Monday, 21 March 2011

I can't find any breakfast

I visited my favourite two charity shops last week, spending little less than £2.00, I came away with this delightful lot…

Yet another copy of Alice in Wonderland, but this time Disney’s version. I couldn’t resist for 10p.

This is the first interpretation of Alice I knew, so this was a complete must, in what seems pristine condition and probably sadly never read before.

This tan leather satchel was 50p, it’s smaller than most, but is kind of quirky in it’s own way. I’ve always had a soft spot for a traditional satchel, I may just find a way to use this one.

It’s funny I had been in a different charity shop earlier on in the day and was so tempted by some old Enid Blyton’s, but priced at 70p each I decided to leave them behind.
I think it was meant to be, because when visiting the two charity shops I favour the most, all children’s books were priced at just 10p each...

Another Disney classic in Pete’s Dragon, I like these old covers, and think I’m going to go on to collect the rest in the collection.
I was delighted to see a Ladybird classic hidden behind a pile of old encyclopedias; these are always ones to lookout for. And let’s face it who doesn’t love a story about an enormous turnip?

Then this kitsch-tastic book from 1983, with glow in the dark eyes. The Mr was quite alarmed by this one, but hey I love a bit of tackiness.

The deer illustrations are just splendid, I was not leaving this one behind.

And this ballet book from 1972 is just so lovely and full of gorgeous illustrations, I must admit I am growing fonder of ballet by the day.

A title I didn’t recognize but the illustrations swayed me again. Each animal dressed in suitable attire, I can’t wait to read this one!

Then as I was at the counter, I noticed a bulging basket full of fridge magnets, curiosity got the better of me and I was soon emptying the basket all over the counter, much to the assistant’s dismay.
Priced at 5p and 10p of course I couldn’t resist sneaking a few home with me...

The Coca-Cola ones were instantly favourites.

The Pooh bear ones were just charming and ever so delightful. (The post title says it all)

These ones I thought were quite unique in their own way, I especially love the Bugs Bunny one, he’s one of my all time favourites.

Barbie was an impulse of course, though she’s already had a few nasty remarks from the Mr. And then lastly I was delighted to find this magnet of a cute little girl in a patchwork skirt.

She’s far too cute to put on the fridge, instead I think she will probably find a proper home in my craft room.

Holly Hobbie? Do enlighten me who she is, because I think she's pretty cool.


  1. Holly Hobbie :) I had a few things with her on (back in the day!). Cant remember much at the moment though!

  2. I swear you must have rooms full of books, Alice! Haha. It's lovely to read about so keep up the good work :)

  3. Holly Hobbie!!! You could buy penicil cases, erases loads of stuff with Holly Hobbie in her patch work dress - artwork and stories. She was an illustration I believe - dead popular in America ( I was a child of the 80's) .. have just googled this

    Hope this helps!!!

  4. Ps my real name is also Alice - technically Alice-Louise but I mostly got called Louise as my parents were lazy.

  5. I was obsessed with Hollie Hobbie as a child!

  6. I loved Hollie Hobbie! Had lots of her stuff when I was growing up - what an amazing find! Im also loving all the books, and the enormous Turnip is a real blast from the past, i had that book too. I hope my mum hasnt secretly kept all my childhood stuff and sent them to your nearest charity shop! lol. Scarlett x

  7. wow, Hollie Hobbie is a blast from the past!

    gorgeous finds as always Alice, loving the fridge magnets and Alice In Wonderland book specially :)

  8. If onlyI's know you were a fan, I spotted a Hollie Hobbie quilt at saturday's jumble. She was popular when I was a kid, too.
    Love the little saddle bag. xxx

  9. Oh my, so many finds and such cheap prices!
    You have found some very special books, I am quite jealous :) <3

  10. Eek, Pete's Dragon!! That is such a childhood favourite of mine. And I distinctly remember owning The Enormous Turnip at some point in my youth (well you couldn't forget a book like that, could you?).

    I have a right soft spot for ballet books too. I don't particularly like ballet but fiction about it is usually pretty good.

  11. Hollie Hobbie- I recognise her! I think we had books and my sister had a duvet cover too. I love reading about your finds. I can lose many an hour perusing the charity shops. Those are great prices too- good treasure-hunting :)

  12. Oh Alice you lucky thing. Such great finds. Loving all the magnets, esp the coke ones and the pooh ones. I love the WTP sentiment stuff. I have one that says spelling isn't everything with which I completely agree! Great little bag as well for a bargain price. x

  13. Ooooh jealous of the Alice book! I soooo remember the Enormous Turnip story!

    Victoria xx

  14. Mary Loves to Dance is from a whole series of books about little girls and ballet classes.In Australia anyway, they are quite collectable. I think this is because Marcel Marlier's illustrations are considered to be pretty special.

  15. Holly Hobbie was very popular in the 70s and 80s. I seem to remember that I had an eraser with her on it and it was a scented one too I think.

  16. Yet again, more awesome finds. Love the coca cola fridge magnets :)
    Rebecca x (

  17. id love to get my hands on your book collection! that tan bag is so sweet too xx

  18. That little satchel is lovely! What a find!

  19. i adore the coca cola fridge magnets, plus the fifty pence satchel is just lovely! xx

  20. Have tagged you in a challenge love. x

  21. I remember having Holly Hobbie stuff a loooong time ago.

  22. Hi Alice, love the satchel (bargain) and the ladybird book best of all - but then I'm a mad collector of ladybird books (or maybe just mad!).

    Have had a good rummage of your blog. Love gizmo (I'm a Gremlins fan too!) and that beautiful teapot which houses your pencils -mmmmmmm.

  23. Love all the books! I have a load of those Winnie The Pooh magnets - I love them!

  24. wow, you got some amazing buys! my faves are the alice in wonderland books - sooo cute, the satchel, the coca cola magnets & the barbie one! heheh!


  25. loving the coca cola bits xxx

  26. these finds are ever so sweet - and what a lovely satchel :) xx


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