Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Love at first sight

This was my Valentines gift, and may I say I am totally smitten.

I have expressed my utter devotion to Miss Kirstie Allsopp before Well the girl has only gone and done it again and decided to collaborate with M&S, I am a girl completely spoilt by this collection.

This particular item pretty much is everything I could have wished for, a longing for handwritten letters and decorative tags, this tin homes everything a budding writer could want.

Having recently written to Gemma and Jazmine, I can say I enjoy putting together the contents of a good letter. My blog lets me express a lot of my creativity, but there are still personal parts that only come out when a paper and pen is involved.

This set comes homed in a beautiful keepsake tin, and contains: decorative cards, tags, ribbon, 7 stamps and an ink pad. I must admit I have been longing for a thank you stamp for quite a while, I always forget to say thank you to the most special people, so I am already embarking on putting together some thank-you cards.

The collection at M&S also includes a stunningly beautiful sewing basket, cake stand, and the cutest tape measure I have ever seen.

As daft as it sounds the thrill of stamping ink, and creating lovely text just like this, definitely beats a technological alternative. Here’s to letter writing and crafts.


  1. You lucky, lucky girl, Alice! What a gorgeous pressie. I want one! xxx

  2. That really is a thoughtful, lovely present, Your other half clearly knows you well Alice!

    I really really must check out Kirstie Allsops collection, although im sure i will end up with pretty much everything on my lust list!

  3. Oh, that's really sweet. There's something so satisfying about writing a letter. I used to write quite a few but now I don't seem to have anyone to write to!

    Emily x

  4. I NEED this!! so cute, what a fantastic present

  5. Aw how sweet it looks fab, i've seen parts of her range in the old M&S magazine and it looks fab. We're hand stamping our wedding invites and i can't wait.

  6. GREAT gift! not seen this before, so cute!

  7. The stamps are amazing, love how nice they came out. Nice to see some people put so much creativity in letters. Fabulous!

  8. Gorgeous! I'm a massive fan of all things epistolary and really do feel that it's becoming somewhat of a lost art which only makes me more passionate about it :)

    Great Valentine's gift.

  9. OMG that is an amazing gift. So sweet. I am also a fan of the hand written letter, sending and receiving!

    BTW - The Mr Darcy on the cover of the book in my giveaway is very unattractive. It offends me so!


  10. Oh Alice you lucky duck. What a wonderful gift! Hope you have many happy hours stamping and writing :)

  11. This is GORGEOUS! Such an adorable gift, the stamps are so cute! :D

  12. That is adorable, what a lovely gift!

  13. What an amazing present, you lucky thing! x

  14. This is absolutely adorable, what a lovely gift
    The art of hand written letters are dying a slow and painful death and it really is such a shame

  15. That's beautiful, what a lovely gift! I love how personal letters feel now, like little postal treasures!


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