Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A Stylish Memory

Once upon a time, I met a wonderful girl in my textile class at college. We bonded over crafts, and then discovered our shared love affair for No Doubt and Dawson’s Creek.

It was in that textile class we would scrounge through the fabric scraps and often fill our handbags full of them. (Not that this was stealing…purely for creative sake)

No one else in our class really understood our need and want for the fabric scraps, after all they were just scraps. But it was one early morning; the bin had just been filled up, ducking and diving we were, when suddenly we pulled out the most exquisite skirt…

“WOW!” exclaimed Alice.

This was pure vintage, and a tiny waistline, that would fit almost Twiggy. It was decided in seconds, the skirt would be ours.

We sneakily snuck it into one of our bags and carried on with our sewing and appliqué.
It was later that day at break time, we layed it out on a cafeteria table in all its glory and cut right down the middle.

For this fabric would be split in half. And from that day on I have cherished this.

I was considering finally using the fabric but here’s me being all sentimental, it will probably just remain a treasured scrap.

I love you G x

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Bits and Pieces

Admittedly this is a bit of a mix match of things that have swept into my life this week. Quite unsuspectingly, not a boot sale or a charity shop in sight…well almost! And having spent only thirty-pence I don’t seem to have done too badly...

Firstly I picked up two old children’s books this week, I couldn’t resist them, however many I seem to have acquired now.

Don’t Forget Matilda! was all on it’s own outside a second handbook shop on a twenty- pence shelf. I was saddened to see this book abandoned almost, and instantly decided it would be mine.

I got home and fell completely in love with the story and the illustrations. So quirky and fun. This one is from 1979.

This Fun With Numbers book is from Oxfam (I told a charity shop lie, it was the briefest of visits in fairness though) and was priced at ten pence. I love finding these sorts of books going for pennies. This ones from 1984, and the bright psychedelics just charmed me.

I also nabbed myself a painting (well actually it’s a print but it still looks fabulous) this was inside a second hand frame my Dad bought for one of his own paintings, and he was planning on chucking the print away...cue my intervention.

On a trip to my parent’s house, I uncovered yet more Beatrix Potter, this time shoved in the spare room in a cardboard box…you may have realised by now my family aren’t the most organised people when it comes to storage solutions.

I found an identical mug to the last one I found, but this time with its original packaging.

Alongside this a Jemima Puddle-Duck book, in what seems pristine condition, I already have this one in my collection, but she is one my favourites after all, so my tatty copy will sit quite nice beside this one.

I also struck an heirloom in this Stratton compact, bought for my Mum on her 21st birthday. Now thinking about it, I think I did recall her once telling me about it, but somehow convinced myself it was a myth.

I have been after one of these for a while now, and failed miserably in finding one on my travels. So to actually find one in my Mums possession is quite a find. I’m sort of borrowing this one, I mean I wouldn’t want to steal my dear Mothers compact after all, but I sure can’t stop admiring it. I may just have to safely look after this for her.


Sunday, 19 September 2010

Wondering and Wishing...

There are a few things I have discovered lately, and they are slowly forming there own little wish list...

Fifi Lapin- What Shall I Wear Today?
I first discovered this rabbit a few years ago hopping around on the net. So when I was in WHSmiths the other day and spotted this wonderful little book in the new releases section, I instantly picked it off the shelf and was mesmerized by its quirkiness. Okay it’s not the norm to take fashion advice from a rabbit, but what can I say I just love the illustrations that are Fifi Lapin.

Naughty Alice
A perfume with my name in it, a perfume by Vivienne Westwood, I think I’m smitten already. I am in desperate need of a new scent this Christmas and I can’t wait for this to be released. I love the bottle, I love the packaging, I love the name, and I just hope I love the scent.

Urban Decay Book Of Shadows Vol III
I feel terribly guilty about this, but I think I will be sitting the latest releases out. Don’t get me wrong Urban Decay are and will probably always be my favourite make-up brand, but three book of shadows down (including the special edition Alice in Wonderland), I don’t think I can justify paying out for another one. I have little connection with NYC and don’t appreciate the increased price on this item.

The Naked palette on the other hand had me from when the very first promotional photos were released. But I cannot express my disappointment at the packaging. I hate velvet. Well to be more precise I hate the feeling of velvet.
I know it’s me being strange here, but I am very fussy when it comes to item specifics. Don’t get me wrong the eye shadow selection is to perfection; the colours are my ideal palette. I am still in two minds, not buying something because it is covered in velvet is a little silly, but I can’t practically see this staying in pristine condition, I am messy enough as it is with my various other palettes, so I just don’t think this one was meant to be unfortunately.

Harajuku Wicked Style Perfumes
I was shocked to learn of yet a fourth Harajuku perfume collection. This is an impossible collection, in my heart I want all of these, but I know it’s terribly silly and such a gimmick. I also am shocked that the bottles don’t resemble the Harajuku girls or Gwen anymore, they have had a complete makeover, and it all reminds me very much of other established Japanese brands such as Momiji.

[All images via Google]

What are you wondering and wishing of lately?

Friday, 17 September 2010

A Primark Purchase

EDIT- I am unsure if this got posted yesterday or not, blogger seems to be causing me technical problems. The original post did not show up in my reader, so I’m unsure whether it actually got published in the reader or not. xxx

Primark used to be a shop I would frequent on a weekly basis, I knew exactly when new stock was unleashed onto the shelves and I had enough Primark coat hangers to last me a lifetime. Regrettably I just don’t anymore.

I say regrettably, because that shop has fast become quite a leader of the high street. Divided opinion maybe, and I admit I’ve had my frustrations in the past, be it my £4.00 shoes falling to pieces in weeks or every single other girl wearing the same glitter adorned t-shirt as me, ultimately I have neglected Primark for far too long.

So it was an unpredictable trip at the weekend, which lead me straight to the gates of heaven (for some).

It’s easy to confuse the trusty words quality over quantity, when items are priced for few pennies, but I stayed safe and purchased just the one item on this occasion.

I saw the lovely Jazzabelle wearing a similar H&M version and instantly loved the short sleeves as opposed to annoying long sleeves you are destined to roll up. I also have been a bit in love with this cream colour for the autumn. I’m not sure how long this has been in store but all of these jumpers were reduced down to £5.00. Which is odd as I would have thought these were new stock, but who knows.

I am wholly smitten with my purchase to say the least.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

A Few Boot Sale Treasures

It’s been a few weeks since visiting a car boot sale, so yesterday we went to a Saturday afternoon sale- a first for me. I must say the inconvenience of not having to get up so ridiculously early was a real necessity.

I firstly found this utterly lovely butterfly tin, my eyes instantly swarmed towards this, I mean I’m a girl who loves butterflies after all. You might remember a few months ago I found a similar tin, which has become one of my favourite things to have on display. Well this one is of a similar theme, but shaped a little deeper and wider, and will be perfect to store all my (messy) paints in.

It wasn’t until I turned it over I realised it was dated, another added bonus of course. It is from 1962 and believe it or not originally stored biscuits. It cost me 50p.

I then saw this purse in a cardboard box on the floor. I was instantly drawn to the quirky elephant print. I wasn’t quite sure whether I really needed another purse so we carried on walking around the neighbouring stalls, when I convinced myself in my head that I actually really did need it after all. So I made a mad dash back within seconds, and it was nowhere to be seen. The seller had moved it on to the table. I was so relieved!

I was unsure of how much it was going to be, for some reason I always seem to exaggerate in my mind the price the seller is going to ask. So I was surprised and pleased when she simply said 50p.

I must admit I didn’t instantly recognize the name Jim Thompson, but it is really of good quality. This is the perfect little purse; I may well have to transfer some bits and pieces right away so I can start using it.

And lastly I’m still hugely on the hunt for Beatrix Potter books. I managed to snaggle two more for 20p each. My collection is coming on nicely, I know these books will last a lifetime and are such loved classics.

Friday, 10 September 2010

My Three Shoe Sins

Still reeling from my disappointment at not being able to fit into those boots at the charity shop in Wales, I have been sorting out the old shoe closet. And believe me it wasn’t a pretty sight.

I admit I’m not a huge shoe person; the only shoes I’ve ever loved were my floral Dr Martens when I was five years old. Give me those back any day and I would sure be one happy girl.

So right at the bottom of my empty shoe heart, I found three shocks. Purely for your pleasure at my inadequacy to find a nice pair of shoes, here are my three shoe sins…

Graffiti Skater/Sneaker Boots by Faith

I bought these on clearance for £5.00 when I was sixteen. I have NEVER worn them. I was a little caught up in the emo scene to put it politely. This is so typical me, buy something and never wear it, yet let it sit in my house for a lifetime.

Blue ‘bubble’ shoes by General Public

I call these my bubble shoes, they are of the weirdest texture and don’t really have a particular style. I have worn them probably four times and that was whilst I was still a teenager, so forgive me not for finally parting with these bizarre beasts.

Yellow Trainers by Alberto Guardiani

You know I bought these on clearance many years ago from TKMaxx. I paid the mighty sum of £2.00. And I have never been able to get that lost £2.00 back. These have been listed on eBay and taken many a time to the car boot, but I have yet found anyone mad enough to buy them. I don’t quite know what I was thinking when I made that deadly purchase all that time ago.

Off to the shoe recycling I go. And I will continue to mourn my terrible taste in footwear.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

J adore

I’ve been away these past couple of days, in Wales camping, but much said it was a bit of a nightmare what with the unruly rain and awkward winds. However those midnight dashes to the toilet block and trip to Snowdonia did make for a memorable experience.

We spent the whole Monday mooching around literally, Caernarfon and Bangor came up trumps Charity Shop-wise. I think we must have visited a good fifteen in total. And YES I say ‘we’ normally taking the Mr Charity shopping is a complete no go. But on this occasion it just had to be done.

I found the most amazing pair of boots, but they were only a size 4 and I desperately needed that size 5. I was merely devastated for a good hour or so.

However I did find these pure gems. You know my constant love affair with children’s books; I love sourcing out old books, and cannot keep away from the children’s section in charity shops.

Well my perseverance paid off in Wales, as in the YMCA I found these two French children’s books from 1972.

I knew they were old instantly as I spied down the worn down spines, as soon as I reached them off the shelf I was in complete and utter awe.
The illustrations are so unusual and I must admit I have a bit of a soft spot for the French language; I did study it at after all.

And they were priced at 19p each.
I couldn’t express my delight in finding such a lovely and exciting find. I’m looking to have these on display, I just can’t keep my eyes off them at the moment, I simply could not adore them more if I tried♥

Thursday, 2 September 2010

A Little Bit of Upholstery

So I’m in the process of getting my craft room together. And I was on the quest to find a chair. Not just any chair, but one that would have a quirky feel to it.

Well I couldn’t quite picture what I wanted until I found it.
I was in a charity shop with my Dad about a month ago and saw an old brown wooden chair sitting all by itself… of course I made a beeline for it.


It’s not often I go shopping with my Dad, we just happened to be popping past and saw it as an opportunity to have a quick nosey. I knew instantly I wanted this chair for my room and knew I could paint it and re-style it my own way.

Oh and best of all, it cost £1.00.

I thought they were having a joke at first, or it had been wrongly labelled, but when I got to the counter the nice old lady was glad someone was buying it and even offered me some more from the back!

I chose the perfect duck egg blue shade, now this colour has been on my mind for a while now, pretty much ever since I saw this picture


I took the plunge and chose Dulux’s Inky Pool 4, it was a lot brighter when we opened the tin for the first time, kind of like one of those ‘Changing Rooms’ moments, but having swatched the colour to match exactly a shade of the wallpaper, I knew it was the right colour.


I must say I am pretty pleased how this little project has turned out; I just love how the paint has really brought out the detailing of the chair. The seat itself wasn’t in too bad of condition, but I’ve updated it a little bit with some vintage fabric I had leftover, my little take on something that was so cheap to do up, hasn’t turned out too bad after all.
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