Here’s one I made earlier…

I’m going to admit it now, I’m a cheapskate. Anything that costs little to nothing to make provides for the bigger thrill when it turns out pretty okay.

A simple pastime of mine is covering books. I remember the initial excitement of being given a book per subject at secondary school and being told to simply ‘back it.’ I loved hunting down some funky wrapping paper that would stand out from the crowd and being able to produce my newly backed books at the start of next lesson.

The same idea stayed with me through college, I loved covering/adorning my sketch books with covers that expressed my taste and style.
It’s such a simple concept and something that takes so little time.

So when I spotted these notebooks reduced to 64p in Wilko, I couldn’t quite resist. Unlined paper, which means it will make for a great journal (I hugely dislike lined paper).

It was when in a DIY shop I spotted a lovely floral wallpaper print, now I know I shouldn’t be encouraging stealing of any kind. But you know how there’s always sample rolls to tear off a piece to match against your room when you get home. Truth be told I’m not going to be spending £40 a roll and plastering my whole living room with it, but tearing off a small sample of a roll that has already been opened for this purpose really doesn’t hurt anyone.

You can’t go wrong when backing a book, as long as you make sure you have plenty of backing to cover both sides and a little extra to tuck inside. You can use glue and/or sellotape to stick it together, and I’ve added some Peter Rabbit paper on the inside to cover where the paper tucks over.

And voila! a brand new journal for me to treasure.


  1. That's a work of art, Alice. Great choice of paper and I adore that perfume bottle atop the book.
    I remember covering my favourite hardback books as a child, I doubt if they ever looked as neat as yours did. x
    PS I'm a bit naughty with wallpaper samples,too!

  2. Aha, great idea with the wallpaper samples from DIY stores - it looks gorgeous. I liked covering my exercise books too, although they were usually posters from TV Hits and later Kerrang!

  3. Im so like you, I would prefer cheap things to expensive things and love doing DIY (although I'm rubbish at it!) xx

  4. What a great idea - your journal looks beautiful!

  5. Its beautiful. I must admit i take the wallpaper samples too for crafty things, i do however pretend in the shop that im finding it hard to choose and that i must take some to make my decision at home ;o)
    I want to start covering note books now, thanks for the inspiration. Scarlett x

  6. i never thought about using wallpaper sample before! sweet diy :) x

  7. I totally use to love backing my books at school! Love what you've done, really pretty x

  8. simply beautiful! love the perfume/paperweight on top of the books too, gorgeous! i too love covering my books too since school days and sometimes make them in same design cover, love the floral pattern u use for covering it! x susan

  9. Love it!! Simple, beautiful and elegant, it looks way better than before!! Nice idea Alice:D


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