The Hoarder of all Hoarders

I’ve been a little quiet this past week, but I did have quite a day spent at my Mums house, digging out old treasures of course.

Let me tell you, when I used to have clearouts in my teens, she would secretly go through all the bags and take things out. This really annoyed me at the time, as I grew frustrated by the fact that I couldn’t get rid of anything without her seeing.

Well this day may just have been the day we both needed. She dug out a box full of my old stuff (stuff I thought was long gone).
And I have to confess: It was actually nice to be re-united with a few of those treasures I had long forgotten about.

First this jewellery box. This was my first ‘proper’ jewellery box, I got when I was around 13, typically girly and I have fond memories of using this to store my many possessions.

I think I may have outgrown the funky print now, but I do adore those heart shaped handles and may well give this a make-over. I’m thinking shabby chic, what do you think?

Another jewellery box, of a smaller size, again I remember this one too, o so well! I always thought this to be quite decadent and just loved the lace trim.

This Fairy was from a shop called Past Times, I bought this one with my pocket money to replace one that had previously broken. Well I don’t know why but I never really grew as attached to this one as much. It’s a Ballerina fairy and to be quite frankly honest, I never did cut it at ballet.

I think this ornament I can appreciate in a different way, now I am older.

And finally this mystery item...

I instantly was smitten with this wicker tailors dummy. I found this stuffed in a bag full of discarded bits and pieces. Turns out she bought this for me but completely forgot about it, alas me never receiving it! Better late than never right?

I guess what I fundamentally have realised today is that I have most definitely have inherited the hoarding gene. I do very much so love my Mum x


  1. Love the jewellery box would look fab either plain white or a duck egg blue colour.
    I;m a hoarder but my mum throws everything out. The whole house is bare, not many ornaments or photos. Then you get to my bedroom... total mess and photos/trinkets everywhere!

  2. You could redo the jewellery box into a vintage French rustic kind of look, perhaps make it a bit distressed looking. It would be handy to keep with all those little draws, especially if you can update it and make it useful.

  3. I'm SUCH a hoarder! Do give that jewellery box a makeover, I'd decoupage it!

  4. So lovely! I love the little jewelerry box! X

  5. there's nothing wrong with being a hoarder. As my mum says 'well we might need it, ...sometime' x

  6. Nothing wrong with a bit of hoarding, you never know when it may prove useful!
    That jewellery bow would look lovely if you gave it one of your famous Alice make-overs. xxx

  7. xo!


  8. Oh I'm an enormous hoarder and so's my mum - it's definitely genetic! The jewellery box would look fab painted up and I adore the little wicker dummy.

  9. Another hoarder here to. Definitely comes from my parents. They have a clearout and you can't see whats gone, same here.

    The jewelery box is so cute. I'd go with daisy and decoupage it. x

  10. i'm in love with that jewellery box. and your blog! thought i'd say hello, too x


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