A clearance and a cameo

It’s quite easy to fall right into the path of a clearance. Well that is just what I did this week. Twice.

I had heard this book shop in my local shopping centre was shutting down; in fact I was already planning on visiting to see whether there would be some sort of clearance about the place.

Well it turns out they’ve given up trying to sell everything individually, instead it is simply fill a bag for: £10

The first time I was with my boyfriend and we somehow managed to fill the bag with 21 books between us! Yes 21. So much so that the bag split by the time we got out of the shop! I was literally laughing so much it was just one of those moments, and we had walked up to the shops that day, so we didn’t even have the car to help us (and the books) get home.

I then went back again a few days later and filled a bag for £5! A smaller one admittedly, but I still managed to cram 11 books into it!
So here are some of my favourites from the bag(s)...

I got these two lovely scrapbooking books, it’s no secret scrapbooking is one of my favourite pastimes, and these books may just give me a little spur of inspiration in the craft department.

I also stumbled across this wrapping paper, Peter Rabbit of course! I was so pleased with this, I am already planning to create a collage.
Also coincidently this Miss Potter book of the film. I have seen this film so many times and really do love Renee Zellweger as Beatrix.

I am always fascinated to learn more about cats, and saw this as an opportunity, so picked these two factual cats books out. And then I saw Jim- The Nine Lives Of A Dysfunctional Cat, and the cover completely had me.

Dear Me A Letter To My Sixteen-Year-Old Self, one I’ve wanted for absolutely ages.

Two more that have been on my to read list, Girl With A Pearl Earring recommended by my wonderful friend and Toast, having watched the drama on TV a couple of weeks a go, I am intrigued to read the book it was based on.

And inevitably some children’s books, I love children’s fiction so very much so and completely fell for these. I already have one of Julia Golding's books so these nicely add to the series. And I did always have a bit of a thing for dolphins when I was younger, so this was tugging at my heart strings. (I may not be 12 anymore, but still very much appreciate a shiny glittery book cover)

I know I own far too many books, but I just couldn’t resist such a clearance and know I won’t need to buy a new book for quite a while now.

All in all if you were to sit down and do the maths the books work out roughly around 50p each, which for a brand new book is quite the bargain in my eyes.
Happy reading springs to mind!

p.s I don’t consider myself to be much of a lucky person; in fact I can’t even seem to win rock, paper, scissors. But I somehow managed to win Jennie from Sailboats giveaway!

I don’t ever buy jewellery for myself so this was such a lovely little package to receive today. I do love a cameo and my I am so enchanted by the intricate design. Thank you so very much Miss Jennie! xxx


  1. Fill a bag for £10?! I would not be able to resist!

  2. I am almost crying with jealousy!! 50p books?? My idea of heaven!

  3. such great deals! love it when these thing happen at bazaars around here


  4. I wish we had a shop doing deals like that! I hope you enjoy Girl With a Pearl Earring <3

    The necklace looks lovely, very jealous! xxx

  5. Ahh wow, you got an amazing deal with all of those books! Jealous! And I'm soso happy your necklace got there safely & you like it <3 xoxo

  6. See me here, sobbing in the corner because I don't know where this magic bookshop is? I am jealous beyond belief of your amazing haul.

  7. ahh, fantastic! I love how many books you crammed in there! The store in Sheffield is also having the same offer but they didn't have a single book that I would want! You got some great stuff though!

    I remember a few years ago a bookshop here had a similar offer but it was fill a bin liner for £10.... we went crazy filling it until it split then realised we had an hour long bus journey home and had to get all the books on the bus! x

  8. OH my gosh! I probably would have spent about £50!! What amazing ones you picked! I've wanted to read Toast for a very long time :) x

  9. What a bargain those books were. I bought some of that same Peter Rabbit wrapping paper some months ago - it's really gorgeous isn't it. I plan on lining the inside of an old desk that I intend "shabbying" for my granddaughter with it. xxx

  10. Oh my word, now that is the kind of clearance I would kill to stumble across! Amazing! Am hugely jealous right now!

    Thanks for the comment :)


  11. fill a bag for a tenner thats amazing! i would have had a great time in there x

  12. Thank goodness that sale wasn't in our town, I can just imagine the shop would have been empty by the time I'd finished.
    So many lovely cat books and I'm sure you'll love the Girl with the Pearl Earring, it's absolutely beautiful as is all Tracey Chevalier's work. xxx

  13. wow thats a lot of books! im a complete sucker for clearance bargains too. you got some good finds though, i really like scrap booking too x

  14. Love Miss Potter, huge fan. :) xx

  15. wow, so many books. What a bargain! Congrats on your win. The necklace sis so pretty x

  16. Great bargain! I especially like the scrapbooking books. I have way too many books and need to do a bit of a clear out to make space for new ones. Beautiful piece of jewellery, congrats on your win x

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    In my shoes give away

  18. what a bargain! toast and the girl with a pearl earring are both fab reads - and the peter rabbit paper is adorable! x

  19. Wow what a fantastic deal! I spent a book voucher this weekend and only managed to get two books out of £20. I love bookshops and I want to keep them in business, but books are just so expensive these days.

  20. Amazing book haul! That necklace is very pretty too!

  21. Hello there. I just discovered you via vintage vixen. What a charming blog you have! I can't believe you got such an amazing bargain with those books!Astonishing. I too would like to read letters to my 16 year old self and Nigel Slater's Toast too. Well done on that super haul! x


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