Brighton Rocks

Last year I fell in love with Brighton.

Subsequently it meant I was itching to go back, so we took the same bank holiday weekend trip down this year. This time staying an extra night, which of course meant seeing and discovering a little bit more...

From arriving on the pier, my heart was racing; the sea breeze and sight of striped deck chairs simply was enough to enchant me.

Seeing Brighton at night time was a first, the pier was as endearing as daytime, if maybe a little bit more magical and special in the darkness.

The thing about Brighton it screams one of a kind. It has its own thing going on and you know what I happen to adore that. Let’s face it even the graffiti is pretty fabulous...

The pebble beach and blue railings are a distinct sign of Brighton beach. Scooters proudly lined up ahead of The Volks bar, and quite frankly the scene was booming.

We had spied JB’s Diner last year, but hadn’t had time to fit it in, so this year we knew it was a definite place to visit...

We headed for breakfast; and more so for the thrill of being able to sit in an ‘American diner’ the food was of course outrageously large and extravagant in true American style.

I soon found myself lusting after a Smurf in the grabber machines in the amusements, but my luck wasn’t in this time and I sadly left empty handed. I made up for my misfortune by admiring the stunning carousel horses, one of my very favourite things...

I may have said it before... but Brighton how I do love you so.


  1. I've never been to Brighton, but everyone is always saying lovely things about it! So maybe I'll get there someday. It does look very fun.

  2. It looks like you had a great time! Really nice photos, I would love to visit Brighton! <3 xxx

  3. I love Brighton too - I'm heading down there this weekend. Your photos are gorgeous. Whereabouts is JB's diner?

  4. Beautiful Brighton! I love it there so much. Great photos. x

  5. That is my idea of the perfect weekend getaway!

    JB's Diner looks brilliant - One of the things on my *What I want to do before I die* list is eating in a real 50s American diner like Wowsville in Ghost World! <3

    I share your love of carousels, there is something magical about every single one. xxx

  6. I spent ages trying to get a Hello Kitty on the grabbers in Torquay on the weekend. I love the British seaside x

  7. It's been years since I went. Brighton rocks! x

  8. Lovely photos, Brighton really is a fab place to visit x

  9. Ahh, i can't believe you were there so soon after me! :) WHAT a coincidence! I'm glad you had such a fabulous time, i'd love to have had more time to spend there. Maybe now i'm down south, i can explore the pretty coastlines :) I'll need to give you my new address so we can carry on writing :)


  10. I've never been! All the South Coast delights are just so far away and I never quite get round to holidaying down there.

  11. I adore brighton, we tend to go down there once or twice a month. The best shopping ever :o) Scarlett x

  12. i lived very close to Brighton for about 6 months, & i loved it so much! being by the sea, the lanes & the amazing graffiti everywhere, it really is the perfect place!


  13. Thanks for the lovely comment! Gorgeous pictures from Brighton. Those scooters look fabulous! I loved my time living in Brighton. It's a very special place.

    Emily x

  14. I love Brighton although haven't paid a visit for some time!

    AND I always get sucked into the grabber machines!

    Victoria xx

  15. Brighton is such an amazing place! I'm going there at the weekend to go to a wedding and I'm very excited!

  16. Hey lovely :] I've tagged you in mypost for a blog award :]
    hope your doing well x


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