Sunday, 29 August 2010

Oh Brighton. How I love You So

This weekend me and the Mr took a little trip to Brighton, and my if there is one place I have always longed to visit, it has always been Brighton. From swooning over the setting of TV’s Sugar Rush, to the tales and quirks that would enchant me about this wonderful place.

Twenty-one years coming, I have finally been to Brighton and much to say want to jump right back in the car and go back again. A place completely after my own heart. From the blue the pebble beaches, and the junk shops filled with wild and bizzare artefacts and every vintage Ladybird book you could ever want for. To an endless amount of scooters and VW’s to admire and lust after. Oh and glorious carousel’s of course, one of my all time favourite things. Brighton is my savour.

We arrived on Brighton Pier early morning and was met with glorious sunshine, I ran around like an excited little girl at Christmas, passing a gypsy cavern and becoming quite acquainted with a 'Lotso Huggin Bear' in one of those awful grabbing machines, you know the ones that technically are a complete con, now what better way to spend 9:00am in the morning than right there.

We had a wonderful time exploring the street markets, the vintage shops, the several charity shops (Oxfam was my favourite) and of course Irregular choice and Cath Kidston were also delights.

I have forgotten what this shop was called; I was too busy staring with fascination at the window display made up of old sewing machines.

All in all a wonderful little trip, I am ever so inspired and fascinated. And if you were wondering... we ended up winning the said 'Lotso Huggin Bear' (and consequently carrying him around the rest of the day) okay several thirty pence's worth later, this one doesn’t quite smell of strawberries but he sure is cuddly♥

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

My Latest Poundland Find…

My latest venture to my local Poundland was a complete surprise. A quite wonderful one at that. It’s been pretty quiet on the book front, but I was wandering around the home-ware aisle (mainly plastic pots etc, nothing too relevant) and suddenly I noticed lanterns.

Lanterns instantly appeal to me, I mean the whole romance of a candlelit surround, just is beautiful in my opinion. There’s also the idea of gypsies and hippies using them. I think this is meant for use in the garden, but I am already thinking it will look lovely on display inside, or even maybe hanging?

They were quite a few purple and blue ones but I was instantly drawn to this shabby cream one. I’ve seen a few of these around in other shops for a lot more money, so I am really am pleased with this little bargain of a find♥

Sunday, 22 August 2010

A Beatrix Potter Rummage

This is my final post about things I have dug out from my parent’s garage. And I saved my very favourite to last…

I have found the most wonderful Beatrix Potter goodies, the funny thing was they weren’t even all found in one box together bubble wrapped away like you would think. Pretty much the opposite scattered around in a shameful untidy fashion. So I feel more determined to really look after these now. I think most of this stuff was my brothers and then got past to me.

From the original books from my childhood pictured above.

…to this Wedgwood pottery. Quite the collectable for someone like me. I used to break everything when I was a child, so for this to survive in such good condition can only make me think they were out of arms reach.

I also found a pencil. Now I really don’t know how this has survived all the years.

This Dear Peter Rabbit book is on a bit of a familiar theme as the Jolly Postman series. Letters for you to open and discover in your own way. Such a lovely feature.

I just know this could be the start of a well loved Beatrix collection, to think these were sitting in a shoddy cardboard box in the garage a week ago; it really does make me sad that stuff like this has been passed aside and forgotten about.

And in other news… we held a car boot sale this morning. Mainly consisting of all the stuff I decided not to keep from my parent’s garage. I was mortified to be selling my beloved Fashion Wheel and giant Bubbles Powerpuff doll, but I finally have realised I can’t keep everything forever. And now we have some spending money for Brighton next weekend. We made about £40 overall.

But I am sooo glad we went, as obviously me and my boyfriend took turns to go and have a nosey round the other stalls.

I found 2 sought after Jacqueline Wilson’s, it was funny really I mean I never expected to find Little Darlings so soon at a car boot sale. And Hetty Feather has been recommended to me by my wonderful friend. I’d already reasoned in my head that I would pay up to £3 each for them, seems though they were in near perfect condition and the latest releases, When I asked, the seller contemplated a price then asked his daughter, who then said £1.50 for both!!!! This means I pretty much got them for 75p each.

I also picked up another copy of Midnight for my friend who is just as fond of Wilson, just 50p!

I got two more books, one I have been after for a while…Witch Child for 50p
...And from the same 50p box Journey To The River Sea the cover completely swayed me.

Sorry for the extra long post today. I hope I didn't bore you.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

A Past Love…

Why is it when you’re a kid you just want to stick stickers over everything?
To make a stamp on something that tells the world it’s yours and no one else’s maybe.

When sorting through the garage (yet again)
I found this…

My vanity case from 2001. Omg I loved this garish lime thing. I remember it was my first ‘vanity case’ and was such a statement, as I was a young girl soon to become enriched in make-up and girly stuff.

I was bought this at Christmas, and spent most of the following year carting it around, and displaying it pride of place in my bedroom (yes garish).
It was a few months into owning it; I scratched it on something, and was merely devastated to say the least. So I promptly decided to redecorate the exterior.

I got a lot of the stickers from my favourite ever magazine Elle Girl and the others were most likely from Claire’s Accessories.

It’s funny, me and my Dad were on a trip to the tip, and loading the car, when suddenly he grabbed my lime green box and said "This going?"
If looks could kill, I snatched the box off him in an almost angry fashion and abruptly said "NO Dad".
He proceeded loading the car.

I now have this little beauty at home with me, wondering what on earth I’m going to use it for. Some things I guess you just find it hard letting go of, however hideous and outgrown they have become.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Childhood Favourites

I’m keeping this post pretty short, as I could talk about my love for children's books all day long if you let me. But here are some of a hefty bulk of books found in my parent’s garage. These books are my childhood and I love the memories attached to them.

All About Alice
My Mum got me this book for a birthday, and she told me how she bought it because the story was about a little girl called Alice, just like me. I still love this one because it has astonishingly beautiful illustrations, as well as a quirky tale.

The Animals of Farthing Wood was an absolute favourite of mine. I really did love the programme. Similarly I remember getting rather fondly attached to Jolly Snow and Little Bear Lost.

I was very much an ‘animal’ child, I detested dolls and much preferred a soft cuddly version of one of my favourite characters.

The Jolly Postman
These books are stunning, they really are. I don’t know about you but something that has additional letters, envelopes etc is right up my street, the element of discovery is just lovely.

Teddy Bears Picnic
A somewhat all time classic. There are so many different variations of this story, which makes it all the more mysterious.

Old Lady Bird Classics
I remember always visiting my schools jumble sale and buying these. I’m really glad I hung on to them, as they are quite collectable, even if they are a little tatty and almost falling apart. My favourite is the Aesop’s fables; this book taught me so much. Manners and morals to say the least.

Brer Rabbit
Some lovely little tales, filled with the most beautiful illustrations.

And finally a book from a generation before mine, my Mothers...

Tom Puss

I am so lucky to have this, as she doesn’t really have much left from her childhood at all. I can’t find a date on this book, but we are talking between 40-50 years old.

I LOVE that she wrote her name in pencil inside. And how beautiful are the illustrations. This is a classic children’s book, one I will dearly look after.

And I am stunned to discover this is a Marks and Spencer book. I never realised this before! I guess it’s kind of ironic, I have spoke before about my Mums love affair with that shop. It’s very fitting; that the book I have inherited from her childhood is from Marks and Spencer.

I love all my old children’s books and cherish them to a point; if I lost one I would be devastated.
These books make me smile and the stories remain etched in my mind and bring back such fond memories♥

Monday, 16 August 2010

A Crafty Little Find…

So I have a little bit of a dilemma.
When sorting through the garage I found this beast...

It’s an Alfa sewing machine dating back to god knows when.
It works sort of, but is very old and worn. You get the idea.

Plus I already have a fully working Brother sewing machine that has served me well for the past 5years.

So do I keep this for the nostalgia sake or do I get rid? I don’t know much about this machine, and it’s obviously not a Singer. (Which secretly one day I long to own a vintage black Singer sewing machine)

I looked Alfa up online and not much came up to be honest, this makes me think maybe there not such a well known brand after all. It too doesn’t really have much of an heirloom factor, as far as I know it didn’t belong to any relative of mine, it was just given to us a few years back.
So my thoughts were to send it to the tip, after all it’s too heavy to take anywhere and unlikely to sell.

But then I have this mad idea to just keep it and have it on display. Which is quite odd to say the least. I mean it’s not exactly small and discreet. I just don’t know.

What do you think? Scrap or keep

Saturday, 14 August 2010

A Blast From The Past

I’ve been at my parent’s house yet again digging out past times and nostalgia from my childhood. The garage finally seems to be clearing- basically they hoard like there’s no tomorrow. Although we have easily got triple the amount of stuff for a car boot sale already. So over the next few days I’m going to be showing you exactly what I have dug out, from underneath the midst of clutter. Starting with a few random surprises, I have ever so decided I will be keeping- purely for nostalgia sake of course!

Now I not only found this gem, but I found the original packaging too. Wow. My boyfriend suggested contacting a toy dealer, to see if they would be interested, but fortunately for me, I am much a Mickey Mouse fan and don’t think I can find it in my heart to part with him just yet.

Minnie alike, I couldn’t resist sneaking this plastic (yes plastic) comb into my handbag and a 101 Dalmatian one too. I know technically these should have been well and truly chucked away, but I love a little bit of Disney and kitsch.

Tartan Vanity Case
This apparently my Mum bought as new, but never used. So… she shoved it in the garage. Where’s the sense in that I don’t quite know, but I couldn’t let it slip by. This is the perfect compact tartan case for me.

Oh how I loved and longed for this car. (And secretly still do)

Spice Girls
More of my secret Spice Girl obsession (I was 8 years old what do you expect) If I am right in thinking these are the badges that first named the girls Baby, Sporty etc. Sorry if my Spice Girl knowledge is a little hazy.
Anyhow I ended up with Sporty and Ginger. Complete with packaging.

A few keepsakes, my favourite ever Frosty Froggy toy from the Kinder Surprise eggs back in the day, some obligatory name key rings you just feel awful chucking them away and a miniature picture frame, me in the snow when I was about 10years old.

Stay tuned, as I have a few more bits and pieces (infact one big piece) I will be showing you all.
I seriously don’t recommend hoarding, it’s been hell on earth trying to sort through so much old stuff. Literally every single toy/book/game/thing me and my brother ever owned has been accumulated in our garage for just too long.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Daisy Lane Books

I have been feeling rather uninspired lately. I hate to admit feeling uninspired, because if I could have it my way I would spend everyday being inspired.

However I had a wonderful day trip out the other day, and much said, when I am feeling down the one thing that will cheer me up no end is a second-hand bookshop.

It was the type of bookshop that has no real order, it’s all a little upside down and tatty (just the way I like it) shelf to shelf full of books, some old some newer. It’s no secret that I love the smell of old books.

It was run by a friendly old couple who still use paper bags instead of plastic bags- another thing I appreciate.

I managed to find a Jemima Puddle-Duck book for 50p and one of my favourite authors Jacqueline Wilson’s Midnight for £1.

I also later visited a Charity shop on the way home, and bought yet more books. Oh I know I am bad with books, but right now they are the only thing that seems to cheer me up.

I got more Jacqueline Wilson’s for 50 and 60p, I have been reading her books for over a decade and still can relate to her writing so much.

Then I uncovered this Brambly Hedge one. I am more a of a Beatrix Potter fan myself, and have an exciting post coming soon about just that, but I couldn’t pass this up at 75p. I just love the illustrations, and I remember one of my wonderful friends fondly talking about these stories♥

Monday, 2 August 2010

Inspirations: On Film

We are decorating all week and I seriously loathe all the disorganization and mess around the house!
I can’t get to all my trinkets let alone near my bombsite of a closet, so what better time to share some of my all time favourite films...

Harriet The Spy
This girl certainly has a lot to answer for. I grew up fascinated by this film, and will always see it as the film that inspired me to write and document my life. Be it a personal diary or all my best kept secrets locked away in a book in my attic. I even tried to make a replica notepad cover just like Harriet’s. I’m gutted I don’t have this on DVD, but will always be very fond of this tender story.

Factory Girl
I love Edie Sedgwick and the legacy she left behind. This film really made me question Andy Warhol’s intentions and certainly opened my eyes to the sordid things that went on in that ‘factory’. I couldn’t have cast a more wonderful and beautiful individual than Sienna Miller. I loved her in this film.

Marie Antoinette
The costumes, the sets, the cakes, the all round beauty that is this film. I really do not need to add anything else, it is all there.

The Notebook
The love story that I deeply wish I was part of. This is a tale of true love. My heart melted when I saw this film for the very first time. I just love the simplicity and the romance that is Noah and Allie.

Ghost World
Oh how I longed for that raptor t-shirt and the nautical jacket. I still get excited at the thoughts of delving into this blatantly upside down full of quirks and thrills film. Enid was once and partly still is my icon. We’ve all had that awkward time in our lives, mid teen angst and utter urge to rebel, Enid sums all of this up in such a creative and endearing way. Plus I just adore her artwork.
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