Sunday, 27 February 2011

Alice in Wonderland...

I love nothing more than adding to my children’s book collection. The charm of the illustrations and the playful nature of the stories themselves, I am a girl forever enchanted.

I found all of these in two of my towns charity shops and came away with this whole bunch for £1.20. Some were priced for as little as 5p each.

I was instantly charmed by this classic copy of Disney’s Snow White from 1980, and Brown Ears sounded like a lovely tale, I am quite fond of my rabbits after all.

Rackety-Boom is an American import, the cover looked fun and I was equally thrilled to see Super Ted so very 80s.

Rosie’s Walk is full of stunning illustrations and The Patchwork Cat is equally as adorable.

This Little Ted book is my absolute favourite of the day, it’s from 1981 and was 20p.

Some more Disney favourites of mine Aladdin, Pocahontas and The Hunchback of Notre Dame all in pristine condition, I don’t think these have ever been read, I just couldn't resist at 10p each! I will never grow old of Disney classics.

Judy Moody looked like a fun one too, the cover illustration captured me.
And finally Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. Never short of a copy of this one, after all I think we can agree why♥

(Thank you to every single person who left kind words and advice on my last post, I am so deeply grateful and appreciative of your kindness and understanding, I was truly overwhelmed, so thank you again)


  1. Oh Alice, what a fab collection you bought! I want to start collecting all the childrens books I had when I was little, so that I can give them to my children one day :) xx

  2. the disney childrens book look lovely - i remember having similar ones in my childhood! xxx

  3. I'm loving Rosie's Walk, I remember reading that and the Patchwork Cat. What a tremendous haul. xxx

  4. Rosies walk is a lovely book, and wow - the super ted one!! :) x

  5. i love your growing collection of books - children's books are by far the best! my favourites including the very hungry caterpiller, each peach pear plum & the rainbow fish <3

    K xo

  6. They all look lovely!
    I was such a big Super Ted fan. I saw Duck Tales on dvd last week, I used to watch that every day so I think I might need to buy it.
    My mum hates clutter and threw out all my books from when I was a child :(

  7. Good lord, a child would kill for your collection (as would I). You've got some real gems there!

  8. Great haul! I specially love The Patchwork Cat!

    I think Alice is lovely timeless name. It's on my list of baby names for the future! xxx

  9. I can never resist a vintage childrens book! Esp Alice in Wonderland!

    Victoria x

  10. These look lovely. I still have some of my childhood books which I treasure greatly. Beautiful.

  11. Wow, what fantastic bargains!!!

  12. Superted!!! Oh wow, I didn't realise there were Superted books - I only ever thought of it as a tv show.

    I'm looking at my copy of The Patchwork Cat right now. What a lovely book it is.

  13. What fab buys. So cheap. Kids books are such a treasure. And I'm with Alex, Superted is exciting! Loved the show.


  14. Whoa, that's a lot of childern's books! Not like it's a bad thing though :p I don't actually own not even single one, but maybe this should change?

  15. I loved Superted, Phil has them on DVD! Where do you store your books? x

  16. Om my gosh superted! I used to have a super ted teddy when I was little and I vaguely remember him on the Tv as well :)Love your book finds, can't believe some where 5p bargin x

  17. Oh, have to love Alice in Wonderland :)

  18. Your blog is awesome!!! I'm following!!

    ...if you have time, check out mine and if you like we could become followers!

    jos xx

  19. They all look great. I love children's books too. They remind me of a time when things seemed a whole lot easier. Or maybe it's just those rose tinted glasses we wear when looking at the past that make it seem so.

    Hope you're feeling a bit brighter today. If not, then don't worry. You'll get to where you want to be one day.

    Emily x

  20. ohh, what a lovely little collection you bought, what bargains! sorry i'm so behind on your posts, alice. i read your post underneath, i hope you are feeling a little better today. i'm always here if you need to talk. xxx


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