Sunday, 13 November 2011

Buried Treasure

It was last weekend out and about we passed a car boot sale we often frequent in the summer months, to our complete shock we were greeted by signs advertising a very sale that morning. My heart skipped a beat, I was pretty sure I had seen the last of the 2011 boot sales.

The problem being it was now 11:30am, we were three hours too late.
A field half empty and not a steward in sight, we did not let this deter us, as after all there was still a slim chance of finding something.
As predicted, most stalls were packed up and driving away as we were coincidently driving in, but there were still a couple of dozen stalls still standing and I held out a little bit of hope...

Discarded on a stall, I found this cream ‘sweets’ jar which looks to be unused, I couldn’t quite resist its shabby charm and wondered why nobody had failed to snap it up all morning at 50p. As tempting as it may be to stash it full of sweets, I will probably rehome it in my craft room.

I then approached a woman in midst of packing up her stall, and knew she would be more than lenient on prices. I picked up this empty picnic basket, straight away I began thinking of ways I could put it to use. So when she told me I could have it for 5p, it would have been rude not to take it off her hands.

It may have been a flying visit, but the wise lesson learnt here is that you don’t always need to be the early bird at the boot sale. Those bargains you think will be snaffled by sunrise, are sometimes the ones sadly overlooked and left behind.

Total spend: 55p


  1. what complete bargains! i love the sweetie jar so much xx

  2. Fabulous! You're right, sometimes the best bargains are to be had at the end of the day, people don't want to take anything home with them and the prices are so cheap they are almost free! x

  3. such bargains, alice! the sweet jar is adorable, plus the picnic basket is lovely. xx

  4. great bargains and cant believe u got the picnic basket for 5p!! so jealous! love the shabby chic looks of the sweets jar! x

  5. Been looking for a picnic basket like that for ages! I didn't get a chance to go to the car boots this year: sigh!:(
    Great finds though xxx

  6. oh my god, 5p for the basket! so jealous!


  7. ooooh lovely! I'm just about to pop in to Roath to look around the charity shops, fingers crossed I find some bargains x

  8. I love that sweet jar! So cute, and what a lucky find!

  9. 5p?! Amazing bargain! The sweetie jar is super cute too. I don't think I could resist the temptation to fill it up with Haribo though.

  10. Fantastic bargains!!! Love the sweets jar xx


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