I’m late, I’m late for a very important date

First and foremost I really do hope I haven’t disappointed anybody, I hope this is the start of a new chapter for me. My blog has always been a place for sharing the things that inspire me and connecting with those of you that do too. Finding time is my biggest problem at the moment, but this is a hobby I vow not to give up on.

With car boot season now in full swing and the discovery of a new one it has of course meant quite a spree in recent weeks. Oh my the joy of second-hand shopping!

My new love:

A Litton Imperial typewriter. Pretty much love at first sight and one of those things I’ve simply dreamt of owning for years. This will not go unloved or unused.

A vanity mirror that cost so little [10p to be exact] and has to be a favourite find of recent times. There will always be room for such beauty in my home.

Ghostbusters 1984 jigsaw puzzle, for pure nostalgic value. Complete with all the pieces, though I did quiver when it came to piecing the final few together.

I can hardly deny the fact my obsession with books has only grown, somewhat more, but that doesn’t seem to matter.

Various finds, including 1971 Twinkle annual, and The Ladybird book of Fairytales was simply irresistible for a girl caught up in fiction.

I dropped on two lots of Beatrix Potter books recently, it seems I am finally getting there with the titles I haven’t got and I know it’s only a matter of time before my collection is complete, just the way I had imagined.

As one collection draws to an end, maybe the start of a new one. Though it’s these older and somewhat tatty versions of the Mr Men classics that I find all the more intriguing.

p.s I’ve missed you.


  1. oh Alice! how i have missed you and your vintage finds :) i hope you're here for the long haul, i feel i have missed out on so much! i'd love to hear all your gossip!

    lots of love,

    K xo

  2. Oh that typewriter is amazing! I love mine, I feel like a proper writer when I use it :) x

  3. Glad to see you back! I am so envious of your typewriter! Glad you managed to get it working! xxx

  4. Yay! Welcome back Alice!

    What a find on that typewriter and in a shabby chic baby blue!

    The hand held mirror for 10 pence is a wonderful steal!

    I used to have the whole set of Beatrix Potter books when I was about 5.. my mum sold them at a bootsale when I was a young teen and now I wish she hadn't! xxx

  5. Oh my, major envy over the typewriter!

  6. I've missed your posts! glad your back :) I love the first picture with the typewriter. Great finds, I have a mirror like that I was given as a christening present they are really pretty X

  7. welcome back alice! as you know i have so missed your posts! the type writer is absolutely lovely, plus the mirror was such a bargain!


  8. Oh! I want a type writer like that!! It's on my wishlist, up there with a book collection as vast as yours and a Polaroid camera.
    :) Love your blog!!

  9. ghostbusters puzzle! <3

    The mr. men books with the red backgrounds are really nice.

    I don't know how anybody could resist a typewriter, they are magical things. My parents used to have one but then I remember it getting more and more decayed and all the arms sticking so you had to put them down to carry on writing.

  10. I'm so glad you're back Alice! Your letter arrived yesterday morning and I had a lovely time reading it with a mug of coffee in hand. Shall dig out my notepaper and reply very soon!

  11. I'm delighted to have you and your typewriter back in blogland. You've been missed, Alice. I love seeing your vintage finds and your comments are always so supportive and your lovely warm personality just shines through. xxx

  12. Missed you too :o) Loving your finds, and Mr Men books are always great! Scarlett x

  13. Hello Alice, I'd only just started to follow your blog when you disappeared, how nice to see you back. What a gorgeous typewriter and looks like you have a really lovely workspace too.

    I love vintage books, just found a beautiful Enid Blyton this weekend. Which Beatrix Potters are you missing?

  14. Ps. I was on the cover of 'Twinkle' magazine when I was tiny - my claim to fame!

  15. Oh everyone is buying typewriters at the moment I'm very envious!

    Victoria xx

  16. So happy to see you back and blogging again, Alice! I've missed your thrifty finds... looks like you've been very busy though. The typewriter is AMAZING. I am SO jealous! x

  17. i really want to get myself a pink type writer x

  18. Oh, that typewriter - how sweet. You've found some brilliant things. I've got to get myself down to a carboot sale soon, it's been too long! x


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