Monday, 29 August 2011

Because you’re never too old for…

So for the past month or so I have been crazily collecting these Magical Moments cards when doing my weekly shopping at Morrissons. The need and want for these cards is granted a little childish, but the fun that comes with trying to collect each and every card takes me right back to being a child and filling sticker albums a plenty.

My plea… I’m 7 cards away from having the full 99, if anybody happens to have any of the following cards: [UPDATED I now need just TWO cards]

A1 and E6

It sure would make my day.
I have a stash of swaps, so if anybody knows of anyone who has been collecting these too, I would be more than happy to send these your way.

p.s I’ve been a little quiet these past few days, I hope to catch up with you all soon.♥



  1. Just had a quick look through the packet I got when I was feeling lucky hoping to win that holiday but I don't have any of the ones you need :( would of happily sent them out :) x

  2. I wish I had a local Morrisons!

  3. We've got a rather large pile of these downstairs.. We mainly collect them for my nephew - but he just likes looking at them/talking about them - he's not collecting them as such (we've not even got the album to put them in :/) I'll have a look!

  4. Right, I felt the need to check right away & although I've got 119 cards (didn't realise there were that many!) - I've got none of the ones you're after.. They must be pretty rare ones! Sorry :/ I tried!

  5. We don't shop at Mozzas but I'll let my brother know which ones you're after, just in case! x

  6. Hi alice,
    I love the cards, I have a4 c7 i8 f2 and d3, email meeee

  7. I don't shop there as a general rule but if I pop in, I'll try and pick some up for you :)

  8. ahh no, ive just given away a load to my niece, will make sure if i get any more to check if they are the ones you want. Scarlett x

  9. Hey lovely Have you got your cards yet? I sent them straight away. Thank you for mine XXXX


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