Handwritten with love...

I’ve been catching up with my correspondence today, writing letters and organising my stash of stationary. I keep most of my bits and pieces in this plastic set of drawers, bought from Homebase. Never underestimate the home aisles of a DIY store.

I love clear drawers, solely because you can see everything you have and it’s easier to find stuff that way :)

So I’ve sorted everything out into drawers: stickers, tags and random bits and pieces...

I love nothing more than cute stationary and pretty tags, an obsession I seem to have never grown out of.

My other aids in letter writing include my trusty DYMO machine, a little bit dated now, but still works like a treat.

A stash of miniature pegs because there far too cute, and of course the final touch to a handwritten letter...

I keep all my addresses stored in here...

It's something I picked up in the January sales in Marks & Spencer, the box had been damaged, so this was knocked down to a £1. It sure does come in handy.

I was tagged in the Handwriting challenge by Nicola from Giddy Little Miss, and had been hoping to get tagged, as I love anything like this...

The rules were to write the following:
1. name and blog name
2. url
3. write 'a quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog'
4. favourite quote
5. favourite song
6. favourite band(s), artist(s)
7. anything else you wish to say..

I tag-

Georgi from Little Dream Girl
Kat from Legs Eleven
And Little Rose Petals


  1. You have so many cute things! Lovely!

    Emily x

  2. Ahhhh! I have been wanting clear acrylic drawers for my makeup for ages! I keep meaning to buy a few of them from Muji but I never get around to it.. I didn't know they had them in Homebase! They'll probably be cheaper than Muji too!

    The hand writing tag looks fun! I saw Helga Von Trollop did one too so.. I may do it!

    So many cutesy pretty things especially the mini pegs and the lucky cat! xxx

  3. Loving the dymo and I actually own one too - thanks to my late grandad - mine is about 2 centuries older than yours and is made of metal and weighs a ton - maybe it was the dymo prototype lol! You also have lovely handwriting, as has everyone who has done the challenge :o) Scarlett x

  4. So cute! Love your stuff! I love stickers too and I also have an obsessions with tags and bookmarks :)

    jos xx

  5. Did you get those drawers recently Alice? I have been looking for some exactly like that! Love all your pretty stationary bits :)

  6. ooh look at you, miss organised! You have all your bits stored so nicely, i'm sure it is a joy when it comes to using them! x

  7. So lovely! I had a clear plastic storage stack at one point, but well, I was just too messy for it!

  8. You are organised! I'm envious as it's clutter city in our house! Liking the perspex drawers and I do find that Homebase is surprisingly good for it's homeware. Scarlett is right, you do have lovely writing. Have a great weekend, Alice. xx

  9. You are fabulously organised. I always have a rough idea where things are but it involves tipping up a multitude of boxes and making a tremendous mess! Lovely handwriting and cute lucky cat drawing. xxx

  10. I love being organised, you have some lovely stationary :) x

  11. Love the organised-ness, I am a complete stationery freak. I just have to have anything remotely cute, even if I already have 3295824 erasers I will never use! Love all the gift tags! They are one of my favourite things to make :)
    Rebecca x (ohpanda.blogspot.com)

  12. You are SO organised! My notepaper and suchlike are in so many places, I have no idea what I've got or where it is!

    Love the lucky cat drawing :)

  13. I was pretty sure you'd like that tag!!! And yay for dymo machines, we have one at work and I love it, dated or not. Have a little something I need to send you. x

  14. there is nothing nicer than getting a letter in the post, good on you Alice for helping to keep the lost art of letter writing alive x

  15. Loving the clear little drawer. I agree It helps you not forget stuff that's in them.

  16. The clear plastic drawers are a great idea, it's just what I need for my stationary x

  17. Alice you have done the one thing that will make me post again! <3 haha

    I have exactly the same sticker book as you the ones with the teddy's with your name! My dad got it for me when I was about 8 and it's still at home in a box somewhere! xxx

  18. Gotta love stationary and storage. Ooh to have a dymo. x

  19. I loved this post - I just wrote a post about how I've really gotten into writing letters again and have a drawer full of letter writing goodies, I'd love to have a clear set of drawers so I can see all the little bits I've been amassing! Definitely need an addresses box too :)

  20. Those drawers are great- they keep everything so neat and tidy, plus you can see where everything is! I love homebase for stiff like this.

  21. I love stationary too! I remember at Easter because I didn't like chocolate I'd always get letter writing sets, notebooks and pens!

    Victoria xx

  22. what a lovely post, you are so very organized! i actually picked up a postcard at the v&a just for you, so i shall dedicate sometime next week in which to write it and send it off :) xx

  23. I love the little pegs they are the sweetest things ever! I used to wear mine on a karma bracelet (blast from the past)
    I love finding good storage things in DIY stores, your right you can get some good things sometimes, and quite cheap too
    Thanks for the tag, I love Lady Gaga :) X x

  24. i love all of your little bits and pieces! i really should organise myself as well as you have! xx


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