still listen to it now four years later :)Its great when laptops and phones last especially as they are so expensive to replace! :) X x

  7. Completely agree with you, Alice. I'm still using a desk top, made with parts from car boot sales or given to us by friends. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
    I dread to think what I'll do when it gives up the ghost, lap tops seem so flimsy by compassionate. x

  8. I get so attatched to my things, I almost cried when my old laptop broke beyond repair :(

  9. I bought a new laptop two days ago, & have absolutely no sentimental value with my first laptop, i'd gladly take a sledge hammer to it! It is the worst thing ever & has broken so many times, I only have it about three years & it broke within two months :) my new one is super dooper though, yay.


  10. I still on my first laptop! Mind you I only bought it a few months ago. It's not top spec but I have used it for hours a day already and I love it. I was the same with phones though. I miss my old clamshell, no iphone for me (though I'm sure I'd be addicted if I had one...)


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