Monday, 31 May 2010

Flutter On By

I got this tin this morning from a car boot sale, we nipped to.
It was 20p and I love it.

I told you my love of butterflies had enchanted me again and it seems this tin was the perfect find today. I don’t know how old it is/what it was originally used for, but I am in love with it's old aesthetic.

I can’t decide what to store in it, I am thinking maybe personal things, letters/postcards, although I have not decided yet♥

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Decadence: Second Hand Style

I have been collecting these for quite a while now. I have probably said before how much I love the idea of a glamorous woman from a different era to me applying her makeup/perfume, having these items arranged on her dressing table. The stories behind these items will always enchant me.

Decadence to me is that time a girl spends alone at her dressing table, applying makeup, staring back at her reflection and spraying her favourite scent.

These lovely items make me happy...

Rose Scent Bottle, with scent still in £4.49 eBay.
I got this off eBay a few years ago, I couldn't resist it. I was concerned about it getting damaged in the post as it was so delicate but it turned up in perfect condition. It’s a cologne perfume and it has not been used. It’s extremely strong and smells typically ‘old’ if you get me. No I don’t use it, but I love having this on display.

Vanity Mirrors, £1 charity shop part of a set/50p Seaside Charity Shop
I kind of have a thing for these. I saw this programme once and a model was photographed looking into one and it sparked a fascination in me. I love the patterns. You just can’t get things like this these days brand new. They are truly a traditional item.

Scent Bottle, 50p Charity Shop
My Mum got me this one. It’s an empty scent bottle, presumable refillable but I used to collect empty perfume bottles and this was perfect in my collection. It reminded me a little of Anna Sui. I have always hung on to this as it’s very pretty.

Compact Mirrors, various charity shops
I think you’ve seen the pocket one before, but it is one of my all time favourite items after all. The folded fan one was another present from my mum. I love the neatness of this one. It’s very small and simple but a classic design.
The round compacts are not branded but I love the patterns on them. One day I would love to own a vintage stratton compact♥

Thursday, 27 May 2010

A Girl And Her Purse All Over Again…

So last year I reached the conclusion that changing my purse was more of a habit than a fashion statement.

Well fear all. This has been bugging me for a while now. Somehow, I have ended up with no purse. (A little lie: okay I have a whole box full in my closet but that’s beside the point)

Basically I had stopped using purses so much so I have been carrying loose change, cards, receipts all around in pockets and bags. Rather unpractical and silly, it wasn’t until I was at the post office the other day paying a very little amount with a note, I thought… I am so totally missing out on the purse thing.

Well fear no longer. I have resolved my problem.
And I have not only bought myself a new purse, I have bought myself a ‘real’ purse. I don’t know why but I have always gone for small purses. The type I associate with teenagers, enough room for your bus pass and a couple of quid.
Never have I had a long ‘grown’ up purse like this. Which is odd as actually there pretty useful :)

I got this from New Look at the Trafford Centre. And fell hopelessly for its floral charm.
It was £6 but I had a 20% off voucher so got it for £4.80…kerching.

Love me, love me not. Hopefully I won’t need a new purse for a long time now.

Friday, 21 May 2010

TKMaxx Pick Me up…

TKMaxx has always been a regular haunt of mine. Back in my teenage years I would often find cut price Emily Strange/Ruby Gloom/Roxy/Billabong goodies. I also find it incredibly good for homeware, sometimes much a treasure trove.

I have endless items in my wardrobe that have come from that shop, but today I really did find something I truly love.

This Gharani Strok top. I have lusted over this brand for too long, and love flimsy tops like this. So you could say this was truly meant to be. And I just know it will be great over my swimsuit on holiday.

& finally how much did it cost?

RRP £110….

I paid …£7! Yes, in fact it had been more in TKMaxx but looks to have been reduced down. You just got to love the red stickers.

There’s nothing quite like finding a bargain that you just know you will wear again and again. :)

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Hopelessly Devoted

(image from we heart it)

I’m totally dreaming of this right now. I can imagine writing stories and making pretty things from here. Dreams...

I’m becoming rather devoted to my new scrapbook. But still seem to have a box full of jumbled cuttings out. I'm hoping to store everything worth keeping in here. Then I have all the things I adore in a book for safekeeping, instead of the bottom of a cardboard box.

My fascination with butterflies seems to have enchanted me all over again♥

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

My Nostalgia- Some old keepsakes

I’m an addict when it comes to treasure troves. And often dream about one day owning the ‘perfect’ collection.

So I’ve finally managed to sort through some of my old toys from my parent’s house, and have boxed up the real keepsakes for some generations to come. I can be ruthless when it comes to clearing out, but I could not find it in my heart to part with these…

I am a Disney girl at heart. And pre pixar, Aladdin was my all-time favourite Disney film growing up. There was something so magical about the setting and story. I loved Jasmine’s beauty. And the quirkiness of Abu.
My mum would often choose a certain theme for our Birthdays growing up. I remember the year she bought me all Aladdin presents, I was mad about this film and so thrilled with everything.
I remember opening this gold handbag and purse first, then each figure separately. Notice the real size Genie lamp, the amount of times this featured in made up games. A real keepsake.

Why is it kids collect badges? They always come attached to birthday cards for one. Here we have Sooty and co, I remember getting these at the Sooty shows we would go and see at the local theatre.
The o so whimsical Button Moon, and a few pony ones for the ride.

Me and my brother had loads of these. It’s funny I chose all the girly ones and just liked collecting them really. And not forgetting Tazos. Who didn’t collect these? I wish Walkers crisps had things like this in now. Must have totally been a 90s thing for sure.

And finally…

These beauties. A whole box full before my eyes.

Polly Pockets from 1989-1996

I wanted these a few years ago, and nagged my parents to whereabouts they were. I was utterly convinced they had been thrown away because they never turned up. Turns out after all they were sitting pretty in a shoebox in the back of the garage. I suppose I should have known they wouldn’t have been chucked, just ‘misplaced’ rather.
I love the memories attached to these things, but equally love the detailing and stories to each one.
My all time favourite is this 1989 Christmas one. Really is so beautiful. Christmas is my favourite time of year also.

Polly Pocket is almost as big as Barbie for me. It’s that fantasy girly world again, that I just loved when I was a child. And secretly still adore now.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

A Sneak Peak... my new scrapbookage.

And because he's too cute for words. This little one:

We took him to the vets for his first jab on Friday and he was fine, he didn't seem to get agitated or anything, then we brought him home and spoilt him rotten (as usual)

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Forever Young

Yesterday was my 21st Birthday. Feelings on that are mutual. I want to stay young forever, but don't we all. I don't really see this age as a huge milestone, there are still plenty more things I feel I need to achieve/do. Age is just a funny thing.

Anyway a few goodies I very kindly received :) I just love unwrapping presents, nothing beats a surprise.

Obligatory champagne, new flutes and a rather swish Star by Julien Macdonald martini glass from my Mum.

Cath Kidston bracelet from the Mr. I fell in love with this bracelet as soon as I saw it and specifically chose this one. With a newly cleaned marshmallow man and a surprise miniature grow your own. I love my Mr♥

Make-up wise, I finally got my Alice. And am blessed with the MAC Viva Glam Gaga lipstick and some UD liners.

My wonderful friend sent me these delights. Emma Bridgewater doodlepad♥

More presents, and the filofax I had been really wanting for ages.

A lovely new watch, and some rather beautiful bracelets.

The final 3 Snow Bunnies and my 1st Sunshine Cutie. Now that’s a total of 11 of these damn things and still 4 to go. But I am determined not to ever fall out of love with these.

AND because my Mr knows me better than anyone he bought me a hella lot of these…

God forbid there actually be a winning lipstick in there.

Monday, 10 May 2010

A Scrapbook Affair...

Scrapbooks have always been a huge part of my life. I love making collages and I love collecting images.

I have recently begun a new scrapbook project, that I will be showing you all soon.

But I have discovered some of my old scrapbooks, and thought it would be nice to reflect on a few previous scrapbooks I have compiled over the years.

This is one of my earliest scrapbooks, there wasn’t really a theme here, just more of things I liked and wished I could own one day. I started this one when I was about 14; I remember backing the cover with part of a Miss Sixty catalogue and feeling so fashionable at the time.

This was the first scrapbook where I started thinking about what I was putting together. I really got into the themes and colour. This one I started to build together as an ongoing project. I was influenced by designers a lot but also combined pretty imagery and my own photographs.

This is a little scrapbook/journal I filled with relevant things that had inspired me. I made lots of notes and ramblings along the way. I also began talking about makeup in here! Which I had never done before

This is my most fulfilled book, 50 back to back pages in total. I had been storing ideas and images for a while, so when I finally purchased this clear Paperchase plastic file, I had a complete open canvas, and the ideas just kept flowing. This to date is my best scrapbook; it incorporated trends, designers, colours, patterns and celebrities. I simply loved this book. The folder was the best £4.75 ever spent. Plus it has the extra bonus of protecting the pages in years to come.

Sorry for the picture overload here, but I just wanted to show you a good glimpse into my ideas and inspiration.

& also I love seeing other people’s scrapbooks, so if you have any posts or anything relating to scrap booking be sure to give me a shout :)
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