Sunday, 7 August 2011

Recent Acquisitions

These past few weeks I have found some real gems in my favourite second-hand haunts. Unfortunately not a car boot in site, I’ve strictly been on the charity shop trail. I've also stumbled upon a few antique fairs whilst out and about, though they tend to be more of a window-shopping experience for me, as prices are a little higher than at the generic car boot.

Stratton Compact £4
I do strongly believe every girl should own a Stratton compact amongst her many possessions. I found this beauty at one of the antiques fairs I visited. I would have loved to stumble upon one for say 50p or so, but I thought £4 was a more than reasonable price for what I wanted. I had secretly been on the lookout for my very own for quite a while now.

I knew it would only be a matter of time until one found its way to me, after all there are many different designs around of the powder compact. It also means the one I borrowed from my Mum can rightfully be returned.

Words Book 29p
This tiny book was hidden behind a pile of toys. The old spine caught my eye, and I knew almost instantly it was bound to be old. From 1982, on its arrival home, the Mr soon recognised the title, and remembers having the book as a child.

The Very Big Secret by Enid Blyton 20p
As much as my love for children’s fiction, Enid Blyton is one author I have had little interaction with over the years. A well-loved figure in literature, I felt quite compelled to snap this story up. The tatty cover only adds to its appeal.

Bambi Plate £1
This little plate really captured me for a moment. I’m a girl who simply can’t say no to Disney. The man was selling ten of these, though I thought it polite to buy just the one and take it home to treasure.

Beatrix Potter Plastic Tote 29p
I’m sure my heart skipped a beat when I spied this in the children’s section of the charity shop on Friday afternoon, the characters who have brought so much joy to me all on one bag! Jemima, Jeremy and Tom being my very favourites. At 29p I felt almost cheeky paying so little, like it was ridiculously under-priced for the priceless value it has to me.

I’m hoping to fit a few more car boots in before the end of the summer, though I’m back into a routine of visiting my favourite charity shops on a weekly basis. I guess my second-hand shopping varies on weather, time and expenditure.


  1. That compact is lovely! I adore the glamour of powder compacts!

  2. I have the same sized tote with Peter Rabbit munching a carrot from when I was a child :)

  3. Richard Scarry! Amazing! I used to love the TV show when I was a kid. With that worm that drove the apple car! That Bambi plate is amazing too :) x

  4. oh my i love everything you found! I think however i would have ended up with all 10 bambi plates - how fabulous! And of course you know I adore that compact, you will probably see them everywhere now, thats what happened to me and started off the collection :o) Scarlett x

  5. Ooh, I like the compact! I definitely think £4 is reasonable, especially as it's Stratton, I've seen ones for £15+ in charity shops!


  6. I love the compact, its such a great find...and a bargain!!!

    Would love you to follow my new blog :)

    Take care
    Nats. xx

  7. I love your bambi plate, what great finds!

  8. I love Richard Scarry books! And the Bambi plate is sooo cute!

    Victoria xx

  9. Eek, the bag! It's amazing!! You track down some truly wonderful things.

  10. I learnt to read with Richard Scarry, mind you mine were 1960's editions, he's been going that long.
    Love the Stratton. £4 is a great price for such a beautiful piece. x

  11. lovely compact :D


  12. Love your finds and that Stratton compact is a beauty.

  13. Such great finds! I love the colour on the 'words' book. Very cute.

    Emily x

  14. adorable! i need to get me down to some car boot sales xx


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