Sunday, 24 July 2011

Tears dry on their own

I am so saddened by the death of such a rare and unique talent that was and will forever be remembered as Amy Winehouse. Her maverick ways and wild fashion sense never failed to surprise me and likewise enchant. Like many of my favourite female artists, Winehouse was one of those I soon became fascinated with for over a long period of time, Back To Black was the permanent soundtrack to my life for so long and I filled my scrapbooks with all the images of her menacing beehives and polka dot dresses I could find.

My Dad painted me these paintings in 2007, knowing my love and admiration for Winehouse.


  1. My friends were surprised I went out last night such do I adore Amy. I am so sad but not surprised, the last time I saw her play live I cried through the whole gig as I knew it would be the last time I'd ever see her again.
    Your Dad is super talented. x

  2. Im so sad too, Ive seen her perform a couple of times and she was super talented, such a waste of a life :o( Scarlett x

  3. It's so sad . I always hoped that she'd get help and overcome her addictions but life isn't always like that.

    Your dad's paintings are wonderful.

  4. It is so utterly tragic :( x

  5. I'm still sad about it, I remember seeing those paintings on your wall <3

    It was you who got me into Winehouse actually xxx

  6. oh how great!it's so beautiful.she was an amazing talent wiht a very troubled's such a shame.u have such a lovely blog.i really like it.i am following you,i's really appreciate it if u follow me back :)

  7. V sad about Amy too, I felt like that when Kurt died too. I was a big fan. Love your dad's paintings x

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  9. r.i.p. i also loved Amy Winehouse, I always loved since i heard her music first time. I was something like 10 or 11 years old. This is all so sad. Love you Amy, your legend will live forever!

    btw, your dad is A M A Z I N G painter! i'm very impressed and i really appreciate your dad. these are stunning paintings, wish i could paint that well. i'm in love with those paintings!


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