Sunday, 21 August 2011

I don’t want to wait for our lives to be over

To say Dawson’s Creek was my favourite television show is a massive understatement. It was my life. I lived and breathed it.

It’s funny how I look back now and suddenly all the storylines and characters come rushing back to me. This somewhat absorbing obsession was a huge part of growing up. I had an awful lot of love and acceptance for Joey, Dawson, Pacey and Jen, I laughed when they fooled around making amateur films together, I cried when they went onto break each others hearts.

I am one for getting absorbed into make belief, and Dawson’s Creek was my favourite kind of storytelling. I still stand by and say it made perfect viewing.

You only have to look at where Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams are now. I always loved Katie Holmes, and still think she is such an incredible woman. Michelle Williams has gone onto be cast as many a leading lady, she is an interesting actress in her own right.

This program defined a generation. Anyone else on the Dawson's Creek boat back to Capeside?



  1. I never really saw it, we had s4c in Wales and not C4 so I missed loads of tv shows. It has been on a sky channel recently and I have been watching it from the start and I love it!

  2. Same as Gem, I was in Wales too, so only vaguely aware. Cultural desert obviously!

  3. I absolutely adore this show! In my final year at uni my flatmate bought the entire series boxset from amazon on the cheap and we watched the whole thing! It was phenomenal!

  4. I remember how everyone used to rave about Dawson's Creek but I never watched it, I've always been hopeless at keeping up with TV series, no wonder I never fitted in with my work colleagues. x

  5. I remember Dawson's Creek! It was a really good curl up, watch television and feel cosy kinda show. I missed so many episodes on TV as I couldn't get to watch it every time it was on but now you have made me want to watch it from the beginning! I wonder how much the DVD's cost now... xxx

  6. oh my God! I freaking LOVE Dawson's Creek! I have the box set, which I can only watch when my bf is out the house as he hates it haha!
    In regards to dress making, you could totally do it! I have made stuff from duvet covers. Is it a single or double? I would go for a dress pattern with not too many pieces so they all fit on. just cut down the seam to make it into a huge piece of fabric. Maybe start with a simple A line skirt with a zip? simple and good for practice :)

  7. Haha this made me smile <3
    You know my love for Dawsons! Hope you are doing well xxxx

  8. I was never really into Dawson's Creek but I'm so pleased these ladies made it big, especially Michelle Williams, she is SO talented, especially in Blue Valentine! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  9. Not really, although some of my friends *loved* it. I just remember watching it once or twice and thinking that no teenagers ever actually talked like that.

    Buffy was my teen programme of choice. Equally implausible but it worked for me!

  10. I was actually never caught up with the Dawsons Creek phase and when they recently started rerunning it on Sky I was taping it but still found I barely understood a word they said! LOL!

    Victoria xxx

  11. i never knew michelle williams was in that! xx


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