Monday, 29 November 2010

Spells and Mystery at the Flea Market

Its funny how buying something second-hand almost certainly guarantee’s you a tale behind the piece (one that you will probably never know) but still it’s quite lovely to know it has a history of some kind.

I’ve been rummaging through my drawers; in hope of actually clearing out a few things, but instead of course just uncovered a few things I had forgotten about.

All of these items came from the same place:
The flea market.

If the word ‘flea’ doesn’t scare you off, I’m sure you could be a little freaked out by the place being populated by older overweight men who are trying to haggle down a bargain or two.
But fear not, the beauty of a flea market is that it is often literally ‘tat’
Unlike a charity shop, where everything is cautiously inspected and checked by staff before it goes onto the shop floor, the flea market tends to sell straight from the box that was taken from a house clearance that very morning.

This porcelain face was one of my favourite 20p finds. That was until my brother half scared me to death and informed me it reminded him of the serial killer on an American television show (The infamous Carver from Nip/Tuck) but there’s something so glamorous about the startling red lipstick. This is one I will be hanging back up on the wall.

This Spell Book was one of my favourite finds as a teenager. I was the typical moody, borderline gothic, angry and frustrated soul we once all were, and what could cheer me up more than an old spell book. Belonging to a witch maybe?
I have always felt a sense of mystery towards this book, it’s probably not as old as you think, but it has certainly had some use, and that’s what attracted me. The cover is very worn and tattered, it’s of felt material.

The spells themselves are pretty harmless, and the pictures to go alongside are very quirky. I think I will always find something endearing about this book.

And finally a few key chains. The rainbow one was an instant hit, I loved the colours and art deco style of it. However the cat one is a little mysterious again. For one I did not actually purchase this. It was tucked inside the pocket of a 20p handbag I bought from the flea market.

It was an interesting find, because alongside a few used tissues, and crumpled papers, was this key ring almost abandoned. (I do find it a little strange when somebody who has chucked something away hasn’t checked inside the bag before hand)

I love cats, and it’s no secret I love a bit of kitsch. I don’t quite know if the cat is supposed to look unhappy, I just don’t know!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Life or Death Item

I am writing this thinking maybe, just maybe there’s one of you out there who can relate to me. Dear hope there is. Please be brave and speak up...

Well for as long as I can remember. I have the most peculiar habit of needing a certain said item, so much so I go to the most extreme lengths to get hold of it. And if by some very unfortunate circumstance I cannot get hold of it, which does happen from time to time. It still remains etched in my mind.

My first recollection of this is a Loop NYC boom box bag I got in a January sale, a good 6years ago. It was reduced to £10 in the House of Fraser, I purchased it in pink, but my Mum had bought me the same one in black, so we swapped and she returned the pink one, thinking black would be more versatile. Little than a week later I was regretting it. And I would often see people with this bag, and think is that the bag I gave up?

Well this story has a happy ending. I finally tracked this bag down on eBay some years later and can safely say it is the bag I always wanted. Do I use it? No, but my fifteen year old self loved this bag. Will I ever part with it? As crazy and stupid as it sounds, probably not.

Similarly I also retracked this Minnie Mouse H&M bag down after it had sold out in store. It was a children’s bag but that didn’t matter, nowadays it can be found hanging in my craft room stuffed with fabrics. So truth be told eBay can save the day.

[Image via Google]

The same situation can also arise due to no fault of ones own. For example I was in a Charity shop some years ago. Browsing the front display of bric a brac, little did I know a pair of original floral Dr Martens in my size (not that would have deterred me) were sitting at the bottom of the shop. By the time I arrived towards the counter I saw a woman with them in her hand, looking very pleased with herself paying a mere £5.99 (I painfully watched and sulked for at least two weeks after). I could have DIED. And still to this day, believe this would have been one of my greatest finds.

I may also add that any sort of charity shop, boot sale, thrifted experience can be a very competitive field. As more than likely only one item exists in that specific location and you are not the only person who may accidentally stumble across it. So be warned, get your claws out!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

A box full of cuttings out…

Does anybody else have a box like this?

Now I swear I must have had this very cardboard box for over 5 years. Aiming to eventually get to the bottom of it and have everything neatly filed away or scrapbooked, but literally over time it has just multiplied and never really got sorted out.

I find it so hard to part with things. Now I’m talking paper here. Magazine articles that are ancient. But still I find it impossible to part with them.
When I was at college it was a perfect outlet, a new project would always begin with me finding plenty of resource from my box of cuttings out. I also was keen on helping others with their projects too.

I have discussed my problem with magazines before, and I can actually say it has pretty much turned itself around (something which I didn’t think was at all possible). I don’t purchase magazines half as much as I used to, if at all. I literally mean if at all, the only magazine I have bought in the past 6months or so is the December issue of Company, solely because it was cheap at a £1, and I literally caved the other day (a pound rings bells in my mind).
I find it silly really, I feel almost like I’ve read everything I need to, I spent a good decade of my life in love with magazines, but now I can find all the inspiration I want in other places and forms.

In despite of all this, I still have all these fashion clippings, articles, that I don’t quite really know what to do with. I kind of wish I had it in me to be ruthless and just recycle the lot. But I know I could sit for hours going through them, taking all the best bits out and ultimately reminiscing, because anyone who knows me, knows this is one of my ultimate favourite past times♥

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

K is for Kardashian

So I’m not usually one for American reality TV shows, you know the ones that get you darn right addicted, with all the glamour and glitz.
I’ve pretty much shunned anything that gives you the need to be obsessed and follow religiously week after week (a lifetime).

That was until I found Keeping Up With The Kardashians. At first it kind of reminded me of The Osbournes, reality show with blatant story lining and outrageousness… cue my new obsession.

I don’t know if it’s the glamour, the family-ness, or in fact just that it’s so easy and addictive to watch. The Mr thinks I’m mad, I swear I recorded at least 15 re-runs last week and I still have Sunday’s season finale to watch.
I know Kim Kardashian should technically be the one I’m in awe of, but lately I have been swayed towards Kourtney, oh yes my obsession doesn’t just stop at Keeping Up With The Kardashians, no its Kourtney and Khole Take Miami also. I love how tender and caring Kourtney is towards her baby (in fact I was literally close to tears the episode she gave birth to Mason), yet her boyfriend Scott still is as dysfunctional as ever, I really feel for her.

Khole on the other hand is a total minx, so arrogant but something about her just makes me like her. I think in the early episodes she is tendering being a spoil brat but later on she is a true sister to the others. And the mammoth wedding episode had me glued to the television.

So my little (embarrassing) obsession, I could talk about it all night long.
Please don’t hate me for adoring such trash can television. Do enlighten me with similar fond feelings for this program? Or maybe not

Monday, 15 November 2010

An Old Favourite

Frantically searching through my wardrobe for something to wear that would best show off my new boots. I suddenly was thrilled to be re-united with a dress I had once loved and cherished, yet it had still managed to end up tucked away at the back of my wardrobe, almost forgotten about.

I bought this dress over two and a half years ago in a New Look sale, for around £7. It was the time Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd
had just been released and I was smitten with Mrs. Lovett’s (Helena Bonham Carter) eccentric style.

This dress very much reminded me that of the dream sequence, in which she is walking down a beautifully lit pier, parasol and Sweeney on arm. So from then on every time I wore this dress I got that little bit of delight thinking about that very dream sequence.

It’s funny how characters from films can influence the way we dress. I know that I find lots of inspirations in films, not always the most obvious choices, I have found myself inspired by mermaids, Disney characters and even villains!

Originally a summer dress, I decided to wear it the other day with a cardigan and thick black tights, and got no end of compliments! It just shows that some dear pieces always remain old favourites x

Monday, 8 November 2010

Butterflies, Leeks and Baking Of Such Sort

I am no self proclaimed baker. In fact I am much a novice starting out.
But I seem to have developed a desire for baking, especially since it’s got a lot colder outside.

It got me thinking about how baking is now something us girls have rather glamorized. No longer is it seen as a ‘Grandma’ activity. No not at all, it is so much more a desired lifestyle, to be able to bake wonderful delights in the comfort of your own home.

Like many home projects it’s the satisfaction you get from being able to say "I made that".

I am not the neatest of people, and I found that with my attempt at Butterfly buns on Friday. It was a messy affair to say the least, one that resulted in me getting icing sugar all over my top! But these buns were scrummy; the taste was melt in the mouth. I did go to town with the butter cream and jam, maybe too much for some people’s liking, but that’s because I’m naturally greedy!

Me and the Mr then made a leek and blue vinny tart from the River Cottage everyday cookbook on Saturday, we did cheat a little bit and buy the pastry. But we did make up for this by using some of our own home-grown leeks from the garden.

This could just be the start of a new love affair for me, do you share a similar love for home-baking?

Thursday, 4 November 2010

These Boots Were Made For Walking

I have spoke about my non existent desire for fancy footwear before.
Don’t get me wrong I love seeing fabulous shoes on other people, and even I got a wince of delight in my stomach when we stumbled across the Irregular Choice shop in Brighton. But for me footwear isn’t something I get initially excited about.

This is probably because all the shoes I have ever loved have fallen to pieces. (Yes I’m talking about you leopard print pumps)

However on an unexpected whim I stumbled across these boots last weekend. I wasn’t planning on buying any boots that day, but I guess sometimes that’s just how it happens. And I must admit I’m pretty smitten.

I have seen similar versions in various places, but they were all a little too high for me, I mean I’m no stiletto queen, I much prefer a chunky and wearable heel.

And the snuggly material inside is so cosy for winter time.

They cost £18 and where from a shop called Store Twenty One. It’s on a bit of similar par to Primark. I have found myself purchasing a few bits from there lately, I guess it’s not as in your face as Primark sometimes can be, and the prices remain reasonable.

I’d like to think that once I’m twenty two I will still be willing to shop at a place named after my current age. We shall see!

Monday, 1 November 2010

A Cat in the Bath…

Fear not of spiders lurking through the plugholes, this past week Jasper has become ever so fond of the bath tub. Although I’m pretty sure if it was full of water he wouldn’t be quite so quick to jump in.

We have had him exactly 7months now. Time sure does fly; it doesn’t seem a moment ago since he was a tiny little kitten hiding out in the Easter egg boxes.

I have realised that everyone close to me shares a similar love affair with the feline. Be it my parents with their beloved Charlie, my brother with his ginger and white kitten, or the Mr’s Mums striking black cat.

I never had a cat growing up, it was when I was sixteen Charlie came into my life and I never looked back from there on. I don’t think I would have it any other way to be honest♥
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