Monday, 24 January 2011

A girl can never have too many bags.

Well yes I have become quite partial to agreeing with that saying.
I’m in the midst of having a mad January clearout what with the beginning of a New Year, and have finally got ruthless with a few things.

First Stop: my closet.

Well truth be told I thought I’d had this clearout 6months ago, in my head all this was done, and there would probably be only one or two bags left to part with. Well funnily enough I must have been on a completely different planet, because I have cleared out more than half of what was stacked up in my wardrobe.

So unfortunately this lot are off to the Charity Shop. Yes there are loved ones in that pile, my eclectic blue Miffy bag, my seen better days Primark beauties and my not so loved black boom box bag.
I will probably regret getting rid of one or two of them in a few weeks time, but I think sometimes it’s good to let go, because if I didn’t now, I simply never would.

Sometimes this girl… can have too many bags.


  1. Well done for getting rid and donating them to charity, you know yoyu'll find some marvellous charity shop goodies to more than make up for your loss. xxx

  2. Good for you for having a good old clear out! It can be tough, but it's definitely for the best. There are so many things in my wardrobe that are their purely for nostalgia, not because I actually like, or even wear them!

  3. I have to clear out every couple of months, I am such a hoarder!

  4. Clear outs are hard but a must other wise we'd all end up with more stuff than space!! I'm sure you can buy a new bag or two to make up for this big loss!!!

    Hannah xx

  5. Well done on the clear out! The charity such will be very grateful. I'm usually really bad because I'll clear out and just think oh now there is space for something else! haha! x

  6. i am exactly the same when it comes to bags! as you know i get first dips on all my vintage stock, which is terrible as i hoard so many of them xx

  7. good for you for having a clear out! i always find weird stuff in old bags...sometimes money! xx

  8. for the first time in my life i'm starting to get to a point where i have too many bags, hehe. i've dontated quite a bit to my favourite charity shop recently, but still have about three bags and plenty of clothes and bric-a-brac which i'm planning of selling at my local car boot sale :) i hope you have the most wonderful time on saturday! what will you be doing in london for the rest of the day? xx

  9. There is nothing like a good clear out, I am having one at the moment and have 2 bin bags full for the charity!!

  10. You always feel so much better after a clear out. Good for you, i need to do clearing at some point before spring.

    toya x


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