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I have too many books. When I said 'the bookshelf is full… no more'. I didn’t really stick to that. So you might be wondering where I keep all my books…the bookshelf downstairs in our living room is the home of all my grown up books (well technically speaking).

As for my children’s books that’s a whole other story, which starts right here...

I have had this bookshelf in my life for as long as I can remember, it has homed many of my endless collections from my childhood to my teenage years.

Here it is seen with a cringe worthy me (and Barbie) at six-years old.

So realising I now have too many children’s books to be able to stack up and look elegant, I decided to invest in a bookshelf for my craft room.
Invest obviously for me means re-use. So once again this bookshelf is back in my life. Which is kind of reminiscent, as it’s something that has always been in my family.

Despite the arctic conditions, I have given it a little make-over in my favourite duck egg blue to match my pound chair. I was in two minds about it, because of it being such a loved item, but I honestly think it’s given it a whole new life.




Here it is filled with all my delights; I've added a few of my second hand treasures, and keepsakes along with all my favourite children's books.

I now have a place to home my ever growing Beatrix Potter collection, and wonderfully old Ladybird books. I didn’t want to clutter it up with too much stuff, so I have kept it fairly simple, leaving plenty of room for new treasures.

This is a Celia Birtwell photo wallet with all my favourite childhood snaps in.

You might be able to spot some of my favourite Disney classics on here.

You might think I’m a little too old for Peter Rabbit & co, but this is me, I love illustrations and I love delving into another world. Hopefully one day I will be able to pass this collection on to someone else ♥


  1. What a gorgeous bookshelf, totally transformed with that pretty paint and your wonderful collection. You're never too old for Peter Rabbit. xxx

  2. Wow, love what you did with it!

  3. aww that looks great, and so cute that it has so much nostalgia attached to it :)

    also... cycling shorts and baggy shirt combo, gotta love the 1990s! xx

  4. That's so lovely. Beatrix Potter's illustrations are just the most wonderful and delightful pictures. I recently bought my granddaughter a ladybird Peter rabbit book to go with the Peter rabbit plates and cup that my eldest daughter donated to her. She loves that book and always asks me to read it for her when she stays here. xxx

  5. It's so pretty! When I was younger, we had something similar to that with Winnie the Pooh stickers on the side! I loved it, my Grandad made it for us, and now my cousin has it :) xx

  6. Oooh that looks gorge! You've done a great job of it, love that colour!! xx

  7. this looks so adorable and i love that you still have all your childhood stuff! x

  8. Too many books? I am not familiar with this concept...

    I think it's absolutely lovely that you've had that bookcase for so long. The mini makeover on it looks fab - fits in beautifully with the room.

  9. just going to echo everyone esle and say how gorgeous this is just goes to show a couple of hour, and a lick of paint can make a difference. x

  10. That looks lovely, I wasn't sure about the paint job when I read it, then seeing the pictures made me change my mind! Good job!

  11. Pretty - I love that you have an old pic of yourself with the bookcase too (and I'm fairly sure I had that Barbie tee too!). Sally x


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