Thursday, 10 February 2011

Second hand finds and a fracture

I went to the flea market yesterday but funnily enough left empty handed. It was then when I ventured into the towns Charity Shops that I stumbled across these delights...

Firstly this ever so cute small Bambi, he instantly charmed me and I felt I couldn’t possibly leave him behind on the shelf for 99p.

Shortly after this photograph was taken I somehow managed to drop him and break two of his legs, I was of course merely devastated, but then out came the superglue, I was not going to give up. So let’s just say he’s on the mend. Seriously could I be anymore clumsy if I tried.

I also stumbled across two more Beatrix Potter, it’s got to the point where I keep forgetting which ones I’ve got and which ones I haven’t. But I knew I definitely hadn’t got these two. I am determined to have the full collection, it’s quite fun collecting them too. 30p and 50p each.

Last but not least I found these Old Maid cards in the bottom of a children’s toys and games box, it sure was worth rummaging through.
I am quite smitten by the old illustrations, they make for a lovely addition to my ever growing collection of nostalgia.
These were 25p.



  1. The cards are really lovely. Rummaging definitely pays off!

  2. Beatrix potter <3 and that deer is so cute

  3. The deer is so cute! I have a bookcase being delivered Saturday and my mum just dropped round my babycham deers to display in it!

    Victoria xx

  4. Oh the poor deer! I'm sure you'll make him better.
    Those Old Maid cards are mid-1970's because I used to have them when I was little! Great finds as always. xxx

  5. Poor little deer! I think it is their legs, so long and thin.... I have one very similar and its legs came clean off when I moved it for cleaning! Lovely finds x

  6. Awww, I love the Beatrix Potter books, I have some somewhere in my house from my chldhood. So sorry about the deer, hope it recovers!

  7. The Tailor of Gloucester is my favourite Beatrix Potter story of all time! You will have to let me know what you think, the mice are so cute! :) xxx

  8. What fab finds! I've been looking for a little deer in chairty shops for aaages but I never find one. I hope he recovers :) xx

  9. oh my that bambi figure is so cute! i need to get myself thrifiting for things like that more. i also love vintage illustrations too - you've done well for yourself here! xx

  10. The little deer is very sweet. Shame about the accident but I'm sure he'll mend up ok. Great wee cards as well, definitely worth the rummage.

    Oh and I picked up a Jacqueline Wilson today. Saw it in a charity shop and it was 50p so I thought I'd try it out. Hubby caught me though and said one book has to go as I'm meant to be on a book ban.


  11. hello alice, just a quick comment to say i sent you a little parcel today. i wanted to reply to your letter but didn't have time as i'm going to heathrow early morning tomorrow but wanted to send it before i left.

    i hope you are okay, the little deer is adorable. xx

  12. Hiya Alice, I got your letter :) thank you, all the little cards were so cute!
    Mine's on the way xx

  13. That deer is cute (actually just wrote 'dear' then, oh dear), not surprised you couldn't leave him alone! Me and the boyf went to a Beatrix Potter illustration exhibition last week, really took me back to my childhood :) jazzy ♥


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