A humble jumble

So it is a known fact I love a bargain or two, second-hand shopping is the best kind and the thrill of finding something I will go on to treasure for many a year beats anything else in the world.

Well I’m quite partial to a mid-week charity shop spree, a Sunday morning boot sale, a check in at the Wednesday flea market and the occasional drift on and off eBay, but crucially missing on that list is: Jumble Sale

I remember going to jumble sales when I was younger, especially around the time of the Blue Peter ‘Bring and Buy’ phenomenon. But that is my only recollection, I haven’t stepped foot at a jumble sale for over a decade.

So when I spotted this one advertised in the local newspaper, I jumped for joy (literally) and knowing it was for Cats Protection, a charity very close to my heart, there was no stopping me.

Now I am forever enchanted by Vix’s jumble sale finds, in fact she regularly visits jumbles and finds the most amazing bargains. I am a girl forever in awe of her magnificent treasures.

I spotted this cream bag first, the label inside is Weymouth American, I like the plastic handle and gold clasp. I soon found myself going back for the black and blue ones from the same stall. I have wanted one of these style of bags for a while, longing for a piece of time gone by. I can’t help but instantly feel a little bit ‘posh’.

My Mum’s already claimed the patent black one, which label inside is Ackery London, so it looks like I will be drifting between the navy and cream ones.
All bags were 40p each.

I think I got a little caught up in the jumble sale madness, and ended up with this in my arms. The psychedelic print enticed me and it wasn’t until I got home I realised how tacky it actually was. Probably not the best bargain afterall.

The books were altogether on one stall, so I was instantly drawn towards the children’s books. I picked up two more Disney classics to add to my collection costing 20p each.

And then these two, I adore Janet and Allan Ahlberg books but this must have escaped my childhood, so I snapped it up at 10p.
Then another copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, I just couldn't leave it behind, it's a little older than my other copy and is from 1979.

Then as I was handing over my change, I suddenly spied a very tatty spine, so I flipped it over to discover this. Instantly I added it to my pile without a second thought and paid the gentleman an extra 20p.

It was when I got home I discovered it was from 1935! Probably the oldest book I own and more than three times my age!

I was thrilled to read all the little snippets referring to ‘the good housewife’ and this will most definitely be a book I will treasure for years to come.

Clothes-wise I’m still a bit of a novice, I haven’t quite got to grips with the heaps of clothes piled up on tables. And those elbowing bargain hunters amidst the chaos. I did find one thing that interested me though, this coat...

Admittedly a little granny-ish and no actual size did make for an unlikely purchase, but at 40p I saw it’s potential. If I just use the gold enamel buttons then it will be a worthwhile purchase.

And finally how can I resist a vintage tin. Well not so vintage, it’s only from 1990 and it’s old exterior is probably just down to use. But I liked the quirky illustration and at 20p I’m sure I will find something suitable to store inside it.

All in all my experiences at the jumble sale were good. There was queuing to get in (which I didn’t expect) and there were a few folk stood exactly where I wanted to look! But with prices so low and a good selection of stuff, you can’t seem to go wrong when visiting one.


  1. Alice, I love your vintage handbags (especially the cream one) and the Channel-inspired jacket is lovely too.
    Each Peach Pear Plum was loved by both my daughters when they were little...the illustrations are so charming. Oh I nearly forgot Round the Clock Cookery! How wonderful is that cover?!

  2. Wow! Alice, I'm very impressed! Those bags are splendid finds and when I've put Ackery and Weymouth on eBay they've gone well. Love that psychedelic bag and the jacket. Is it handmade? It's very Chanel-inspired and would look fabulous with jeans. xxx

  3. Its the same as you know with me and the lack of jumbles - still to blog about the one i found but OH MY THE HANDBAGS!!!! I am again v jealous of your finds and their crazy CRAZY cheap price! You've gone and bagged so much great stuff that i dont know what else to say - and yup with you on the tin - i'd have wrestled that and the bags from you and run! lol. Scarlett x

  4. Loving the navy handbag!

    I have been eyeing up children's book a lot recently after seeing your last few posts on them, it really takes me back to my childhood!

    I have been looking for a jumble sale EVERYWHERE in my local area and I have found zilch.. so very disappointing! I'll just stick to eBay and my local charity shops until me or my other half decides to learn to drive! xxx

  5. Alice, you've done so well! Those bags are to dye for; the psycodellic one would be fab for balls of wool, or something similar!

    Each peach pear plum is one of my favourite, and i have it sitting on my bookshelf too (:

    K xo

  6. Those bags are loooovely.
    Each Peach Pear Plum is fab, i remember reading it x

  7. An elusive jumble sale!!! Seriously lacking these days!!! I remember going to loads when I was growing up in the blue Peter B&B era of the late 70's adn 80's. Excellent finds at excellent prices. Coat looks fab.

    happy bargain hunting!!!

  8. Oh my gosh the each peach pear plum book! Memories! lol. I remember the illustrations vaguely they were really nice. I love your book collection you have growing, it reminds me of my childhood :)
    x x

  9. 40p each for those bags?!? 40p each?!? They are fabulous. Love the cookery book too, I've always wanted one of those 1930s stoves.

  10. i love jumble sales! you never know what your going to find :D
    the disney books are cute! :D
    Rosie xo

  11. Those bags are absolutely gorgeous! I am ashamed to say I have spent way more in vintage shops for bags that are not nearly so nice. What an amazing find!

  12. I need to start picking up the local papers and investigating what boot and jumble sales are happening!

    Victoria xxx

  13. I need to get me to a jumble sale... pronto!

  14. Wow - what amazing bargains!

    I especially love your new bags - & actually the cream & navy ones were my favourites anyway :)

    I bought 'Each Peach Pear Plum' for my nephew for his birthday. See, in my head, it's practically law for every child to own that book..

    Thanks for my comments - I definitely think Disneyland is somewhere everyone should go at least once! I am very lucky to have now been twice (& both times for free too.. I really am lucky!)


  15. You have done fantastically well, what brilliant finds. We don't seem to get jumble sales anymore where I live, I'm slightly envious.xxx

  16. wow what a great find with those handbags, you have such a great eye for stuff.

  17. I'm rife with jealousy! Its so hard to find good jumbles in London, all I have left is ebay I'm afraid.

    Love the post, xx

  18. Vix has taught you well!! ;-) I love the bags and that cooking book is amazing!!! I sooo want to go to a jumble sale but can't find any nearby :-( I'm off to buy every single local paper in the shop later hehe!! xx

  19. Hi Alice! Alexon was a high-end ready to wear label popular in the 1970's, usually found in posh department stores like House of Fraser. The Sportset range was the more fashion-driven range.
    I think it's a gorgeous jacket but never feel guilty about refashioning it into something more wearable. xxx

  20. Oh Alice, what great finds! I love the jacket and those bags are timeless - shame your mum has nicked the black one but you've got the other two beauties to console yourself with!

    And Each Peach Pear Plum! Blast from the past!!

  21. I love that jacket! Fantastic finds, I wish there was a jumble sale near me!

  22. AMAZING. i cannot believe how lovely those bags are! xx

  23. Wow, you're so good at finding things :]
    Each Peach Pear Plum - I used to love that.
    I thought i should introduce myself I do believe that I am your pen pal! I got an email from Gem on Sundaywith your link in but ive been so busy today was the first oppotunity i had to say hi!
    I lookforward to hearing from you.

  24. What a wonderful hoard! I am always so jealous of your bargains, especially that patent bag! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  25. Wow! What amazing finds.

    I love the cookbook, the tin, and the bags, especially the cream one xx

  26. Gorgeous post!
    I really like your blog, soooooo inspiring!

    Following! Follow back? <3

  27. Ahh i miss jumble sales and bootfairs! i used to go to looooads when i was younger! everything was always under £2/£3 love it :) great buys


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