Friday, 26 March 2010

The Delicious Miss Dahl…

I don’t know very much about Sophie Dahl, apart from the obvious fact of her being a certain authors granddaughter. I knew she had been a model, but she has never been a centre of interest for me.

Well I recorded this on Tuesday night, and today I finally got round to watching it.
To be quite honest I was pretty fed up of hearing all the bad vibe about it. Something about her kitchen not actually being her kitchen. And her strutting around trying to seduce the audience HELLO it’s television?

Regardless of that. TV is TV. And the majority of TV is fake. Studios, costume etc. It doesn’t take a whiz kid to work out that all the aesthetic put together was to make the show more appealing for the viewers.

I do enjoy cookery programmes and I did very much enjoy this episode named ‘Selfish’. It was creative and the chocolate pots in particular looked scrumptious!

The quirky titles and illustrations are completely after my own heart. I LOVE things like this. I loved how the recipes were on such cute pieces of card.
The kitchen is so shabby chic. It is a dream. It’s so girly but nice girly. Not pink in your face, it’s just beautiful, with a vintage feel. Ahhh and the shelf that was just full of books and random artefacts!

Despite what the critics are saying. I enjoyed this programme, and I enjoyed watching Sophie, she was friendly and quirky and I strongly disagree with people who are saying nasty things about her.

Note to self: series link! && I am hoping there will be an equally as adorable book to go along with this series.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Recent Finds…

I must admit I haven’t bought much lately, but here are just a few things that I have picked up.

H&M Floral corsage/headband -£1.99

A Carrie Bradshaw girl at heart, my first corsage of the summer! I spied this a few weeks ago, but didn’t buy it, then did the whole I wish I had bought it thing! So finally went back for it and erased the fashion regret.

Impulse ‘Into Glamour’ -99p
I usually always buy the ‘True Love’ one. But this one looked new and sparkling on the shelf so I opted for this, unfortunately not too impressed, or rather could just be the case of me being picky and attached to the scent of my usual one.

Momiji- ‘Giggles’-£1.30 Charity Shop
I just couldn’t resist this cuteness! This is my 2nd Momiji and I’m in love. I can imagine these can become quite collectable. If you know about these, you will know they come with little pieces of paper inside, where you can write a secret message and store it. I love things like this. Just because one day you or someone else will find that message :)

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Flake with a twist...

So I’ve been anticipating this promotion for a few weeks. I finally managed to get my hands on one (maybe a couple) and I unravel the packaging, eat the flake (obviously) and go online to see if I’ve won…. One million to be given away is a sure thing right?

I didn’t win!

You know I’m the person who will most likely spend more on flakes in the next few months than it would cost to purchase this lippy at full price. The delight of 'winning' .....

To be continued.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The best of Cosmopolitan…Poundland triumphs again!

So I have previously spoken about a couple of fashion related books that have popped up in Poundland. Well just when I thought I’d nabbed everything to be had.

Yes I’ve found another amazing book!! At a mere £1
I must admit I’m becoming a little bit of a bookworm. It wasn’t at my regular Poundland I bought this book, infact I am pretty sure my Poundland hasn’t had them in. So I feel even more pleased with this purchase, as it was a trip into the city, killing time that I ventured into Poundland.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw it, a virtual Cosmopolitan handbook! Basically it’s celebrating Cosmopolitan magazine, and includes original articles and adverts from the 70s and 80s…I’m in love!

The first ever letter from the editor! Did you know the first ever issue sold out by lunchtime?

Retro'ing it up

Free discount coupon for Boots... 80s style

Poodle Hair anyone?

It’s a little sad to see original angel Farrah Fawcett on the front cover, but I cannot wait to get this read! I love reading about generations gone by, and when it's fashion/girly related it has to be good thing. Plus this may just be the start of a love affair with Cosmopolitan…

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Hello Kitty Party

So remember a couple of posts back I was talking about my love for teenage magazines. (I think I was just going through a magazine life crisis to be honest)

Well another thing I love is new magazines. You know when the first issue gets shoved in your face, every TV advert and the massive promotional stands in newsagents.
The beauty of it is the introductory price that quite blatantly is a ploy as the regular price multiplies by several amounts from then on!

But still I love this. You know I’m the person who buys the first issue but never goes back for the 2nd. How annoying.

Well admittedly I had seen this magazine advertised on TV. Me and the boyfriend both looked at each other as if to say, don’t even think about it!
Well my mum too must have seen the advert and knew I would appreciate something so fun.

The plate is actually huge! I was presuming it would be kiddie size, but no a full size dinner plate. The magazine has recipes in and the packaging is kind of cute actually.

No I won’t be buying the 55 million next issues, at £4.99 each. I think our Ikea dinner set will do fine! I really would be pushing my luck!

But for £1.99 this is a real treat of an issue. ♥

Monday, 1 March 2010

100th post & Monster Ball

So my 100th post has sneaked up on me, all of a sudden I was on 99! I have been writing my blog for about 1year and a half, and I thank every single person who has taken time to read my blog and appreciate it for what it is :)

Monster Ball starring Lady Gaga

My boyfriend got me these tickets for valentines; I had kind of suspected seems I never seem to shut up about Lady Gaga these days! But I was presuming we would be going to see her locally in Sheffield. But he decided to take us away for the weekend to London, so we got to see her at the 02.

I must admit, if I wasn’t in awe of her before then I am more than inspired by this lady now. She really sung her heart out and even broke a stiletto!

The clothes & Set…

She did the crazy shoulder pads that I happen to hate, she also paraded around in her pants SEVERAL times, but my favourite outfit that blew me away…

She looked truly like an a ice princess :)

All in all an amazing night.

P.S A trip to London…means that inevitable trip to Krispy Kreme!

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