Carried Away

It’s not often a fictional character in a book inspires my latest fashion project, yet I shouldn’t have expected anything less from a certain Ms Bradshaw...

Carrie Bradshaw: Writer, fashionista, old romantic, fictional character, (my all time hero) pretty much has always had the ability to enchant and inspire me.

It was when reading The Carrie Diaries, a book based on the teenage Carrie before she moved to New York City and in other words before SEX...and the city.
I found this book captivating, probably because I have studied this character so many times via my television set, and could recall her closet off by heart if you wanted me to. So this was something any hardcore SATC fan should rightfully read, as it answers all those questions you always wondered, her family life for one.

It also had the ability to bring up many of those awkward teenage issues, so this book not only fills a void in those SATC fans it also happens to be filled of some very valuable advice.

Now back to my fashion project…

In true Carrie form, and sticking to the story in the book, I used pink nail polish to paint my name across the front of the bag. I won’t give too much away, I think if you have read the book you might understand my need to replica this item, as it is quite a significant piece of the story.

Fiction or not, you my dearest Carrie will always be one of my greatest fashion (and life) inspirations



  1. ha, Iv just started reading this book!
    cant wait to finish it, i want to know about the bag... :)

    will you use your bag out?

  2. You know, Alice, I've never watched any of Sex And The City (hangs head in shame). That bag is brilliant, absolutely wonderful interpretation of the bookcover. Love it. xxx

  3. Oh I love it! It's a much nicer bag than the one on the book cover too.

  4. You know when this book came out I wasn't too bothered about reading it but since getting the second film for Christmas I've gone on quite a trip down SATC memory lane and I'm dying to give this a read! But I;ve had to put myself on a book ban as I have 40+ to be read and it's just getting silly! :( xx

  5. Such a clever idea! I'm not the biggest fan, but you have me intrigued now! x

  6. I love that book! It's so funny! The bag looks amazing! :) xx

  7. I have never seen Sex And The City! I am now thinking maybe I need to! Great bag DIY!

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  9. I would be worried to paint on it. I like the outcome though.

  10. Don't think we have this in the library I work in, might have to order it and give it a go. I ordered the Lauren Conrad books but nobody reads them, I thought they would go out well with teen readers x

  11. Ooh i so need to read this book!!

    Sadie x

  12. Those Lauren Conrad books are one's she has written about LA life, probably loosely based on her x


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