Wednesday, 27 January 2010

There’s just something about Tiffany’s…

About 4years ago, I sat down and watched a film for the very first time; it was called Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
I think it was love at first site, the iconic Audrey Hepburn stood outside New York Tiffany’s, literally eating her ‘Breakfast’ a croissant and tea.

From canvases to posters, to books to Tiffany the jewellers. I have somewhat been fascinated by this film.

For my 18th Birthday I got my first piece of Tiffany jewellery, for about a year I was too scared to wear it! I know it sounds daft but I didn’t want to break it or damage it, or worse than that loose it. So it sat in its blue box, it wasn’t until last year that I started wearing it all the time. It’s from the ‘Return to’ collection and I like how it’s chunky but still very pretty it is. I simply wouldn’t be without it.

My second piece of Tiffany jewellery was a birthday present from my boyfriend. This will always means so much to me, as corny as it may sound, whenever I wear it, I think of my boyfriend :)

And fortunately for me because I’m such a geek with packaging (an infamous blue box and white ribbon) and all things like that, I still have every single piece of packaging that’s graced my letterbox.

I heart you Miss Holly Golightly♥

Cartoons: Are You Crazy?

What is it about cartoons that appeal to children (grown ups) for me I guess it was the appeal from a young age that has never really gone away. The fascination and escapism is just something I delve into and never want to escape from. I think it’s interesting how brands such as the two I’m about to mention have become even relevant in fashion.

Hello Kitty
This kitty has always been a favourite of mine, long before I even became enthralled by the real life species. At first I remember it being very hard to get hold of, I loved discovering something and I particularly loved the stationary, I remember scouring Claire’s Accessories in my early teens.
Nowadays Hello Kitty can be found everywhere, at first I thought this was a bad thing, ‘selling out’ kind of feeling but I don’t know it’s nice to be reminded of how wonderful and cute the Sanrio brand is. Not to mention a certain MAC collection last year.
A few of my old favourite items remain at the midst of my collection/junk.

Emily Strange
The ‘Goth’ one. Now let’s admit we all went through the Emily phase. Who didn’t want to have black hair, and four cats, and a slightly unwelcoming persona? The thing with Emily she has that air of mystery, you think you know everything about her, but really you know nothing at all.
Yes I really am talking about her as if she was real!
Well Emily will always be a favourite of mine, however old I get, I think I will always have that grumpy / leave me alone ‘Emily’ bad day every now and again. These are just the last few things of a VERY large collection from an (obsessed) fan I once was.
I simply cannot part with. x

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Sales Report: Not quite over just yet

A good way through January and I am happy to report the sales are still in there RIFE. Ok admittedly the real sought after goodies are gone, and the displays may be a little messy by now, but fear not there are still bargains to be had.

Plus there’s also the possibility of finding the end of line clearance (the stuff they practically will give away) which obviously means bargains galore.

Here are a few bits I’ve picked up over the past week :)

Russion Doll Stickers 45p Accessorize/Name Labels 50p Paperchase

The renowned Russian doll stickers, I do fully intend to use these but for 45p seriously just to look at and admire the cuteness is surely worth while.

Slightly too late on the Paperchase sale, however I did manage to scrounge these cute name labels. Again full intentions on using these. We all should have time for unicorns and pretty things in our lives, and if it’s by decorating a book cover then I’m happy.

Eyeko Magic Liquid Eyeliner- 99p

This was in a very big box with clearance cosmetics in Superdrug. All Eyeko has been deducted to 99p in this particular store, I am slightly concerned that Eyeko has possibly been discontinued but at the same time happy I snapped this up at £1!

Stargazer Eyeshadow 50p -Newlook

I couldn’t resist purchasing, even if this brand was the highlight of my teen years. I really do like the shade.

Book £2 - Publishers Book Clearance

Backwards In High Heels, this was a complete random purchase (this happens a lot, hence why I have a pile of books still waiting to read but what can a girl do). I was in a clearance book shop and this was just on the end of an aisle and in all honesty it was the cover that attracted my attention. I love flowers and I love illustrations.
The book itself is proving quite an interesting read. I am only on page 4 but I will let you know more once I’m further along!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A Girls Allowed To Dream…

There comes a point in a girl’s life when she’s rooting through old and discarded belongings and finds her much loved, slightly tattered, but amusing as ever Dream Phone. The original, 90s much?

The boyfriend insists it’s not coming with her, but after much (non at all) deliberation, the dream phone is back in the arms of its beloved owner.
How could I possibly part with such a nostalgic item? A game which brought me much happiness and enlightenment.

I love how this game is all about guys and dating, and not being able to have the guy you want, talk about putting us girls through heartbreak early!

This game is quite literally epic. (I'm sure only us girls could quite understand this).

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Style Discovery- Anna Brewster

I first fell in love with this girl’s style a few years back. It was in a small show on E4 called Nearly Famous, that nobody seems to recall, but believe me I was fascinated. Whether it was those quirky jumpsuits or that gold sequinned headband (that had me for weeks scouring every single shop for one). I just remember being simply mesmerized.

I knew very little about this actress, it wasn’t until I sat down and watched the new BBC programme Material Girl, that I straight away recognised the face of the somewhat ditzy and disorganised catwalk model Lydia. It was Anna Brewster. I’m so glad this girls back on our screens, and hope that her acting career is on the rise.

Fashion wise, it’s a little more grown up and super stylish, I truly believe this girl can look good in anything. She has the natural ability to make an outfit work. Her hair is always different too, there’s always something going on.

I’m so inspired :)

Has anybody else heard of Anna?

Sunday, 10 January 2010

A few of my favourite charity shop finds

The key to finding a treasure in a charity shop is patience. It takes a lot of rummaging, sorting through and ultimately full concentration on the task ahead. But all in all I have had some quite memorable finds.

Here are a few of my all time favourites…

Tapestry Purse
I have always longed to own a tapestry item. I remember owning an H&M handbag a few years ago. But to own something with a little vintage twist, well I was drawn to this purse immediately. I love the compactness and I love the print. It also reminds me of Anna Sui, the colour palette is so similar to that of the packaging of some of their cosmetics. And this was a snip at 99p.

Cameo Necklace and Brooch
I am always on the look out for Cameo’s. I love the theme; it makes me think of royalty and a classy woman who wears exquisite perfume. I got the brooch for 50p, I remember my mum spotting it amidst literal junk hunk up on a notice board. I love how it’s classic monochrome, it’s simple yet perfect the way it is.

The necklace is a lot more traditional and seriously how can a girl be denied pearls? I paid around £3 for this, which is not bad for an item I really do love owning.

Tartan Gloves
Okay I admit to this day, I have never worn these. BUT I still feel the need to have them. I like how there not the classic red tartan, but still remain quirky. They also fit like a ‘glove’ too. I think I paid around £1.50.

Pocket Mirror
This was a present from my Mum, but she got it from a Charity Shop :) It’s so me, and I love how natty it is. I am always terrified of damaging it, if you look really carefully the design is so elegantly made up of amazing embroidery.

The thing I love most about these items is that there not mass produced anymore, and they feel personal to me because I chose to bring them into my collection. I love collecting and scouring charity shops, purely because you never know what you may find x

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Cue the Popcorn

What with all the snow and mayhem, what better excuse than to snuggle up on the settee and watch some movies :)

Quantum Of Solace- Yes Bond…James Bond! Ha, this is slightly out the ordinary for me as I have never had a real interest in Bond films or anything of the kind. Maybe it’s a certain Mr Craig stepping into the tux that just changes the whole appeal. I first saw Casino Royale a couple of weeks back and have been itching to watch this ever since. And now I want to watch Casino Royale again.

Zack And Miri Make A Porno- I saw this when it first came out and fell helplessly in love with Seth Rogens loveable charm. I managed to pick it up super cheap in the sales and have slightly fallen all over again. It’s such a daft film but its super romantic, and just a feel good film.

Juno- One of my favourite films EVER. This is so quirky and again I love the story. It’s just nice and makes me happy. Combined with an amazing soundtrack and the coolest opening sequence (illustration heaven). I would literally surrender my heart for this film! And one day I WILL own that burger phone.

Monday, 4 January 2010

A Cheap Date Guide To Style...Literally

I first heard about this book a few years ago, it had been mentioned in Elle magazine as being quite a quirky read, the only problem was trying to track it down. I eventually managed to order it off I remember paying about £12.

2/3 years later I am glad to say, it has been worth every penny. It’s a great little book that I am always referring back to. I must admit the first time I picked it up, even I was unfamiliar with the layout and way it was presented. It was almost like a fashion project. However this is why I love this book, it’s quirky and different to any other style ‘manual’ I have ever read and believe me I’ve got through a few.

It’s not telling you what to wear (Trinny and Susannah style) it’s just telling you to embrace individuality and mix it up a little. From thrifting to Karl Lagerfeld, there’s allsorts in here, interviews, a-z’s, a whole section dedicated to ‘inspiration’ and lots of fun pictures. It also bravely asks ‘what makes someone stylish?’ with a whole variety of responses throughout the book.

Apart from recommending this book I have the strangest story to share with you. I was in my local poundland, which is always going to be strange let’s admit it. But I was browsing the quite small book section, and what was on the shelf, but this VERY BOOK! I couldn’t believe it!

I have no qualms with Poundland, just shocked this book turned up in there, when I originally had trouble tracking it down in the first place. I know if I hadn’t already owned this book, it would have been the best bargain ever!
I strongly suggest if you have a Poundland near you, go check this book out, £1 you will not regret it :)

Has anyone else read this book?

Saturday, 2 January 2010

The Boots Sale...

Well I do like a good sale bargain or two. So the original plan was to barricade Boots first thing on Boxing Day (to ensure maximum chance of getting the bargains)
However discovering the sale items online at on Christmas Day evening put the whole plan in jeopardy. I guess I panicked to say the least, as ‘sold out’ was becoming a common phrase all over the site.
It wasn’t until the items I had pre-planned (remember my catalogue post?) luckily were still in stock online, and of course half the price. After much deliberation, I ordered there and then. The only problem…my order wasn’t being delivered until the 6th January!

So as the saga continued, I happened (begged the boyfriend to take me) to visit Boots a couple of days later, just to see what they had left, no surprises Soap and Glory was completely sold out.

Patiently awaiting my order, but at the same time wishing it would arrive, as one of the items was a travel bag, and I was going away New Years Eve, luck would have it, I received a text at 10:30am on New Years Eve, saying my order was ready to collect.

So shall we see what I chose? :)

Soap and Glory Plane Jane Travel Bag- £9
I simply couldn’t resist this beauty, I love the print, it’s so retro and girly, and I didn’t realise until I opened it had separate sections, which is ideal for travelling. Plus duplicate Soap and Glory products can never be a bad thing can it?

Celia Birtwell Photograph Album- £4 and Make-up Case & Brushes- £6
I’ve always had a thing for Celia Birtwells exquisite textile designs and was due a new make-up bag/brushes. The photograph album I am simply in love with and cannot stop dreaming of all the lovely things I’m going to put inside.

Bobbypin Lip glosses- £2.50
Cute and collectable :)

Harajuku Lovers ‘G’ and Baby £6.25 each
Ahhh I just knew it was only a matter of time before I gave in and bought these. Baring in mind I own the whole original set and these are the exact same scent… but what’s a girl do when her idol launches the cutest perfume bottles in the whole wide world.
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