Monday, 26 April 2010

A trip to the car boot...

I was up bright and early yesterday morning, and ready to rummage.
Last time we went to a car boot there was nothing, apart from mud and lifeless stalls, so it had put me off a bit, but lay and behold I think we can safely say my love for car boots has returned.
We ended up spending about 4hours at the sale! It’s the biggest one near us and admittedly we did stop for breakfast mid way round.

I was on the lookout for some fabrics, but that simply didn’t happen or secondly a new handbag. But in fairness you shouldn’t really go to a car boot with a shopping list. It’s the surprise element that makes it what it is.

So what did I find?

And yes, believe me I was surprised when I found the beauty that is staypuft marshmallow man! JESUS I have been on the hunt for one of these for like 3years, my Dad has been on the hunt, literally we couldn’t find one anywhere. I tried eBay but they were pretty sought after on there too. You might remember the Mr did buy me a substitute one at Christmas time, but it wasn’t the original and I always wanted to own him.

So yes. I am stood in a field and I spy a 1984 Staypuft marshmallow man. It was funny actually because I’d wandered off on my own when I first spotted him.
The Mr decided to buy me him for my birthday in a couple of weeks :)

He had a few scuffs on him, but when we got home, we gave him a bit of a bath in the sink and he has come up brilliantly, to say he’s 26 years old!

My heart also skipped a beat when I saw this tiny pot money box. It’s a lucky cat one and I have never owned one of these, but have always seen them and thought I would like one! It was only 50p and I love it.

Then something that doesn’t happen often, I spied a MAC palette for 50p!
So I totally bought this for the ‘nostalgia MAC’ and ‘packaging factor’ ha-ha. But infact the eye shadows have barely been used. Does anyone know what collection this is from?

We also picked up Cluedo for 20p but seemingly it was too good to be true, as we later discovered everything was stuck to the bottom of the box. Cue dustbin.

P.S I’m also super excited as were going again next weekend. But this time were going to be the booters. I get to play stallholder for the day! So much to sell. So wish me luck. And hopefully I may get to have a little wander around some neighbouring stalls.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

How not to hoard.

A self confessed magazine addict. We have so far established this issue. However my head is spinning as I’ve been uprooting my ‘cupboard.’ (The place I shove things when I am pretending to tidy up, but secretly know one day I will find the right place for everything)

Much to my agony, I found a ton of catalogues/leaflets/flyers stuffed at the back.

Now I am very silly when it comes to clinging onto stuff like this.

But anyway. I did unearth a few beauties, which are going to be re homed in a none cluttered way hopefully, voila collage!

An array of Cath Kidston/Benefit catalogues, why does everything have to be so pretty seriously?

Some ancient Miss Sixty/Killah catalogues...scarily going all the way back to 2004

The cutest Tiffany envelope that ever graced my letterbox, yes it was printed inside! So you could just peek at the beautiful things. And a none coincidently price list that may accidentally fall into the Mr’s path.

My Elle DIY style guide…. Literally falling to bits but I swear this was my life line for many years. I would always refer back to it again and again.

And borderline crazy, I have clung onto the best H&M carrier bag ever produced. And some Soap & Glory tissue paper….sigh!

What am I like seriously?

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Underneath it all

How cool is Gwen Stefani?
I have come to the conclusion I will always worship this woman, however old I get. She is my biggest inspiration and has been for nearly a decade. The music, the clothes, the fashion, the harajuku, the life.

I ♥ you Miss Stefani

Monday, 12 April 2010

Jasper (kitty cat post)

So one of my great loves of life is cats. In fact a certain black and white cat called Charlie. I got him when I was 16 and he was my bestest friend for life.

Since moving in with the Mr, it’s just been the two of us, which has been a dream that I never want to wake up from.
Don’t get me wrong I would visit Charlie at my parents but it just wasn’t the same not having a cat about the house.

A few weeks ago the Mr and I were in deep discussion, infact we were in the middle of nowhere collecting something from eBay. But somewhere about the conversation came up pets, and from that moment we had decided we were going to get a kitten.
My heart skipped a beat. I had never thought about it before, nor did I want to be seen to replacing my beloved Charlie. We began researching breeds, and decided on a Russian Blue.

I naturally will adore any cat that crosses my path. Be it in the street or the garden I AM FASCINATED! I love them. It wasn’t until we went to visit a litter of kittens that I forgot how adorable and playful kittens are. It was a little bit of a waiting game as the kittens (there were 3 in the litter) had to stay with there mum for a few more weeks.

But the night we collected him soon came. It was around 8pm and we drove all the way to Nottingham to fetch him :)

And since…
I don’t think the Mr realised what he was letting himself in for. Jasper bites, scratches and sneaks all the way down the bed whilst were trying to sleep…but he’s just too adorable to say no to!

P.S The name Jasper just instantly fitted. In a non Twilight way.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Waste Not Want Not...

So a charity shop girl at heart and a mean desire in boot/jumble sales. I must admit I love a good old rummage.

Well the most peculiar thing happened last night, the boyfriend was putting the bins out and he noticed that there was a mysterious bin bag in our green bin. Which is kind of weird as it’s for garden waste…leafs, soil, grass etc.
Further inspection led to him discovering it was infact a bag full of clothes!...yes clothes! He thought I had had a mad clearout, but no, somehow we have ended up with a bag of clothes in our bin.

Well on came the rubber gloves (didn’t want to stumble across a dead rat or anything!) and to my surprise a full bag of clothes barely worn.
I was particularly thrilled to see Moto labels peeking out of the bag

So what did I find?
Well I haven’t stolen everything here, but I couldn’t let these things pass by without a try…

G:21- I love G:21 and love this top, it’s barely been worn and I would have so bought this in a Charity Shop.

And this lightweight George turquoise vest, great for the summer.

Also there was this check print dress by G:21, at first I was critical about this, dismissing it as too loud and garish, but since trying it on, it definitely looks 100 times better on, and I think I’m going to shorten it, make it into a shirt :)

John Rocha Skirt- This has the tags still on it., and makes me very happy, it will be perfect to wear on the beach on my holiday :) I love the flower detailing.

I also found a little black per una skirt which will come in useful, as I don’t actually own a black skirt!

I will be washing everything before wearing, and the rest of the clothes, will be folded and re-bagged for charity. I think I will get my boyfriend to drop the bag off to the actual shop, so this time the clothes actually make it there, as all I can think is that this bag was originally put out for a clothing collection and whoever stumbled across it presumed it was rubbish and chucked it in the nearest bin (which they shouldn’t have, as it was our bin) but hey what can I say I’m not disappointed!
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