Sunday, 21 February 2010


I miss the days of teenage reading. I really do.
Sometimes I find myself wandering to the teen section in the newsagents, just to see if there still there, then I find myself daydreaming off into the world I used to know…

I often wish I had a younger sister, I could buy these for. In a decade of my life I must have revised all the layouts in my head and know the content of teen mags off by heart. The feeling of being 17, and reading Just17. Ha if only that was true. I read this one since I was about 13. I liked the compactness of Bliss and mantra of Elle Girl ‘dare to be different.’ I used to always buy Sugar if they were giving away a good free gift, as shameless as it may have been.

Then I spy a JLS free poster spread attached to one of the mags and it suddenly sends me back to reality and I am back in front of Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Elle to name but a few.

I guess generations change. But it does make me wonder why I get bored reading Vogue halfway through.

Monday, 15 February 2010

A few more of my favourite charity shop finds...

Monet Clasp Purse
One of my very first finds! This kind of is responsible for my fascination of charity shops. I love the Poppy field by Monet and I have never seen anything like this. I used to use this all the time but its offiaclly retired now.

Anna Sui Liquid Eye Color
This is a recent purchase; I picked up just the other week. I actually couldn’t believe my eyes when I spied this. I love Anna Sui and I couldn’t leave this behind for 59p.
I only own one other Anna Sui beauty product, but I have always admired the packaging so I’m really pleased with this and by the looks of it, it’s barely been used.

Me bad, I have only gone and lost the chain to this! But I really do love the pendant. I love old fashiondy things that have some sort of mysterious story behind them. This was super cheap, something like 50p.

Irregular Choice Floral Pumps
My mum actually got me these from a local charity shop. I was amazed she knew what Irregular Choice was, and at £3.50 these were in pretty good condition considering they’d been donated to charity. I have since worn these many many occasions, hence why they are looking a little battered in the photo. I have always got compliments about them too :)

Umberto Giannini purse/Case
I love limited edition promotional items. This was part of an Umberto gift set a few years back in Boots; I missed out first time round but managed to find this in a charity shop for 99p. I love embroidery… and I love embroidery on things I use so this is the perfect little purse for me.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A Fatal Attraction To Cuteness

The title quite literally says it all.

I cannot quite believe I am writing this, but there is a 3rd set of the Harajuku Lovers perfumes being released. I fell over this spell twice before and am literally trying not to this time, but how can I not with bottles this cute and then I realise it’s Gwen Stefani and I have this complete and utter want for these.

Sunshine cuties?
My boyfriend reminds me that if I was (not that I am going to…) ever purchase these, once the perfume has ran out, I will then own 15 empty bottles, that are infact moulded the exact same way just decorated differently.

I am yet to see these in real, but I am slightly annoyed that these have been released in what seems like less than a year than the originals, I remember when I collected the Anna Sui Dolly Girls, waiting for the next one to be released was exciting and fun, but with these it’s always the set of 5 and 3 different collections being released in no more than a year is a tad ridiculous.

But then again I will always heart you Gwen Stefani and everything Harajuku related.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Best Kept Secrets- Part 1

I’m in the process of trying to downsize my possessions. Sometimes it seems like an impossible task, but I guess there’s only so much you can keep.
After sorting through a massive box of junk…sigh, I was glad to find a few things that have always made me smile :)

Charm Bracelets

My love affair with charm bracelets started at a young age, I was bought this Polly Pocket one many many moons ago, and no surprises it ended up broken, but I somehow have managed to save all the pieces all this time. I love how the dollies have got hooks, I did once think about re attaching these to a new chain, but then again I think part of me just likes the memories that are attached to this.

This to date has to be one of my favourite things ever. I got this from H&M when it first opened, a good 5 years ago or so it was ridiculously cheap something like £2.99. My favourite charm has to be the pineapple!

Johnny Loves Rosie
I got this a few years ago at Christmas, however it’s shelf life was limited, it began to rust almost straight away, but I still love all the charms, theres even a hidden lipgloss lurking in the locket one.

I got this from River Island a very long time ago, again another favourite of mine. Some of the charms have fallen off but I just love the design. So cute.

I've come over all nostalgic now! Does anyobdy else hoard? Have a box for special stuff tucked far away?


Thursday, 4 February 2010

The Goddess Experience – I’m in Heaven Literally!

A few weeks ago I blogged about 'The Cheap Date Guide To Style' appearing in Poundland. Well it is a known fact I am a bargain hunter by heart and love the thrill of finding a bargain. The other side of me is caught up in a creative daydream most of the time, I studied art for a number of years, and I think there will always be some sort of art/craft in my blood.

Well a trip to my local Poundland has come up trumps yet again. I thought I would nip in to see if they had anything new. I headed straight to the book section and noticed there were some new books amongst the stand. I carefully looked through, and then spotted 'The Goddess Experience'. I knew from the title it was not a fiction book, but yes believe it or not another girly manual/style guide!

Flicking through I was instantly drawn in. It wasn’t until I got home and sneaked a peek underneath the dust cover, and discovered the most beautiful and exciting hardback cover ever! (Yes I know I judge books by there covers, but I just love pretty aesthetics...the small things really do make a difference)

I still can’t believe this was only a £1, the rrp price on the inside cover is £16.99!

All in all, I am super impressed and cannot wait to get this read! :)
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